How to Master the Video Marketing Skills with Just 5 Simple Tips

How to Master the Video Marketing Skills with Just 5 Simple Tips

Video marketing is the newest buzz in digital marketing and probably, the smartest ones! You can reach out to the target audience 10 times better with a video than any other way. But, when it comes to ideating and creating a simple yet effective video that is going to hike up the benefits concerning sales and engagement, it is not an easy task!

Plus, it is also not a cheap option. You have to invest a lot to get the things working according to your set targets. What if I say that you can get your video –

  1. A thousand of views and, 
  2. Also, you gain 100% more subscribers than you usually will get through the normal way!

Achieving video marketing success will be easier if you implement some smart tricks and tips, and here we are with some absolute tricks that will make you appear high in the search engine and also get you 1,000 views at an economical price.

“According to an interview with the AGM of Orionators, Mr. Ankit Deopura, he expressed his thoughts on how video marketing has changed the entire perspective. He told us that the ad campaigns and the videos have not only improved brand recognition but also has increased customer engagement. This has ultimately brought significant benefits to sales.”

So, are you ready to get your hands on the cheat sheet to the best digital marketing module? Then, let’s begin.  

1.   Plan out the entire story:

It is a fun job to create a story, but we don’t have to lose on our main motive. Sit down with your entire team of creatives and set up the entire video story. Ensure that you focus on the storyline rather than the sales. 

The video you create is an essential chapter of the digital marketing course, and yes, we know it has to impact the sales, but that doesn't mean that we give content that has no value for the customer. Create content that adds some values and beneficially influence the viewers.

You have the first 10 seconds of the video to engage people! It is the same as the subject line of the email. If it is not interesting, we don’t even bother seeing the content, and simply scroll across it. So, brainstorm a fantastic idea and keep the starting engaging and fun. 

When it comes to creating a buzz through a great storyline and to connect more with the audience, ‘APPLE’ is an ultimate video marketer! The apple music advertisement done with Taylor swift is quite engaging and anyone can relate to it. 

Follow the formula – An interesting storyline + A perfect Hook + An interesting thumbnail = A great video!

2.   Strategize Keywords:

Optimizing the content is the next thing to focus on after you are done with a mind-blowing script. Go for a well-written and SEO optimized description that is showered with all the relevant keywords that help you gain an organic rank on the Google search. 

SEO optimized

Here’s a small tip – Use the targeted keywords in the description, tags, and title. This will help you gain an organic ranking on the Google search page. So, go ahead and blend your content entirely in the keyword dip.

3.   CTAs are Important:

What if I tell you to see a video and you have nothing in the end! You have seen the brand and the products and you love one of them and wish to invest, but there is no instruction. This is where the CTAs comes into action.

When going for the marketing purpose, no matter it is video marketing or content marketing, be sure to optimize your content with ‘Call to action’. 

It leads to sales and also increases the visibility of your website. Give something to your viewer to do.

Some of the best instances of video marketing CTAs are:

  • Subscribe to my channel.
  • If you love the video, share it. 
  • Follow the page. 
  • Like the page. 
  • Give me some suggestions.
  • Comment on the video. 
  • Check out the other videos.

You can include the CTAs anywhere! Be it in the middle of the entire video, at the end of the beginning. For instance, start the video with, 'don't forget to share the video if you love it'.

4.   Share, share and share:

The more the visibility of the video, the more it will receive likes, shares, and comments.

Once you have optimized your content, it is time to share your hard work on different platforms. Instagram, Facebook, blogs, and all the other social media channels. To your surprise, the video will also rank organically on Google, and it can even go viral through the gained extravagant exposure!

Share, share and share

Likes and Views Define you!

Assume this – You are a viewer and want to see videos on some digital marketing courses, which video you will choose to view? A video with 20+ comments and 180 likes, or a video with lesser likes and lesser views?

Everyone would probably view the one with ample likes and views. 

5.   Track user engagement:

See how people react to the video! Is it gaining any ranks or is it being liked by many? Once you track the engagement, you can improvise it accordingly in the next video. 

Track and improvise is the basic mantra to move forth to better video marketing.

These were some of the simple, and frugal video marketing tips and tricks to gain ample subscribers and even go viral. Increase your click rates surprisingly through a pre-planned and perfectly SEO optimized video. 

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