Infographics - The Bullet of Right Information in this Pandemic!

Infographics – The Bullet of Right Information in this Pandemic!

We have learned about the benefits of infographics in marketing, and also about the ways in which we can use infographics as a weapon in this digital world where each and every word is important.

Leaving all that, have you noticed infographics during this lockdown?


If I am not wrong, you have also witnessed the infographics of how to be careful in this coronavirus pandemic taking rounds in the social media world?

Coronavirus has had an impact on everyone, everywhere, and on every aspect of life! In this unprecedented and modern world, we have been introduced to these complex conditions. But the government is doing everything to make us well-informed, and also to take us closer to the practices we should follow to keep the virus away. 

And, all this was done with ‘INFOGRAPHICS’. 

Everyone, every talented individual, and top MNCs are using infographics to distill important information and context into an infographic which is perfect for any medium. Be it WhatsApp, be it Instagram, you can easily rotate this information without much effort. 

Moreover, the people who cannot read properly can see these small pieces of visual information and easily understand that they have to do it all as given. 

“Applying visual impression on the information has made everyone aware of the precautions to be taken care of in their daily routines!”

taken care of in their daily routines

Easy to understand! Right? Anyone can easily understand the symptoms and what the disease is through a concise and best infographic. 

WHO also used infographics to deal with this problem and to encourage hygiene among the people.

encourage hygiene among the people

From washing hands to taking care of a sick person at home, everything has been represented by the World Health Organisation with the help of creatively designed powerful infographics.

How these information graphics are helpful?

Infographics are condensed blogs that have rich imagery and memorable or catchy text. What makes it helpful and powerful?

  • Well, for first, the visual images are quite clear even if someone who doesn’t know how to read will be able to guess what it is about by just looking at the image. Like the one given above, it has a wash hands picture, so even if you don’t read the entire thing, you know you have to wash hands to protect yourself and others from getting sick. 
  • Icons are used to perfectly emphasize specific and important details. 

This clear and communicative illustration explains a lot and builds relevance, relatability, and evokes information for everyone. 

information graphics are helpful

Infographics are even used to showcase relatable illustrations! Like, the World Health Organization did in the above infographic. As this virus affects everyone but there are high-risk for certain aged people and people with underlying diseases.

Besides this, WHO even teamed up with the ‘Dude with Sign’ to reach out as many people as they can through this amazing social media strategy. As dude with sign has amazing followers so it could be the best approach by WHO to spread awareness. 

 spread awareness

Moreover, even brands took part in the saga! They used creative lines and images to put up a great visual expression to help people cope up with the situation and be safe at home. Some of my favorites are -

  • Amul -

This brand is never away when it comes to creating a relatable image for any event, and so I was expecting them to come up with a witty line and information along with it doing justice to an image in the background. 

Amul girl

Amul is known for creating content related to trending news! If there’s something trending, you will find Amul coming up with creative and pun poster ads. They never stop amusing us with their amazing content marketing.

They always use their evergreen Amul girl to make the content work best. Also, the content is created according to the issue and is very short and precise. Indeed, Amul is the best instance of creating quality content and also acing content marketing. Engage and impress is their thumb-rule and we all love it. 

  • Next is Coca-Cola -

They simply played with word placement to introduce the concept of social distancing smoothly and asking people to follow it. Even, other companies Mc. Donalds did this. 


The main goal of an infographic or of any visual image you are using is to convey the direct message to the audience. If it doesn’t give any information, it is of no use. Infographics are the latest and the best way to attract people, moreover, you can even go for the visual content like the brands did above to raise awareness about anything to everything. We have learned about the benefits of Infographics and visual content in this blog, and I hope you are ready to implement it for your brands.

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