Instagram stories

Instagram Stories Hacks You Didn’t Know!

With over 1 Billion monthly active users, Instagram is the most popular social media networks worldwide. This simple yet amazingly engaging photo-sharing application is popular amid the young crowd. 

But one feature of Instagram is used the most - Instagram Stories!

Instagram Stories

Going for a normal car drive, or to a party, or a wedding, or going out with friends for a casual brunch, posting a story is what an individual does for first. Instagram is great for users, it is a place to keep up with friends, get a look inside the lives of others as well as celebrities, and now it is even a place to post your talent - cooking, painting, dancing, singing, anything. 

Coming back to the Instagram stories, do you use tags? Do you pin text on your stories? Do you know how to make it much more engaging and is? Do you know about using hashtags in the story? Do you know how to change the background colour in a fancy way?

Well, there is a lot to the Instagram stories than you think! Tie your seatbelts because I’ve come up with the brightest ideas to spruce up your next Instagram stories. 

And, for the people thinking about whether it will help their business/brand. You will experience the hike in engagement!

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Let’s begin with the Instagram story hacks that no one has ever told you!

01. Spice-Up the Text:

No more boring text that are just white or black, when you can add a drop shadow over it. You might be using normal text asking your viewers to tap for a new post or asking them to explore your new product, but is the text engaging?

Colours can strongly affect how a business’s slogan or even a regular text on IG story is perceived by visitors and customers! It is what can make or break the engagement. 

For this, I have a hack. 

  • Select the text (Aa icon) on the top right corner and right the message that you want to convey (in say white colour).  Select the text
  • Tap the Aa icon again and write the text with a different colour (say white). 
  • Now it is time to do magic. Move the one layer of text over the other, but put it a bit off-centre, so the other text with different colour shows up. 
  • Move it to set the text, and you will create a drop shadow effect in your text!



02. Another attractive text hack:

So, you want to put up a story of a landscape, but you don’t want it to the entire story. You want the gradient blue sky to be the colour of the text. 

  • Upload the picture that you wish to hide or anything that you don’t want to show!
  • Go for the pen icon on the top right corner. 
  • Choose the marker or neon brush, then select the colour of your choice. 
  • Tap and hold the screen for a few seconds, and it will fill the entire picture with the selected colour. 
  • Now you can reveal the background with the eraser tool. 
  • Go crazy with this feature! You can even showcase a picture in a fun way by wiping out just the main element.

Another attractive text hack

03. Customise the colour:

Tired of the colours you are bound to choose for the text on your IG story? Do you know you can set the colour of your font precisely similar to the colour of the element present in the picture? For instance, if you are posting a picture of scenic beauty and you want the font colour to be the same as a mountain, then you can do it! How?

  • Simply type the slogan you want. And, click on the colour pin that is present on the left corner. And explore an entire colour scale!

Another fantastic trick that you can do to add the spice to your IG story is that -

  • It is tricky but fun, and you can add the gradient of multiple colours. 
  • First, write the text. Then highlight the entire text and tap on one of the colours. 
  • Now, hold the selected text and drag one side of the selected text while you also drag the colour pin towards your desired tone. 
  • As you move, you will notice the colour gradient in your text. 


04. Tagging for reach:

Yes, you can increase your Instagram account’s reach with just tagging! All you have to do is tag the location. Tagging location in your Instagram stories will make your content visible in that location’s story feed. This will help you reach many viewers is a short amount of time. Also, Instagram has a feature that shows up all the stories of similar location together (if the account is public), this will make your story reach many people, and they will follow you if they find it engaging. 

05. Selfie Stickers:

Yes, stickers of you! With the selfie stickers, you can create a small selfie that you can edit and then use it as a sticker. 

  • Tap the stickers icon provided on the top amid the pen icon, Aa icon. And then choose the camera. Click a selfie. 
  • You will see the round stickers of your clicked selfie. 
  • Tap the sticker selfie, and the white border will appear. 

This will make your IG stories funny and quirky. 

Make sure you see how your IG story is performing! The insights are available just below the story. Open the story and swipe up, you will see the number of people who have viewed it as well as their usernames, and also the analytics if you own a business profile or public profile. You will be able to see the number of impressions, replies, sticker taps, and many other things. 

These Instagram hacks will make your stories funny and amazing. 

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