5 expert tips to choose right hosting provider for your business

5 Expert Tips to Choose Right Hosting Provider for your Business

Today we will be discussing the most common difficulty faced by every new webmaster, whenever it comes to dealing with their website data. One can simply not afford to forget to select a reliable web hosting company, who can ensure that their website remains accessible and available at all times. Rushing to decide on this part can lead to disastrous results. 

According to a report by Forbes, more than 30K websites are hacked every single day. Although there is not rock-solid solution to prevent hacking, we can avoid it to some extent by choosing a reputable and reliable web hosting service that conducts regular back-ups of your confidential data and secures it all to a remote server to provide you with complete backup solutions. 

Just imagine a situation where you are working extremely hard brainstorming the most creative ways and campaigns to get your target audience to your landing page. At the blink of the eye, you see your leads bouncing off your site without making a conversion and the reason being? “This site is currently down/unavailable”. Also, the search engine cannot index your amazing content if your site keeps going down time and again. And all this, because you did not choose your web hosting service carefully!! 


When we search for a good web hosting service online, we kind of feel confused with the internet flooding with options. So, we are here to help you choose a perfect web hosting service for your website, check out:

1. Know your website and the kind of web host you need:



Before diving into the list of available plans, just try to realize the needs of your business. For example, if your website will have content mostly in the form of videos, live videos and you want those to be available to your audience 24*7 for download as well as to see, then you need to hunt for an even more reliable hosting provider. Also, if your website will be having heavy traffic then you must not go for the shared server because shared hosting servers accommodate a lot of small websites and can fulfill only limited demands at a time.

The number of visitors on your website is directly proportional to the bandwidth and the speed of your site. We can tell you how. If the traffic is not heavy, the speed of the site will remain good even if you choose limited bandwidth. But is the traffic is overwhelming, then the loading time of the website will be as long as 1 minute if you chose a restricted bandwidth.’ So, it is wise to predict the bandwidth and disk space before moving on to other things like plan selection.

2. Find out the correct Hosting package:


Hosting packages with smaller price tag come with bigger risks like bad response time, and you must know that slow websites are a major turn off for customers. Instead, it is advisable to go for Virtual Private Server (VPS) which provides good quality performance at a much faster pace.

3. Make the right balance between Pricing and offered services:

If you have a restricted budget, you have high chances of getting enticed by the low priced offers, but do not forget the fact that you only get what you pay for. So the low prices might appear tempting, but you must also check the terms and conditions that apply over that. The refund policies and the services they are offering are some of the things that you must take care of in the initial stages itself. 

4. Mind the essential features that you need!

Besides taking care of the bandwidth and disk space, there are few other elements that you cannot afford to not pay heed to. 

a. Number one is Domain Registration

We know the domain is the address of your website on the World Wide Web, so you can register Domain either with the help of a domain registrar or you can take help from your hosting provider. Check if the plan that you are choosing offers to register the domain for you as well, if so, then you can go ahead and save some money.

b. Number two can be an SSL certificate


The security guard for your website. If yours is an e-commerce website, then you just can’t do without SSL. An SSL certificate protects your clients’ personal and confidential credentials from anyone’s accessibility. Plus, it also wins the trust of your potential customer by indicating a green padlock in the address bar, indicating them that the site is secured. If this feature is also coming to you at a feasible price, then it adds to the value of your hosting package.

c. Daily Backup is a pause and resume button for your website

This feature allows you to take a snapshot of your website and later restore it from the same sate is something was left uncompleted. So, a hosting provider must offer a backup service as well, be it on a daily basis or on weekly.

d. Emailing facility is an add-on you can demand


Only a very few hosting plans include free emails, but you must always try to check if you can get this included in your plan. It would always be very mindful if you opt for this service so that your clients too can send you emails if they wish to.

But also, do not exert yourself in keeping all the mentioned features. Instead just realize yourself, if your site really needs to have one of these features, if yes then go ahead!

5. Support- CHECK!

Support is an important factor when it comes to hosting a website. Always look for all-time available customer support, email services, online chat support like features in your plan. If you have them, then go for it. Also, do not forget to test those features before finalizing the purchase.

Make sure you get all three types of support if needed, i.e, live chat, phone support, and ticket system support. Also, before all of this, you have got to check the reviews as well, because there are some cases wherein the hosting providers failed to provide the support after the purchase was completed. So do not become prey to such thefts who might leave you on hold or leave your queries unanswered for a long duration.

In conclusion:

Your web hosting acts as a virtual storefront for your business, so you have to be very careful with the purchase. Just keep in mind the aforementioned tips and you will reduce the chances of falling into the trap. Do your research, ask questions in the comments and let us guide you through the process. Good luck!

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