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Instagram Stories – The Smart Way To Engage!

Instagram stories for business are like the cherry on the cake! And, if you are not using it, then you are missing out on a lot of engagement that could be exclusively yours. Not only the Instagram Stories are used for those filter-fun beautiful selfies and videos, these are one of the most fun and creative ways to grow your engagement, build brand awareness, and even make some sales. 

Why are Instagram Stories the best way to engage?

There are about 500 Million daily users, and no matter how many daily posts are being uploaded, people love to go tapping through stories rather than liking the posts. Stories are an engaging way to reach potential new customers and build a stronger connection with the ones already following you. 

Launched first in 2016, and being popular ever since, the average number of posts being uploaded by marketing influencers have declined. 

Excited about making your customers go ‘wow’ over your stories or engage more with your stories?

Then, here are some of the Instagram Stories tips and tricks that you must follow. 

01. Polls and the create mode:

Instagram Stories have amazing features that help you engage your audience, and one of the most splendid one is the - Instant emoji slider stickers and polls. You can go through your product range or services, and can create an interesting poll game for it. The create mode on Instagram allows you to even try those stickers designed to increase engagement and also you can think through it and make it more creative. 

Polls and the create mode

No matter what people participate in the poll game and boost the engagement! It is easy! 

Poll stickers are one of the fastest ways to involve your followers. For instance, content creators share polls on their OOTD, this or that, yay or nay, and even create polls for favorite web series or anything that is in trend. This way they create a strong bond with their followers. 

As a business or brand, you can use this to create polls that tell you about what your audience wants and accordingly imply the strategies to make your business more friendly for your customers. 

02. Question stickers:

You might have seen the current trend - Post the picture of? And, it is being used as a great engagement activity by influencers, and celebrities. I saw the same being done by Athiya Shetty. When it comes to brand/business for engagement, you can ask questions that are related to the brand's service or product to encourage more interaction with your followers and also your potential followers. For instance, you can ask for feedback on the product, question stickers are a fantastic way to prompt responses from your audience. 

Question stickers

03. Quiz time with your followers:

You can go for asking the current affairs or something related to your product in a multiple choice question format that is provided by Instagram Stories. These are an amazing way to communicate with your audience, and even a perfect way to get details about a new product launch. For instance, you can ask what is different in your product? When was your company founded? And, some other questions. 

04. The Instagram live:

If you are looking for an instant engagement boost, then going live on Instagram Stories can be a great start! Go live with your followers, have a chat session, know about them, invite people to your live and have a fun session to entertain your followers. 

The Instagram live

In this feature the brand/business can be more interactive and more fun by inviting popular influencers or celebrities on their live session. You are sure to get a lot of questions regarding your products, your services, and you can easily answer them. 

Also, there is a sure shot advantage, when you go live, a notification is sent to your followers who are using the application at that time, this is how you will get all your audience to join your live session. 

Note that you have a great topic to discuss in the live session, otherwise people will lose interest and exit the live session. 

05. Product stickers:

Shoppable product stickers are available in Instagram Stories. You can place the product stickers on the video as well as on the image. If you want to drive more sales of your products directly through Instagram, then this is a fine way. 

The product sticker allows you to tag specific products in your stories. This is how your audience can directly view the product and purchase it. Even if you have a following of just 10K, you can use this feature to drive conversions straight from stories. 

06. Link stories:

You might have noticed the ‘Swipe Up’ stories on your Instagram. Whether you have launched a new product, or you have written a new blog post, you can use this feature to send your followers directly to the link. 

Promote the links through your Instagram Stories. brands/businesses can make the celebrity videos; with them speaking about the product and asking the followers to swipe up. Or you can directly upload an image and put the swipe up sticker for driving clicks. There are also catchy stickers of ‘Swipe Up’, that can be used to create a beautiful story or a fun-filled story. 

07. Instagram story ads:

Introduce yourself to the Instagram Ads. You would have noticed it while you are swiping through your friend’s story and suddenly an ad. coming up? Well, that is the Instagram Ad. These are the perfect way to highlight your brand, business, and products to an engaged audience. 

75% of users take action on such ads! And, also visit websites or even make a purchase!

More clicks? More sales? Look no further, Instagram Stories ads strategy will make it all achievable for you. Using Facebook's Ads manager, you can create Instagram Ads that show up within Instagram stories. You can target a specific audience, and play around with the filter to satiate your main motive, and then put the ad. Live. 

Note that - Instagram has the same targeting options as Facebook ads; that includes targeting based on location, demographics, interests, behavior, and more. 

So, go gaga over the Instagram Story Ads!

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