How to advertise on LinkedIn with a small budget?

How to advertise on LinkedIn with a small budget?

LinkedIn with over 760 million users, and more than 260 million monthly active users, is a highly valuable platform to form connections with like-minded professionals. 

Here’s something that you must know - It is an excellent platform for the brand’s inbound marketing strategy. 

The numbers mentioned above also mean that for any business or brand that are looking for brand exposure, brand awareness, or getting in front of their potential clients, or wanting to acquire a skilled team, then LinkedIn is super-essential. But, sometimes, getting in front of the audience is not enough; you have to build up your community and also make sales, and this is where the LinkedIn ads come into action. 

Before you start investing in LinkedIn ads, it is crucial for you to understand the different types of LinkedIn ads. 

Types of LinkedIn ads 

Sponsored Ads

These are Promoted LinkedIn Posts. There are 3 different formats available for this type - Single image, video, and carousel. It can run as native news feed ads and lead gen forms. 

If your aim includes engagement, then this is the one for you. 

  1. Direct Sponsored Ads
    Unlike sponsored ads, these ads are not published on the page feed. You can create an ad to target a specific set of audience. 
  2. Sponsored InMail
    This is an ad format that delivers your target messages to LinkedIn-member inboxes. These ads are known for the most successful conversion rate. 
  3. Text Ads
    LinkedIn text ads appear on the right rail and the top banner on the desktop. These include a headline, short promotional content, and a small square image. These ads are monitored with the pay-per-click measure. 
  4. Dynamic Ads
    These also appear on the right rail and the top and look exactly like the text ads. But, each ad is uniquely targeted, i.e., its viewer with their profile photo and address them by name. 

Now let’s come on the budget -

Here is the average cost of advertisement on LinkedIn -

Before running an ad or an ad campaign, you must focus on how much you can spend on an ad. As LinkedIn is the most expensive social platform by cost per click, it is super-important for you to focus on it. 

On average, a click on ad costs between $5-$20 depending on the ad type and the target audience. According to research, it is hard to advertise and see any results without spending at least $100-$250 for an ad campaign. 

So, to minimize the cost to the largest extent, you must first ask yourself the following questions -

  • Who is the best target audience to connect with?
  • What ad type performs best for the selected target audience?
  • How do you engage with the relevant audience after the ad?

First, you have to focus on the LinkedIn target audience. 

The first step for any campaign, whether it has to be on another platform or on LinkedIn is to build a target audience list based on the buyer personas. 

As inbound methods like content marketing, social selling is more effective on LinkedIn. 

Here is a fact - People engage more with the longer-form content that is 1900-2000 words longer than the one with just one-liners or a headline. You can take an instance of this long organic content and know what will work best in an ad copy or a promoted content. 

Once you are done about the buyers persona, you can directly go into the ads manager and start creating your audience. 

This is what LinkedIn uses to build audience -

  • Location
  • Title(s)
  • Experience (job seniority)
  • Job function
  • Company
  • Company industry
  • And, more information. 

You can select the target audience accordingly to avoid the expensive ad campaigns. 

For more clear investment, here are some of the things that you must keep in mind. It includes what type of ad and when to use it. 

Native ads -

All the sponsored ads - carousel, single image, and the ones mentioned above under sponsored ads, can be effective when you want to stay in front of the audience that is aware of your brand; the one that have subscribed for the blog, or follow your brand’s page, or attend the same events.

Good for -

Recommended for audiences of more than 200 people.

Text ads -

These have a headline, and an ad copy to attract users and direct them to the landing page. These appear on the sidebars of the LinkedIn page. These ad types are of the lowest cost per click ranging $3-$7. 

Good for - 

Recommended for audiences more than 5,000 people.

Message ads - 

Going directly to the inbox, these ads have an average rate at 50% and if it has an offer included in it, 3%-4% clicks more. 

Good for -

Recommended for audiences more than 5,000 people.

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