Informative Corner - Learn About Conversational Marketing

Informative Corner – Learn About Conversational Marketing

The digital marketing world is constantly updating, you get up and find a new term doing rounds on each and every blog sites, and social media platform, and before you begin knowing it, it would have been applied by many marketers!

Highlighting the ‘New’ that I discovered has been in trend nowadays - Conversational marketing.

Conversational marketing.

Conversational marketing is the fastest way to move your buyers through your marketing and sales funnels, all of it with the power of real-time conversations. It builds relationships and creates an authentic experience with potential customers as well as with the buyers!

What is the buzz all about? What is conversational marketing?

It is a new, personalized, and the best way of doing business online or to drive sales and leads with an invisible force. It moves the buyer through marketing and sales funnels by the way that is well, diminished due to the advertisement rush, which is, real-time conversation. 

Conversational marketing is an automated conversation with website visitors!

So, instead of forcing the people to go through the entire lead capture forms and wait days for a response from your brand, you engage in a real-time conversation. It is faster and effective. 

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How does it work?

Conversational marketing uses targeted messaging and intelligent chatbots to engage in a conversation with people when the visitor in on your website. Thus, making the entire process simpler, engaging, and you can convert more of the right leads faster, rather than trying to make everyone happy at once. 

Happier Customer Experience = Happier Growth of the Company.

By this phenomenon, you get exactly what you want!  You get the information, you get the chance to convert them into a buyer. And, it happens at the same time, when the visitor is engaging with your business!

Bang on, right? It is like hitting the iron rod just when it is hot. 

It has been proved as a successful way to use marketing to drive user engagement, instead of wasting and putting up a negative image of ‘late response’. It can help your brand/business to expand your -

  • Customer base. 
  • Build your loyal customers list. 
  • Grow your income. 

There are different types that you should focus on when it comes to conversational marketing -

  1. Conversational marketing with chatbots. 
  2. Conversational marketing through live chats. 
  3. Social chat applications via messenger, WhatsApp. 

These tools vary in the execution part and technological foundation. But all of these make the entire lead-sales funnel faster and easier for customers to interact directly with companies. 

As conversational marketing becomes more updated, and the technology shifts, these differences will be emphasized in a more nuanced fashion! 

What are Conversational Marketing Chatbots?

These are artificially intelligent software programs. They use natural language and pre-programmed responses to entertain the customer. And, it is all done with the conditional logic, which the brand has the power to set up and control. 

Chatbots are the super-popular and an effective way to entertain and communicate with the customer. That is because they don’t require manual help, they operate freely. So, the user receives all the attention and the query solved, and even the assistant with the 24*7 available conversational marketing chatbots. 

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What is Conversational Marketing Live Chats?

Live chat can be a software or an application that you can add to the brands or business websites. It is another effective way to stay in touch with the users, visitors, customers. It lets users send a message directly to you or the team representative in real-time. 

Instant replies are what is loved by customers! And, Live chat proves it right. But, in this case, unlike, chatbots, it does require real human for help. 

Not just, customer support, the chatbots, and live chats can be used to provide content to the audience that helps them, provide the information, and also entertains them with the services.

How Conversational Marketing Beneficial?

01. Know your customers closely:

With the advertisements and the creative posts gaining most engagement and traffic, it is also important to create an invisible and significant bond with the customer. And, conversational marketing allows you to learn more and gain an insight into the customer’s information. Be it chatbot or a live chat, you can know and gather more information with these marketing skills. 

Know your customers closely

Also, you can monitor users and learn at what times of day people prefer to message or chat, and what type of questions they ask, and also you can know what product or service is more in demand and accordingly plan everything. 

02. Pick the leads faster and effectively:

For what, I have explained above, conversational marketing is engaging, and using chatbots to start communicating with the audience with potential leads. How does this help? It helps you to build a connection with the audience, to know them better, and to provide the solution, in turn, you get the best leads. 

You can even encourage the audience to talk to your sales representatives, which will ultimately result in the leads. Also, chatbots are great for taking in the leads and directing them to the right path to make sales. 

03. Great buying experience for customers:

Customers always like something personal, and like to know each and every information, and it actually affects the buying experience. And, this is why human interaction is important! But it is not quite important. Here, conversational marketing comes into action. Chatbots and live chat, both are able to assist the inquiries in real-time conversations. It works the same way as the salesman assists when we shop.

04. Reduces Sales Cycle:

Implementing conversational marketing, as stated above, reduces the sales cycle! The entire process in condensed in just two points, i.e., conversation and leads. Previous methods use lead capture forms, which require the sales representative to go and meet the leads. And, during this reach-time, the lead might lose interest. 

 And, this is the reason why conversational marketing is the best! It is instant and enables you to respond in real-time. 

05. 24*7 Available:

Being available for 24 hours for each and every day is practically impossible with human power! The majority of customers being busy throughout the day, and tend to contact a company at the weekend or in the evening, which means you need assistance for them throughout the day, which is impossible. 

And, this is why conversational marketing is the only way. Tools such as chatbots allow the brand to be available every hour of the day, and also to take-in inquiries after working hours have finished!

Bottomline -

Discovering new ways to target customers and get leads is the best thing that you can do. Conversational marketing is one such thing that you should pay close attention to. In this blog, we have discussed the benefits of conversational marketing and also what are live chats and chatbots. 

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