Instant Time Savers - 7 SEO Tool Kits you’re Missing On

Instant Time Savers – 7 SEO Tool Kits you’re Missing On!

We always lookout for a tool or a shortcut to make the lengthy process - a short and simple one, so why not simplify these heavy search engine optimization tactics with the tools that no one has ever known. 

SEO Before - Simply optimize your website and rank on the Google page within a short duration.

SEO Now - With the rising competition and the Google Algorithm evolving and updating regularly, SEO is super-hard and takes a lot of time and effort. 

What should you do?

Whether to go for the shady ways to make your website rank above all?

No, never do that!

Don’t lose hope, with the ever-evolving Google algorithm, there are many tools that you can use to simplify, and make your SEO work faster and efficient. 

On the first page alone of Google, the first five organic results account for 67.60% of all the clicks!

There are about 3,200 algorithm changes a year in Google.

Want to learn how to rank above with the least effort and least time invested? I have done the research work and have penned down a list of SEO tool kits that are known less and are the most effective ones. 

01. UberSuggest Projects:

Acquired by entrepreneur Neil Patel, UberSuggest is a free SEO tool that specializes in generating new keyword ideas for content marketing strategies and production. With what they promise on their homepage - “Want more traffic? UberSuggest shows how to win the game of SEO '', they promise to deliver the best SEO service.

UberSuggest Projects

All you have to do is simply type in a domain or a keyword to get started!

How does it help?

  • It shows your SEO traffic over time, thus saving the time that you have to invest in keeping a track of the traffic received. 
  • It will let you know your rankings through a notification, i.e., whether the ranking is going up or down. 
  • It also showcases your link growth and helps you tame the SEO issues. 
  • UberSuggest allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market! This is great, as you can see, learn, and execute to gain an edge. 
  • Also, if you are tired of writing the content that no one reads, that can help you discover popular organic keyword phrases that are being loved by sites like Facebook!

So, here is how it helps you!

With so many things to do, and so many things to acquire, you have very little time while you are in a digital marketing firm, and this tool can help you always find a simpler and effective way out. 

No manual checking of rankings, UberSuggest notifies you automatically through email about the rank going up or down. And, not only this, but it also notifies about what things to focus on each week to maximize your traffic!

02. Content Decay Tool:

Brands and businesses typically focus on looking forward and not looking back. But while you move forward, you lose track of the old content, and this is the biggest mistake that you are doing!

Old content if updated can make a bigger impact on your SEO traffic than to create new content. And, this is what a Content Decay Tool does!

Content Decay Tool

It tells you what to update! It is designed specifically to identify content decay in the SEO tool ClickFlow. It does it by connecting to your Google Search Console account and automatically finds out the flag posts and content that have been declining in traffic over the year. 

How Content Decay Solves it?

It analyzes the key points that decide what is the reason behind the traffic getting lower for your post! Here are some pointers that it targets -

  • Re-launching the content with the right length and the right amount of keywords used. 
  • Tell you what pages on your website are declining in traffic and help you win over the traffic back by updating the content. 

digital marketing


03. SEMrush:

You must have seen their ads on the social media platform, during the YouTube videos, they are super famous for their extremely popular competitor analysis tool for SEO. 

It helps to extract competitor data and also research data for the provided domain but across multiple domain metrics.


SEMrush toolkits provide access to a variety of tools and reports and thus helping you optimize accordingly. It provides some of these metrics to help you achieve faster and efficient results -

  • Traffic Metrics - Showcases data on traffic on a domain! It shows the entire metric and segregates it by channel/sources. 
  • Backlink Data - It provides you with a list of backlinks for the domain. 
  • Online Advertising Information - Provides data on a competitor’s PPC campaigns, ad campaigns, ad copies, display marketing campaigns, etc. 
  • Keyword Ranking with SERPsCarefully extracts a domain’s SERPs for selected keywords, and indicates the SERP report for the time.  
  • Site Audit Report - Indicates errors, warnings, and corrective measures to be taken by the company. 

Some of the other reports that are provided by SEMrush are Gap analysis, Domain authority, search engine visibility, and content generator or comparison with the competitor’s content strategy and provides topic suggestions. 

04. Ahrefs:

It is similar to SEMrush and provides the features that can make SEO easier for you! Ahrefs provides features that let your fear of SEO come down and let you perform better keyword research, backlink research, prime rank tracking, and get the best web monitoring for your domain and competitors’ domains. 


What are the features of Ahrefs?

  • Extract keyword data by keyword or by domain. It gives an entire informative list that indicates search volume, competition, and also shows keyword click data. 
  • It provides a lot of data related to a domain’s backlinks.
  • Generates a site audit report. 
  • It also helps in rank tracking. 

05. Mozcast:



The Google algorithm changes and is ever-growing! And, to cope up with this, it gets really tedious. This is where Moz helps you and helps you keep track of all the algorithm updates and gives you an entire report on what has changed in the past days or what the update is about. It also gives notification of ranking or traffic drop similar to UberSuggest. 

06. Google Analytics Alert:

Major changes in your website traffic, user interactions, and conversions on your site, scare you? And, no matter what you do, you always lose a track of all of this?

Then, Google analytics alert is here to solve all the problems that are causing harm to your site before it is too late. 

digital marketer

All you have to do is set up the alert or notifications according to your choices and the things that you worry about the most. It will then notify you when things are going bad so that you can cope up and fix digital marketing. 

07. Detailed:

Does link building tire you? Here is a tool to make it worth it for you! It breaks down the best links for every industry. All you have to do is select an industry and a site and it shows all the good links that fit your competition. Thus, you will be free enough to focus on your efforts on reaching out to those sites to get links, this will make your way clear and focused. 

These were some of the SEO tool kits that will save you time and make your work efficient. Why choose a difficult way when you can go for something that helps the process to be faster and effective. 

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