Know how to strategize your content if you are a beginner

Know How to Strategize your Content if you are a Beginner

‘Content is the best way to generate your brand’s awareness’ We know!

‘Right content helps you reach your target audience’ We know!

But we still get nightmares, thinking, what if we fail to reach our target audience in spite of working insanely on driving valuable content. When we begin pushing our content somewhere into the big world of data, there is a high probability of it getting lost into oblivion, if we do not implement proper marketing strategies over it.

Even as a beginner, we input so many tactics and tools to make useful content. But if we do not research enough before starting, we might have to face a fall big time, despite the untiring efforts. So, learn the following step by step guide to aptly market your content, without wasting your valuable time:

1.  Be eagle-eyed and identify the type of your content:

Creating content demands a lot of dedication. You put so much effort and money in creating informative content, which may or may not be liked by your customers. So, one of the biggest challenges a beginner face is deciding the type of content that will work for their business. If you wish to make the most from your content and succeed in boosting leads and conversions, then identifying the right content is crucial.

There are more than 15 types of content that are most searched on the internet. But not all of these content types are sure to appeal to your audience. Other than blogs, following are the various content types:

  1.     News
  2.     Case studies
  3.     Reports
  4.     E-books
  5.     Humor
  6.     Videos
  7.     Webinars
  8.     Podcasts
  9.     E-magazines
  10.     How-to-guides
  11.     Interviews
  12.     Events coverage
  13.     Daily Experiences
  14.     Answering questions
  15.     Examples from industry
  16.     Guest posting
  17.     Authority blog

But, you must be pondering as to how can you recognize what type of content will be fruitful in your case?

Simple! Just go through your competitors’ content, and research what type of content is helping them keep their rank abreast. Start working on that type and serve it to build strong viewership.

Do you know? FOMO content is the new type of content that kind of psychologically compel the visitor to make an early decision, possibly subscribe/ buy.  For e.g. If you offer “one time offers” or warn the viewers about them missing an opportunity, they tend to generate a lead or even make a conversion! But do not overuse this tool.

2.  Know your audience:

As a beginner, when you start adding your content, you get a detailed report by Google analytics or various other effective analysis tools, that will not only help you recognize the traffic your content has successfully gripped but will also help you make future content strategies thereafter. This step is indispensable because if you are creating content for everyone, you are basically creating content for no one because your content will only be effective if it is relevant. So, read the preferences of your clients and serve them with what they wish to seek.

3.  Research about relevant content topics:

Content can be delivered in the form of a long article or a short one or even in the form of a video. But, in the first place be sure about the relevance of the topic on which you are pushing in the content. Learn about the latest trends that are viral in your content niche, and present that to your audiences. This helps in grabbing maximum attention.  

One must always create and maintain a content calendar to keep a reminder of how the content is supposed to flow.

If you want to dive in to know the nitty-gritty of blog post ideas, then consider the social media posts that are useful, educational or entertaining. And if you have got content ideas already, then be sure that they meet your goals. How?

Prepare an audit for your content using SEMRush. Moreover, this tool helps in finding the gaps in your content and even helps in identifying how different types of content rank on various platforms.

4.  Analyze the right Keywords:

This is the key and most unavoidable part of content marketing because this is how people find you online. Keywords are the terms that Google fetches from the search query. Google bots then scan your content to identify what it is about.

You can include the following three types of keywords in your content:

  1. Short keywords: to identify your content under a broader search category. Eg. ”school” keyword will list all the school-related content.
  2. Medium length keywords: to identify your content from a narrower category, eg. “school of learning”
  3. Long tail keywords: to hit more specifically to your content, like ”Orionators school of learning”.

You do not have to scratch your head a lot in searching keywords for your content type. You must:

  1.  Brainstorm good creative idea
  2.  Then hit to Google analytics to check what keywords are getting hit the most
  3.  Then use keyword research tools to find out the correct keywords that will work for your content.

After hunting the perfect set of primary and secondary keywords, placement of the keywords in your content is also important. Make sure the keywords are:

  1. In the title of the content
  2. In the SEO title of the content
  3. In meta description
  4. All throughout the text (in a wise manner, no keyword stuffing is allowed)
  5. In the phrases on which the links can be dropped

5.  Create quality content and promote, promote, promote!

We know content is the key lead generation tool, therefore, you must make sure that the content you serve is actually original and of good quality. It must be worth the time a reader invests in viewing that content. Length of the content is also an important factor that must be taken care of while creating content. Although Google never restricts the content to any particular length, you have to analyze whether in-depth content or precise factual content is loved by your audience.

Generally, long content allows an even spread of keywords and is more preferred by the SEO but if that fails to grip your reader’s attention, then all that goes in vain. Another important aspect of strategizing content is to set your marketing goals. 

Following are the ways in which you can promote your content; to make it reach your target audience at the platforms they are more active:

a. Share content through Social Media:

After completing the content creation and optimization phase, this phase helps you increase the visibility of your content. Just add eye-catching images or GIFs in your blog and catchy captions that compels viewers to read your content. Sharing content on these platforms is really helpful in reaching out to people on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc. where people are the most active.

b. Take help from Influencers:

Just imagine how convenient targeting will become when instead of serving your content to the entire audience that is scattered on various channels, you can make use of other people’s network, the network that is more likely to react to your content. Influencers are people who curate or create content that is loved by their audience. So if any influencer’s niche is closely related to yours, then this type of promotion is the most effective.

So, when influencer spread your message through their network, the consumers feel that they are getting guided by the influencers, rather than thinking it as an advertisement.

c. Utilize Emails for Reaching Out:

Emails are the content that people still read, so this can be a good way to reach out to your target audience and gain subscribers. It is proven that for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you earn around $40. Make sure your email content is short and has a catchy headline.

d.  SMS:

If a vendor has a database of people who have high chances of buying/subscribing your service, then you can also circulate the clusters to your content via SMS marketing. Via texts, you personally reach smartphone users. It is the best one on one marketing approach.

e.  Link building:

Links are very important for getting a good SEO rank. While writing content, make sure you insert internal links. These links help search engines to navigate your site. Try to link the most impressive, or better relevant pages with the content, one can also insert internal links to the previously created content.

Linking your own content from your existing content makes an impression that your website is a trusted one. Not only this, drop some authorized external links as well. To succeed in getting a good range of inbound links:

  1.     Try to get more and more reviews
  2.     Guest blogging
  3.     Taking part in interviews
  4.     Using broken link building.

Did You Know? That you can promote your blog through ads! Taboola is one powerful engine that lets you know what is relevant and fresh to your audience so that you can target better. It helps increase the engagement and even offers the monetizing opportunities to promote your content. Similarly, Outbrain is another platform also helps in native advertisements for your content.

So, there are a lot of tools that will assist you at each step to make a better content strategy. According to the latest reports, people prefer videos, live videos and more interactive content like quizzes and polls. Now that you know the process flow of content strategizing, we are sure this guide is going to help you.

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