Inbound Marketing Strategies Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Inbound Marketing Strategies Every Entrepreneur Must Know!

Lead generation, ranking high on the search engine page and making prime social media presence, everything comes in the inbound marketing! Every business needs to do marketing whether they are small or big, especially the startups! That’s why inbound marketing and its various strategies and parts make sense for any business. 

Inbound marketing is more of an approach and strategically planned way that a list of some pre-formed tactics. It is all about attracting prospects to your business rather than shouting, and making it obvious that you are present!

Ditching the cold-calling, billboard advertising, and traditional marketing practices, we are going to step into the world of modern digital marketing. Inbound marketing is all about attracting prospects rather than going out to find and market them your products/services.

So, are you ready to give your startup high speed?

Let’s Attract, Engage, and Delight your Customers with these Strategies!

Let’s begin!

01. Creating a target persona:

For first, do you remember the famous line from F.R.I.E.N.D.S - “You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?”

Creating a target persona

Similarly in inbound marketing, when you don’t have a list of target persona, then you probably don’t know where is all of your content targeted to? Target persona is a list of your ideal prospects and customers that you’re trying to pitch-in, or in the inbound language, you are trying to attract. It’s who your entire inbound strategies, especially, lead generation is targeted towards.

And, no it doesn’t mean the target audience, the target persona goes beyond psychographics, and demographics, it focuses more on the brand’s customers’ and prospects’ needs, buying process, and their pain points. 

If you engage them, provide them solutions, you are surely going to get most leads!

So, how to create a target persona? Here’s is how you can do it -

  • Review Facebook Insights: 

To create a target persona, you have to understand the demographic behind it. Besides, age, gender, and location, you have to find out how your current market looks like. For this, we have Facebook insights! Go to your Facebook page insights, and then click on the fans column!

From here you will find out what percentage of age and gender people like your page. This can give you the idea of who is interested in your business/brand. 

You can then create content that is focused on them!

  • Survey:

The next thing you can do is send out a survey! All you have to do is have an email list, and send them a simple form. You can put up questions to know what they’re facing, this is will guide you on how to target your content to solve their issues and to be an ace to their desires/wishes.

  • Phone interviews with recent or past customers are also accurate. Dig deeper and ask questions. 

02. Creative content:

It is the most important part of inbound marketing! The quality of content you put up will drive benefits. Don’t focus just on your brand, your service, or your product, focus more on the pain points of the customer or audience, solve their issues. 

69% of marketers align their content with their marketing and sales funnel stages!

Here’s how you can do it -

  • Compelling and great headline - A good headline leads to more clicks and draws traffic. Companies who blog, receive 97% more leads to their website. 
  • Include graphs, gifs, and images for more engagement. A creative blog with images is more interesting and sets a good tone with the audience.
  • Do extensive research and write more valuable, understandable, and educative blogs. 
  • Make it more creative by starting the blogs with a storyline. 
  • Do guest posting! It provides you with backlinks, authority in the space, and set relationships with key influencers. Moreover, they rank a lot! This is the best way to subtly market!
  • Optimize your blog with SEO keywords. You need to have an understanding of SEO to achieve success in your startup! Use the right amount of keywords to make your content rank, it builds trust with the audience. 
  • Promote the content to build more backlinks. 

03. Step into the influencer marketing:

To connect well with modern customers, you have to adapt more to modern inbound marketing! And, influencer marketing is the best way to attain major success. It is one of the most effective strategies for building up your inbound marketing!

The influencer marketing campaign can be done by building connections with influencers, delivering the best email marketing content, and using the videos to be your major focus. People trust influencers and their words, it is the best way to build your brand. 

04. Ask and answer questions on social media:

Social media has switched the inbound marketing into an interactive experience! Those who follow should get some value. Instead of hearing about your brand, people want to explore their issues and find out solutions, even they might have some queries. 

Ask and answer questions on social media

Email marketing and organic ranking is the best source for conversions but it depends upon social for engagement rate. It is the most powerful way to be close to your audience, and enhance your brand presence. 

For the startups, it is important that you make a super-strong online presence. You need to ask questions, answer questions, respond to their tweets, recognize their pain points through their questions, and also make a strong connection through Instagram polls.

05. Pick keywords and highlight them:

Search engine optimization is a super-hard, and time-consuming method? Do you believe this? Then, you are certainly wrong. SEO is the process of optimizing your website content, and other content and structure for search in order to rank on the SERPs. It is a crucial part of your inbound marketing strategy because if you can’t be found by your audience on SERPs, then you’re not going to get leads.

Pick keywords and highlight

One of the most important features of search engine optimization is keywords! The power of keywords can take you to the top and can even bring you down. If you want to successfully gain traffic for relevant keywords, you have to use those ‘selected keywords’ on your site everywhere. But don’t over-stuff them. 

Gain the first-position for the main terms, for instance, ‘Digital marketing institute’.  Simply improve the raking of the head terms. 

Bottomline -

There are 1000 ways to use inbound marketing, but here above-mentioned were some of the ways that are tried and tested and delivers the best benefits. Inbound marketing is a successful way to attract the attention of prospects via different elements like SEO, PPC, Content marketing, social media marketing, and other elements. 

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