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How to Be the Baap of..? – Read to Know!

Baap toh Baap Hota h! And, if you don’t become the baap of all the digital marketing modules, are you even a ‘Digital Marketer’?

On the occasion of Father’s day, let’s dig deep into the digital marketing field and know the tips and tricks that make you the ‘Baap in Every Module’. 


I hope you have showered your dad with love and loads of gifts!

Without further ado let’s begin with the tips and tricks that can make you the Baap of marketing!

01. Social Media Marketing:

Social media platforms are one of the most crowded places! And, if you place something ordinary on your profile, it will be lost in the crowd, so here are some of the tips that can make you roar loud and get the desired attention and engagement.
Social Media Marketing

  • Identify your goal and deduce it in multiple segments - Specific goals, measurable goals, attainable goals, relevant goals, and timely goals.
  • Identify your target audience and accordingly decide the social media platform that you have to pay the most attention to. For instance, Instagram users are most likely to be between 18 to 29! This will help you with social media marketing. 
  •  Consistent content with prime quality! It can be video, image, quote, anything that drives massive engagement. 
  • Use tools and insights to derive which type of content actually works wonders.

02. Search Engine Optimization:

Did the title scare you off? Well, ‘Nothing is Impossible’, you can be the baap of search engine optimization with the following tips and tricks. 

  • Optimize website for local search. 
  • Build links to your page. 
  • Use keywords in the right place. 
  • Use tools as mentioned in the previous blog to smoothen out your work. 
  • Visual content like infographics and podcasts are the best way to get traffic and backlinks.
  • Optimize for On-Page SEO.
  • Optimize old-content that is the best way to improve ranking.

An SEO strategy also referred to as search engine optimization strategy is the process of outlining, planning, and implementing the steps to improve search engine rankings, i.e., get more organic traffic.

03. Affiliate Marketing:

Everyone wants to be a successful affiliate marketer! The idea of promoting other people’s products through an affiliate network and earning a commission is what fascinates everyone the most! 

Affiliate Marketing

Amazing right? Waking up to the notification that INR 50,000 has been credited to your account is the best thing right? Know the tips to it -

  • Learn about the products you are promoting.
  • Focus on a single niche, don’t try to put your hands in everything.
  • Make sure you fan out the product on each and every platform.
  • Email marketing and blog posting can earn maximum leads. 

These are the tips that you can implement to become the baa…. Oh sorry! No one can become a master overnight, no one can become a BAAP of anything overnight!

That takes a lot! And, to become a master in digital marketing then you need the guidance of a higher power. We take pride in guiding our students towards a brighter future. If you wish to be called the baap of social media marketing, website development, and designing, or search engine optimization then enroll for a short course or attend a full course on all the 32 modules of digital marketing. 

Wish to know more? Learn the digital marketing course in Udaipur at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing school and learn about the different modules, including the Instagram marketing course, closely.

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