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How to Leverage Video Content for Business?

Video marketing is one of the best ways today to create engagement with your core audience. However, is it that easy? Many times businesses have come forward to leverage the benefits of video marketing to boost their marketing strategy, and not all efforts have come out as they expected. 

Mostly the resources have been wasted into the making of their first video and while the project dragged towards the end, it completely fell apart to come to a halt. Also, another situation that pulled our attention was the replication of the content that didn’t provide much value to their overall marketing model. 

So what is it that helps other businesses to churn out major revenue and conversions from their video marketing strategies but not other companies?

Let’s Break it Down to Understand it Properly

So consider the amount of time, money, resources involved in the making of the video. Video marketing is not a decision you take overnight. You need to prepare yourself as per your needs to create a comprehensive video marketing strategy.   

Consider video marketing as a part of your inbound methodology. Attracting, engaging and eventually delighting should be your approach to sell your products. 

Start by attracting your consumer with your content, engage with witty interactions and finally pitch for the sale.

So how do you do it to get the maximum benefit from your video marketing approach? 

Before that, here is a PRO TIP:  make sure each video you create acknowledges the challenges of your users and how you intend to resolve them. Direct selling would not work and hence, look at the brighter side.  Your video content guide should be a guide to make them aware of the situation, what it is all about, evaluation and final product and services. 

Now coming back…     

1. Attract (Marketing)

The first step of any inbound marketing is to attract your most potential users. Turn strangers into regular visitors, by identifying their challenges and providing them with useful information that helps them decide for any solution or service. 

Create videos that empathize with your user's regular dilemmas and introduce possible solutions that your product or services cater to. Videos help you in expanding your reach and build trust. This way you can entertain and inform your users.   Your videos should have a personality that oozes with your brand values.

Also one of the newest ways to attract your users is through thought leadership videos that help you establish your product and services as an industry leader. You can also try to make explainer videos or ‘how-t0 videos’ that provide relevant tips to your users.

Also, in the videos we recommend you to not reveal too much about your product that would sound pure marketing and no information. Also, this could look a bit on the spammy side. Now that the videos are made to choose wisely what channels and platforms you would like to publish it for most engagement and viewership. 

2. Convert 

One of the important steps that come with attracting is making the user/ visitor fill a form for contact information using which can be further you utilized for converting them. This way, using inbound marketing content you can ask your visitor to fill an information form before utilizing the content to get educated over a subject.    

These videos can be in the form of webinars, product demos, landing page promotional videos, case studies, and more. How-to videos too can be used. 

3. Close 

Attracting a new audience with your videos and converting the right visitors into leads is done, all you need to do is close the deal with your customers. It is important that you way special attention to this phase of video marketing, as overlooking it may cost you losing a potential customer. 

Post the conversion phase; a consumer tends to compare your product or services with others. They tend to weigh their options before deciding on making a purchase. The major motive thus of this video is to show people how the use of the product or service will change their situation. 

There are high chances of customer conversion when a person finds out about a product through a video than to read about it. It can generate more conversion about 4 X more.  

Also, you can use testimonials of customers, use relatable stories and provide in-depth demos of the product. This way you will be able to sell the quality of your services while giving it a personal touch. 

4. Delight 

The story doesn’t have to end post-purchase and it is uncool to think that your work is done here. Regular video posting should be made for your users to provide them an incredible service. You should make remarkable content on your products and services which makes it easy for your users to use them and understand their functionality. In this final stage, your goal remains the same as to encourage your users to trust your brand and in your services. 

Some of the examples of post-conversion video marketing are onboarding videos, educational courses, product training videos, thank you videos and more. 

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So now that you know how to use Video marketing to benefit your business, only one most important tip remains. Defining your video is most important. Goals should be set and use the best metrics to determine whether you are achieving what has been your long term goal. 

Also, before making any video make sure you have a clear primary video goal in mind. The goal can vary from brand awareness, engagement or conversion. With this approach, you will be able to create a more fruitful content library that helps your audience easily extract information. Keep in mind your audience their interest in their needs and what exactly it is that they demand. 

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