How To Design High-End and Result-Driven Landing Pages

How To Design High-End and Result-Driven Landing Pages?

As we have backed you up with the basic knowledge about the landing page and how it actually generates leads in our previous blog, now it is time to design your own landing page!

Exciting, isn’t it?

Well, with the base strong, you can do the needful to make your landing page a success! Until now, we learned that ‘if anyone wishes to capture more targeted leads, then the design of the landing page should convey the message well and precisely!’

But, many landing pages fail to increase conversions and which is why it is highly advised that you follow a perfect method to create a high-end and result-driven landing page. 

No matter what business you’re in, these 6 steps will help you create a landing page that captures a good conversion rate. 


With these steps, you can change the narration of your landing page success! 

Let’s begin -

01. Understand your target audience:

It is super-important that you get a clear idea about what your customer’s pain point is! To have an impact on your customer, you should understand the pain point and throw a dart right onto the point. 

target audience

Building landing page templates that ensure further growth of your business, you have to give a solution or target the customer’s pain point. Research and keep on researching what your audience is interested in, what are their issues, what are they searching online. 

Be there with the best solution or deal that is well-designed and relevant. This will surely take you towards great results. 

For a great landing page, and for you to become an expert in it, all you have to do is follow the pointers as -

  • Precise and simple web design. 
  • Good and catchy call to action. 
  • Concise content. 

02. Follow less is more:

Yes! Follow less is more, in all the modules that make up a landing page. For people to be navigated to the right space, you’ve to create a page that attracts them to a point rather than diverting and confusing them with multiple options. 

Your landing page web design should have only one purpose - to get people to act and fill-up the form or click on a CTA so that the leads are generated. 

Motive - “Helping customers to make the right decision and increase your conversion rates”

Follow these points - 

  • Try to promote a single thing at a time. 
  • See the page from your customer’s point of view.
  • Does your audience require more than one solution or one CTA?

When you give solutions to many things, your audience loses interest! For instance, if your landing page includes more than one thing, i.e., CTAs that lets you create a list of leads, and also get you, email subscribers, then you are probably confusing your customers. This will, in turn, affect the conversion rates. 

CTA trick - "Strike when the FOMO is hot!”

If you wish to use several CTAs then follow this trick - make a landing page that tracks with the user’s thought process! For instance, the first section gives the business’s services review, then there is a CTA. And, then there are images, copy, and headline that addresses the pain point followed by a CTA or a form. 

03 Use the right tool:

When it comes to conversion rate optimization get the best tool dedicated specially for it! Using the right tools will reduce your work and stress. For instance, Instapage is one of the dedicated tools designed for landing pages. It has a lot of professional web design templates that are optimized to convert the TG into leads. 

Use the right tool

This is Instapage and it has several optimized landing page designs for easy downloads and the making of your business landing page. You can checklist the options that suit your business goals the best. 

There are several other tools, such as Unbounce, and Leadpages. Using this will reduce your extra work and also help you to do the work faster and better. 

04. An eye-catching title:

The first impression makes all the difference! If a visitor looks at your landing page, and the title doesn’t impress or engages him/her, then you won’t be able to generate leads. 

A catchy or captivating title is what helps to draw attention!

Ask yourself, can your landing page pass the blink test? And, write and re-write for an appealing and catching people’s attention landing page title. For writing the title, ensure that it is problem-solving or it is either attention-grabbing through an issue directing the customer’s pain point.

05. Use relevant images:

“Humans respond to visual content faster than you can imagine.”

Yes! We interact a lot with the images rather than the written content and so for a landing page to drive amazing conversions, you should always see that the visuals used are relevant and also up-to-the-point according to the content. Most importantly, they should be engaging and impressive. 

 Use relevant images

Landing pages are the biggest success if everything is followed in a systematic and best way! With the right tools, right title and engaging CTAs one would get amazing results and amazing leads. 

If you are ready to get an insight into how to make a good landing page or you wish to learn more about it, then learn a digital marketing course at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing school. Get into the nitty-gritty of the different modules. Join us and know the tips and tricks to rank your websites and drive traffic to your site.

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