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Instagram AR Filters – The Smartest Marketing Trend

We know about the brand using Instagram for business, and you may be also aware of the different marketing tactics that can help you achieve the best online presence. 

But, there is something that always goes unnoticed! We post stories for the posts we create and want to gain engagement on, but we always forget about the filters that we swipe through!

Yes, not the *moody* filter that everyone goes gaga over for clear skin and dreamy selfies, but the ones that brands create! From Adidas to the recent Cadbury filter, each and every brand is creating a great filter for their brand. 

great filter for their brand

And, this is what is called the Smartest way to engage with the audience!

500 Million Accounts use Instagram Stories Every Day and 67% of All Instagram Users are Aged Between 18-29!

Yes, that is a wider window to target and get the most engagement! And, besides polling, and questions, you can go for custom AR filters. This is a fun way to engage with users!

What is An AR Filter?

For first, AR stands for the augmented reality! Futuristic and fun, right? And, you have been using this Augmented reality for a long, long time when in 2017 Instagram launched its face filters. 

Augmented reality is where the objects of the real-world are enhanced by computer-generated images. AR filters are the same!

The image that the camera sees is enhanced whether that’s a selfie or a photo! It is done by computer-generated graphics or noises”  - AR Filter!

This also includes adding elements to the real-image, like the devil signs, or the dog filter, or the hat filter, and many more. These interesting and fun AR filters add life to Instagram. There are other platforms that provide this AR functionality like Snapchat, Facebook, and many more. 

digital marketer

What’s New? - Well, you can create your own Instagram AR Filter!

In 2019, Facebook gave a platform exclusively to build AR filters! Yes, you can build custom AR filters using the Spark AR Studio platform. Any effect, any element can be used to create a real-life effect for Instagram stories, Facebook stories! 

Anyone who downloads Spark AR studio can get creative with filters. And, so if your brand needs to stand out from the queue or wishes to create awareness then this is the finest way to go viral in seconds. 

Instagram AR Filter

Why Creating an Instagram AR Filter Important?

This is not just a tool limited to fun or to be creative, it can be leveraged if you are a brand or a business or even an influencer. 

Like the Dolly of iDiva created a filter of her own character that is famous in itself, and it went viral a lot. So, how it is important?  Here are a few of the reasons that you need to focus on -

02. Showcases Brand’s Persona-

  • As you will create a custom AR filter for your brand, you will reflect the same tone as your brand’s tone. Thus, you will be presenting it well to the audience and they will connect directly to your bond. 
  • Your brand’s uniqueness and your creativity, and your tone, helps you stand out from others and people recognize you by your AR filter. 

02. Build a Strong Connection with the Audience -

As I stated above, about 500 Million accounts engage with the stories! And, so, if you make a custom AR filter, it is going to be a super-hit, and it will reach a wider audience. Add an interactive element of your brand and increase engagement, just like Cadbury did with their ‘Thank You’ filter. 

Build a Strong Connection with the Audience

It will build a strong connection with the audience, and they will remember the filter with your brand name. Increased monthly engagement, and also interactive stories that you can share on your brand’s page. 

03. Increased Engagement -

AR filters are the best way to interact with the audience and also boost engagement! You can encourage people to be creative with the stories or even you can hold contests to boost engagement. 

Encourage people to tag you in their stories when they use your custom AR filter, and also when they participate in the competition. 

04. Unique Brand Reputation -

Want your brand to stand out then ‘Instagram AR Filter’ is the way! It will help you streamline the things that make you special and unique. And, people perceive you by your presence on social media platforms and in all online presence. 

05. Increase Brand’s Awareness -

Yes, with the Instagram AR filters you can create a brand awareness program! How?

  • Incorporate your brand’s logo or mascot into an AR filter. 
  • Go for the ones which are not promotional, this way the filter will be displayed in Instagram’s effect gallery where anyone can find it. 
  • When someone shares selfies in your filter, the filter will be shown on the top left corner for use. And, even their followers or I may say the potential new followers will know about your brand. 

Some of the potential use of Instagram Filters!

01. Adding characteristics -

Adding a glow, or adding a sweet hat over the head, is somewhat liked by the audience. It can be anything to everything, like a beard, sunglasses, or a puppy ear and nose, anything! This is fantastic for brands that have key characteristics - for instance, Gucci created a series of three different filters. And, the filter allowed people to choose between the renaissance baroque period looks!

02. Games -

Game filters are super-favorite of everyone! Who won’t love to play games while looking good in the glowy filter? Do you remember the ‘Gibberish’ filter that went viral? Yes, exactly you can create an AR filter game for your brand too. 

AR filter game


03. Virtual objects -

You can add virtual objects into your Instagram AR filter! These will appear in your landscape like the Snapchat filter does by showing the dancing avatar when you shift to rear camera. Also, brands like Coca-Cola Poland did! They superimposed the brand’s polar bear on top of a real environment. 

Even Starbucks did it. They used AR filters to bring their four different Christmas cups to life! 

Create. Use. Post. Share and Repeat! 

Instagram AR filters are the best way to market your brand and create a great awareness! This was all about it. 

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