Proven ways to make money online

Know the Proven Methods that will help you Make Money Online

The days are long gone, where a person had to work hard physically to earn money. New age people prefer working smart over working hard alone. It is totally okay if you do not like to step out of your comfort zone but still aspire to make good money. We are here to enlighten you with the tactics that can help you mint millions online. Curious?

The Internet has brought the world into the comfort of your home, along with that it has brought afloat, the trend of digital marketing. Digital Marketing is the key that can help you unlock the doors to success. Read the following tried-and-tested methods that will help you earn money online through digital marketing:

1. Create a Website and Sell its Media:

TBH, creating a website and making it go live are just the primary steps. What earns your Website a good USP, is the updated quality content promoted in the right manner. Once your website becomes successful in grabbing the attention of a set of viewers, it can be leveraged to make money online. If your website has a strong engaged community, then you can sell its space for ads. You will be paid for running of those ads and this way your website gets monetized. 

There are three types in which ads- space can be sold:

  1. One Way Selling: Also referred to as Direct Selling, through one way selling you will be able to directly make ad space available to the seekers. You can simply sell your space directly to the companies and can come up with a price. Google plays no role here and seeks no share in the revenue from this business. For Eg, Times Of India. They simply set their ad range and allow the publishing of advertisements directly. So, if your website has promising traffic, then you may start allowing a direct way of ads publishing.
  2. Intermediate Selling: In this, both, the ad publishers and marketers need a medium where they connect to generate desirable revenues. For Eg,, where the publishers get a suitable marketplace to generate ideal revenue, and the advertisers get their ideal audiences to make the most out of each impression. So, you can get your website registered at such platforms and earn.
  3. Agency Based Selling: One can also sell the ad-space of their website to a trustable agency. The agency, thereafter, takes care of what ads will be running on that platform and the price of that advertisement. For eg. AdSense, which has been successful in creating buzz, also implements the idea of Agency based selling.

What is AdSense?

Just like AdWords are used to show your advertisement on the top of the search result page, AdSense allows publishers to join Google’s advertising network and allow various advertisers to run ads on their website. Google, here, acts as an intermediary between the two, thus ensuring security and safety. If your website has more than 20-30 pages of content, then you can simply create an AdSense account, then Google will place a code on your website that will go through the content of your site and bring relevant ads to you. If the visitors to your website start clicking on those ads, you will be paid for the same. Publishers get roughly 70% of the click amount that makes a minimum $1 per click to publishers. Just make sure the content and look of your website match the ads that get located on the page.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Do you wish to know about the talk of the town? Say hello to Affiliate marketing. This digital marketing model pays you commission for the customers that you referred, who brought conversion to the service provider. There are websites and pages that pay you a commission fee for referring them a customer. Suppose, you dropped a link for the purchase of any product and one of your follower or friend used the link to purchase the product. Then, you will get an affiliate fee from that sale. But, first things first, you must have a strong promoting resource, say a website, social media platform, email database, etc. that can fetch you good incentives upon being chosen as an affiliate marketer. 

To be able to proceed with being an affiliate marketer, you have two roads to choose from:
A: All you have to do is get yourself registered as an affiliate marketer for sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, etc. If the product referral link you share gets used to make the purchase, you get a commission for every good purchased through that link.
B: Research and know the mediator platforms that offer affiliate programs. Such sites help you be both, an advertiser or a publisher for affiliate marketing. You can use Viglink, ShareASale, Commission Junction, etc.

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3. Become an influencer:

Influence marketing focuses on taking help from key leaders, to generate your brand’s awareness in the larger market. Influencers get paid to inspire their followers to use/purchase a certain brand.

To be an influencer, social media marketing and content marketing are extremely crucial. One must recognize their niche, about which they want to talk to their followers, and then they must continue to create regular updates about the same niche. Influencer campaigns must contain winsome content rather than contrived to keep their traffic engaged. Influencers must share relevant stories and reviews that have a stronger impact than celebrity endorsements. 

4. Be a freelancer:

Freelancer is a qualified professional, who can render services to the clients that require various kinds of digital marketing services without having to go to the office. You have to recognize your area of specialization, and then master the art of leveraging ROI out of that. You can be freelancing on anything, from coding to designing to writing content. There are sites, where you may get yourself registered and set your bid. But the most important thing you must not forget is that your profile or resume must have some powerful certifications to hike your chances of getting chosen. You may get yourself registered on,,, etc. to get trustable opportunities to offer your freelance services. 

5. Own an online agency:

We all know the best way to make real money is through entrepreneurship. You need a lot of resources and investment to implement a business plan in the real world. But not anymore, one can simply start their own digital marketing agency online and provide the quality services, without having to do all the work themselves. You can make this work in the following ways:
1. Bid on big projects, and then hire low-cost freelancers to complete the work.
2. Get affiliates to agencies that pay a referral fee for fetching them, new clients.
3. Deliver good quality services on time.
4. Promote both freelancers and employers to get the affiliate fee.

There is a vast variety of sub-categories that come under Digital Marketing, and your agency does not need to be a service provider for all of those categories. In fact, one must pay laser focus and specialize in on one or two services and avoid getting distracted with other shining baits in the room. “A jack of all trades but a master of none” is someone who does not get the business.

So, we will not give you a rosy picture and promise that you can earn millions in a giffy, because that calls for a lot of hard work and strategizing. But we can reveal you the secret to making millions. Drop by at the Orionators School of learning, learn digital marketing, be a freelancer, tap the influencer market and there you go! Become an Orionator and see yourself coming out with flying colours in the world of digital marketing, eventually making millions online.

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