10 best tips to get real estate leads in India

Are you Ready to Generate More Online Leads for Your Real Estate Business?

In a world where every business has established its presence online, Real Estate Business has also opted into the digital market. Be it any business, it calls for a lot of planning and strategy so that none of your hard-earned investment goes in vain. 

Whether you are a proactive real estate agent or just a beginner, you need to know the key factors that attract your target audience. But you are not the only one; in fact, there are more than 10 lacs Real Estate Agents in India alone. That is a lot of competition! But with this guide, we are here to help you to dominate your niche. So give a read to the tips that will help you fetch more and more real estate leads online:

1. Create On-point Campaigns

10 best tips to get real estate leads in India

If you wish to grab more and more leads for your real estate business, focus on the 4 key elements that are:

  1. Targeting the correct audience through ads
  2. An optimized landing page
  3. Thank you page
  4. Optimized and attractive emails for follow up

2. Flaunt your “SOLD” Projects

10 best tips to get real estate leads in India

When you sell some property, the idea of showing your completed projects works really well. This is a way to earn customers trust as well as to ensure them that you are not new to the industry, hence making your impression as a reliable dealer. 

Plus, when you show the sold projects, people living nearby that area find it even more convincing to choose you because they assume you know everything about that locality. Such leads have the highest chance of making conversions, thus a win-win situation!

3. Choose a Lifestyle Niche and Stick to it

Try to approach the group of people only on the basis of the demographics and their lifestyle. You will have to stick to the kind of lifestyle you are offering the property to, for example, students, couples, pet owners, small family/large family, LGBTQ, etc.  so that you create a niche where you can target more specifically.

4. Go Live or Post on Facebook Showing the Property

10 best tips to get real estate leads in India

With Facebook being a super powerful tool for generating leads for real estate or any other business, we can utilize it. You can either, post the pictures of the property that you want to sell/rent/lease on various closed groups and your profile, or you can go live on Facebook, showing the entire home/property to get the attention from your leads. 

Do you know what adds as a cherry on top? It is the fact that such Facebook broadcasts can be shared on various other social platforms as well. This attracts a large number of leads and earns you high video impressions in real-time. It would be better if you schedule this open house live video for any one day of the week so that the ones who are interested will keep a check on your content and you will get to know them.  

If you do not wish to go live, then for a very property that you want to sell, create a virtual walkthrough for that and share that as much as possible. This will allow people to enjoy taking a tour of the property without having to leave their comfort zones. 

5. Be More and More Socially Active

After creating so much video content, you must know how and where you can use it for gaining further monetary returns. Share your content wisely on various social media platforms. Just remember to add keyword-rich meta-description for every video you post, so that your search engines recognize you and rank you.

Also sharing this high-value content on your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn business pages makes your business workflow more transparent in front of your audience. They will choose your fool-proof business over your competitors’ business that does not update as much as you do. Plus, most of the millennials, young gen people prefer everything they see on social media, so that is also a good niche option to choose. (Pro Tip: use trending hashtags with the posts).

6. Create Blog-posts that Speak on Your Behalf

10 best tips to get real estate leads in India

“Content is king” we know, so create evergreen, informative content that actually benefits the newcomers and guides them about the real estate world. Being a real estate person, you get to explore various sites in the real world, make it a habit to take pictures and add those in your blogs. The more real it appears, the better it works with the clients. 

Deliver useful guides, home décor DIY and how-to blogs to your public, and see them following you like the most loyal customers.

7. Market your Content Smartly

Creating insightful content is not the end of the story, in fact, it is the beginning. Try to boost your content on various prestigious platforms with optimized keywords. Get mentions and backlinks from the top influencers in your niche. 

8. Let Chat-bots Handle Them

10 best tips to get real estate leads in India

Chatbots are a new addition that every online business is proactively opting for. So keep a professional chatbot that answers the basic queries of the customers. This makes your audience feel like they are attended well and more importantly, it makes them feel like their queries matter. 

9. Offer Free Downloadable Resource

Whatever information your blogs have, you can offer to your website visitors. Convert that into a PDF and offer them for free. This acts as a lead magnet, for example, if you are offering “buying guides”, “trends to know”, “new additions in technology”, etc. kind of content, people rarely resist it. This is also a good way to grab the number and email id of your clients so that you know what people have shown interest in your service. Start an autoresponder, and keep updating them further. 

10 Follow up! 

After once people opt-in for your offer, you will get to know their number and contact credentials. Now it is up to you how you keep these leads entertained with your video, post or social media content.  

Remarket your content and keep engaging with clients by addressing their anxieties. Make use of Email Marketing and make conversions through that. If you find the client is super interested but is unable to reach you out, you can even call them and keep them updated. 

Only lead generation is not going to lead anywhere. You have to nurture your leads and convince them to make conversions. These were a few tips that never fail in generating leads for real estate. To learn more join OSL.

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