Instagram adds a new chat sticker to stories

Amazing Clues to Use Instagram’s New Chat Sticker in Your Story

Knock! knock! New update for all the Instagrammers!

It is going to get even more fun and even easier to chat with your friends on Instagram. With the introduction of this new feature, labelled as “Chat”, the app is letting users create a DM group chat conversations from stories.

After the success of lately released other Instagram stickers, namely “quiz” and “ask questions”, this update is also expected to prompt users to engage more via messaging. This Chat sticker provides you with an option to instigate discussion on your story, thus gauging people of different interests. 

If you have a blog or a brand or you are an influencer, you’re surely gonna love this update! It is similar to creating a group. So, to end your simmer down your curiosity, we are dropping down the steps telling how to use it:

1. Create an insta story; add a “chat” sticker on it.

Instagram adds a new chat sticker to stories

2. People, who see your story, will request to chat. (if they want to)

3. Swipe up to see who all have requested to chat on your story. Add as many people as you want from the list of requested people.

Instagram adds a new chat sticker to stories

4. Start chatting in the group so made! Phew...

Instagram adds a new chat sticker to stories

Did you see how convenient adding people and doing group chit-chat has become? Easy, fast and simple!

What all can you do inside that group chat?

This is how it looks inside the group chat.

Here you can:

  1. Change the name of the group – if you wish to!
  2. Mute messages- if you no longer want to receive any notifications from anyone in the chat.
  3. Mute mentions- if you do not want to get notified if someone mentions you in that group chat.
  4. Mute video chat- if you want no video calls, well obviously!
  5. Approval required to join option- if you turn it ON, you get to choose who all, from the list of requesting people, can join that group chat. If you turn it OFF, anybody can join the chat without having to send the request.

After once, all the people you allow are a part of the group chat, you also get to add later if you want. In front of every person requesting to be a part of the group chat, there is this “…” option. If you click this, the following options dropdown:

  1. Block
  2. Report
  3. Remove from group
  4. Make admin

All these powers to take care of the policing inside the group! LOL!

There are two more powers that you get, at the end of the list of requests, that is:

Instagram adds a new chat sticker to stories

  1. Leave chat: If you want to leave the group without letting the fun element die, you can choose to leave the chat.
  2. End chat: With this option, you can simply delete the group and give closure to the group chat for everyone.

Imagine, you are a service provider who could only display limited information on their Instagram story, before this update. Now you can simply add this chat sticker, and invite your clients to raise a query and get detailed answers one on one. This option can also be leveraged for brainstorming over chats. So, have fun with the new update. 

We, at Orionators School of Learning, will keep you covered with all the updates so that you walk like the digital genius you are!

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