Make your Own Blog Site with 5 Simple Steps

How to Start Blogging? Make your Own Blog Site with 5 Simple Steps

Who doesn’t wish to earn satisfactory sitting at home?!


It is a dream come true! And, if you have a passion to write and express about what you love the most then, it is a good idea to start blogging.

Blogging has become one of the most popular and fun ways to communicate and spread information and knowledgeable content. There are millions of blogs that you can gain insight into and at the end of the blog can gain a perspective.

You can gain the limelight by being a standout! Don’t worry! People use conversational method to connect with the audience and

But the bigger question is where to start?

How to start blogging? What would be your motive? What your entire blogging site should encircle around?

Well, for first – you are not just writing blogs to spill your thoughts, it should be more informative, more creative and inspire others reading it in some way.

to blog

Moreover, we have to earn through it, so the objectives have to be super clear.

Why do you need to create a blog?

Before we get onto the steps to start blogging, I want you to understand why blogging is so popular and a great way to start your career.

  • It is the most popular way of communicating with the masses.
  • Great way to express and share informative content with the audience.
  • You earn sitting at home! Making money is the best reason to choose blogging.
  • Plus, while writing blogs, you gain more knowledge about the topic as it requires a lot of research.

As of now, you might have made up your mind for starting with a  great writing career but before that let’s see what you need for starting your career as a blogger!

  1. A good blog’s name.
  2. Getting your blog online.
  3. Design a good theme with WordPress.
  4. Implement your idea onto your first blog post.
  5. Promoting blog and making money out of it.

It was just a brief, let’s know about each one of these closely.

  1. Good blog’s name:

It is super important to select the right name for your Blog! As it is going to stay around and will give a gist about what you are about to write. It will be helpful for your potential readers to find out what it is about!

If you are unsure about what are you going to write about and which topic you should encircle your entire blog site, then follow the above pattern:

It can be about your hobbies and passion, or about your life experiences or something of a field, for instance, digital marketing, that adds some value.

Once you are done with the blog name, you will need to choose a domain extension. You can go for the .com extension as it is preferred.

Now that you are done with the domain extension, now is the time to book a slot for your name. Check whether the name you have selected is available or not.

check domain extension

Ensure that there are no spaces or punctuations in the name. You can use underscores.

  1. Getting your blog online:

It's time to get your blog online! For this, you need two things – Blog hosting and blogging software. These two come in a pack!

To have a blog, you require a blog host!

What are these, you ask?

Well, a blog host is a company that stores all the blog files and showcase them to the user when they type your special blog name.

There are various blog hosts like Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator and many more, where you can register for free or for some fee.

Now coming to the blogging software, there are WordPress, Drupal, Ghost, etc. WordPress is the most popular as it is easy to use, customizable and super smooth in use.

Select your plan and go ahead with the blogging process!

  1. Design a good theme:

With WordPress, you have the liberty to design the theme of your blog site. Finding the right theme is a no-brainer task! All you have to do is select a theme that is eye-catching, and practical.

Design a good theme

Eye-catching because if the blog site is not presentable and good-looking, your audience won’t be glued. And, practical because if your blog site is not user-friendly, your audience will be clueless about where to find certain things.

So, as soon as your WordPress platform is installed and signed-up, start searching for a reliable theme ASAP.

Follow this pattern:

  • Read the description of the theme.
  • Check for responsiveness.
  • Ratings are important in selecting.
  • Make sure you preview a theme before you download it.

Once you install a theme you like, it is just a skeleton, so be ready with texts, images and other content to fill it up entirely.

  1. Implement your ideas now:

Okay, now the fun part is here! Now that your blog site framework is Up and running, it is time to write and publish that first blog post.

Create content that justifies your blog name! Any useful content that you bring to the readers should be fully researched and quite knowledgeable, or let's say it should be fun. Include pictures, videos and even you can try right the Blog in a communicating way to catch your reader’s attention.

Done with the writing part! It is time to publish it!

  1. Promoting blog and making money:

Promote your blog/blog site! This is how you rank highest and get the attention of masses. For this, follow the below-mentioned points:

  • Get your blog indexed. It takes only a few minutes to get it done. Sign in to your Google account and go to submit the URL. For an extra, you can submit your blog site to BING.
  • Keep bookmarking sites in sight. These sites allow potential readers searching for content under your niche, see your site on the top. So, every time you publish a blog post. Search for the popular bookmarking site and get going.
  • Get active on social networking sites! Share, share and share, share all the content and blog posts you post on Instagram, Facebook, and other sites.
  • Try guest blogging.
  • Advertise on the web. Paid media will give you more exposure than the organic reach.

How to earn money?

After you have produced great content and reached a significant reach in terms of followers and engagement. Then, you can generate income via monetizing your blog through running ads on your blog site, taking part in the affiliate program or by selling products.

This was all for the blog site start! If you have the passion to write and double desire to research a lot about what is your niche, then, go ahead and follow the above-mentioned points.

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