5 factors that boost your PPC ads

5 Factors that Ensure the Success of your PPC Advertising Campaigns

PPC Advertising can be very beneficial for businesses in boosting their digital marketing. In any paid campaign, PPC advertising holds a good weightage. And why not, it is one of the proven tactics to get desired results. While we all think about PPC ads, we are highly concentrated to know about its effectiveness. However, once you started it is found that people struggle hard to get the desired outcome from their digital marketing campaign using Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

Your Solution to the challenges faced in running a successful PPC Ad Campaign

To ease up the process of running successful PPC campaign there are only a few things you need to keep an eye on like: account structure, competition, bidding, and how you are writing the ads. Since it is going to be a long journey into the factors that can help you perfect your PPC campaigns, we will not take up much time and start outright on the same:

1. Account Structure

Account structure and settings are a very important attribute to pay attention to while making a PPC campaign. It is a key to run campaigns successfully, where its major objective is to control the unnecessary expenses you bear on any ad. Promulgating benefits from the very beginning, the more concise and focused your account structure is, the better your ads perform. Technically if you see the working of any important search engine you will find out they are mostly set up with top tier which includes campaign, second tier which constitutes of adgroup and final tier which comprises of ads.  The key to making a strong account structure lies into separating your campaign to allow search engines to find the relevancy between the keywords and ads. The step further leads to the elevation of your ranking while your potential prospects make a query for your chosen keywords. As a best digital marketing company and an ultra-achieving digital marketing institute we pay attention and recommend our students to pay attention to the following points to ensure the success of any given PPC campaign:  

  • Total keywords in each ad group
  • Total ads are in each ad group
  • Relevance of keywords to each other and between the ads within each group

2. Maintain a good quality score

Quality score is the rating by Google that checks the relevancy of both Keywords and PPC ads and more. Google uses it to determine your cost per click multiplied to your maximum bid to determine your ad rank in the ad auction process.

The quality score directly impacts your PPC success. Optimizing your quality score can help you getting hold of higher ROI. The reason behind it is the lower cost of conversion which should not be confused with cost per click.  It is much higher than cost per click and it is not the amount you pay when someone clicks on your ads or sign-ups for a free trial or so.

Higher the quality score lower is your cost per click and cost per conversion. To ensure that you are leveraging that in your PPC ad campaign your digital marketing strategy should have:

  • Click through Rate (CTR)
  • Greater relevancy of each keyword to its ad group
  • Relevancy and quality of landing page
  • Relevancy of ad text
  • Your overall AdWord account performance score.

Out of ten on scoring more than 5, you can get upto 50% discount while on scoring below 5 you might have to pay upto 400% more , so now you know why the quality score is so important.  

3. Use functions in the headlines of your ads 

‘IF’, ‘Countdown’, and ‘Keyword Insertion’ are some of the functions that allow you to customize your ads.   Consider ‘IF’ function which allows you to insert a specific condition or specific message in your text to activate ‘when the condition is met’ functionality in your ad, and a default text when it does not.  This ability allows your ad to provide tailor-made experience in each search and gives out more relevant results to your potential customers. It is much more different than ad customizer as it does not use a feed.

Likewise, ‘Countdown’ function automatically updates ads to let customers know the time remaining for sales or special events. And ‘Keyword Insertion’ to update your ads with the keywords that you put in your ad group ensuring more visibility of your ads.

The use of the functions ‘if, countdowns, keyword insertions’ provide you the scalability to target your potential users by showing them what they are looking out for. To your surprise, the factor of functions can increase your click-through rate about 32% that of your standard CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

4. Use eCPC 


Coming next in our list is enhanced Cost-per-click (eCPC) which is responsible for getting you more conversion from the manual biddings.

One of the major problems faced by any advertiser is of increased complexity that comes with an ever-growing number of keywords. It gets difficult to find equilibrium between keywords, audience, demographics, bid adjustments and other factors of any given AD campaign.

To overcome the same, in 2010 Google presented enhanced CPC to ease up the job for the advertisers. It allowed Google to dynamically adjust advertiser’s bidding within 30%, and to optimize the searches to get more conversion.

Post then, people have been using eCPC as their default bidding strategy for any given new campaign, while also leveraging google to get control over many advertisers bids.  

The work of ECPC is automatically adjusting your manual bids for clicks by filtering them as per their likeliness ‘to convert’ or ‘not convert’ on your website.

Again, not to be confused with Target CPA (uses automatic bid setting on your target as per their CPC), ECPC helps you regulate your average CPC below to the max CPC set by you, to improve your conversion rate.  

5. Use ads extensions

Finally coming down to our fifth factor- the Ad Extensions. Use of ad extensions can help you in the expansion of your advertisements to make it more useful and functional for your prospects. This free of cost functionality can help you in boosting your PPC ads capabilities to about 18%, which implies you can get 18% more clicks on your ads with high potency to convert. Types of Ad extensions you can use are:

  • Sitelink Extension

Sitelink Extension

The ad extension allows you to give your prospects a chance to come directly to a specific page on your website.

  • Callout Extension

Callout Extension

Callout Extension allows you to include additional descriptive text in a standard text,  that included specific attributes to your business, products and services. They can be differentiated from Sitelinks on the basis of their non-clickability.  The best-found use of these extensions is in adding bullet points.

  • Click to Text Extension

Click to Text Extension

This smart ad extension makes your ads optimized for the mobile audience. It renders the touch intuitiveness to your ads to give your users rich experience.

  • Call Extension

Call extension

The extension gives the convenience to call the business number directly from any search result. They are easy to combine with other extensions such as callouts, location to improvise your ad.

  • Review Extension

Reviews extension

It is a very popular type of extension which displays the gold stars or other rating details. This ad extension includes review information and is powerful to increase the ad CTR to 19%.

Wrapping Up

PPC ads can help you in getting proven results, however, when not done right you might just be through buckets full of money in result-less PPC advertising campaign. The above mentioned 5 factors, however, are tried and true attributes that can help you pump up your paid marketing on Google AdWords. Make sure you try them and come down again to comment and tell us how did they help you.

Also, for more informative updates such as this and interesting information on the updates from the digital marketing world, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also, sharpen your edge further to cut through your market competition by learning digital marketing at Orionators School of Learning, for which you can also sign up for a free demo. Until the next weekly roundup, meet you next Saturday, with some more interesting hacks and tricks for digital marketing.  

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