Post COVID-19 World Looks Like to A Social Media Marketer

How Post COVID-19 World Looks Like to A Social Media Marketer?

The world has turned upside down and we have been trying to get out of this vicious circle of infecting each other. COVID-19 has not only changed our lifestyle but has also changed the market style!

And, this has apparently changed the world for an aspiring social media marketer! Wait, not in a bad way, but in a superbly right way. 

The Question is How Will a Post COVID-19 World Look Like for Social Media Marketers?

If there’s anything that people have found, and even we’ve researched is that we can do nothing but adapt to the new normal. Nothing can be predicted, but one thing that goes unaffected is the future of a social media marketer. 

It is brighter than ever! You can plan, strategise, and be a part of the trends more than ever before!


Because now people trust online more than anything! Today, more than ever in the history of social media, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, have been used as the primary source to transfer information, to sell products, and also to market their business in full power. 

It is funny how COVID-19 has been a catalyst in increasing social media adaption!

Here are some of the things that a social media marketer will experience in the near future. 

01. Creativity and Innovation Will Be Valued More:

Now people will seek creativity and innovation rather than just the completion of work. As brands/businesses have shifted entirely to digital marketing, the social media marketers will be asked to be more creative in approach, to take good participation in moment marketing, and also pump-up the strategies. 

Creativity and Innovation

02. Unique Content Will Be Valued:

People are online, so it is super-important for you to understand this - Everyone is watching your Content! Social media marketers should focus on bringing the most out of their content. 

Step Outside your Comfort-Zone, and Step Into the Creative Zone!


The content on creatives should be engaging, small, and most importantly selling! It is essential to build your community rather than just going after increasing your followers. From research, we have found that the brands have been super-experimental and creative with their content during the lockdown, and it continues post-COVID too. 

By content, you will get authentic followers, ensure not making promises that you can’t deliver! Be true!

It is not a trend, it is the need of now! Reliability and freshness are what expected from the audience, and brands must deliver it because people are turning towards online media to buy stuff, to identify the best brand partner for their requirements!

03. Content that is All About the Audience:

Social media marketing will be more about the audience, their needs, their value, and their outlook. You need to be very well-versed with what your audience wants to see? What views do they hold for the current trends? And, connect to them on an emotional level. 

You have to find whether the content you write is getting the thought engagement or not. Use metrics to find it out. 

Also, be empathetic! 

COVID-19 has already affected a lot and is still concerning, so remember to think outside the box and aware your followers through video content, and offer compassion. Do take consideration of making everyone aware of the precautionary steps one should consider. 

04. Listening, Understanding, and Delivering the Same:

Social media marketer will be supposed to listen to their customers more than ever! Yes, you have to be more conversational than ever. Give prompt replies on the comments, post creatives that invite healthy participation, and also go for a feedback-oriented strategy. Listen to them, and implement the same. 

05. Go for Organic Value:

Switch to valuable content for your audience. Focus on engagement, target the pain point, go for educational videos, carousel posts, and provide value to the audience. Make things easy to understand, rather than going for a complex design. Focus on getting organic followers. As we have explained in the previous blog, Instagram stories are the new source of driving traffic! Go for posting regular stories, creating contest or MCQ on stories, and you can ask your followers to look into a new blog or a unique item directly by asking them to swipe up on stories. 

Organic Value

More and more people are relying on social media platforms to stay up-to-date, to know how your brand/business is taking things and making it super-easy for the audience. As businesses world goes down, digital marketing is shooting up, and it is high time for you, as a social media marketer, to take things in hand, and make a good connection with the audience. 

To Survive the Crisis, Your Business Needs to Maintain Connection with Customer!

Engage and get followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platforms. Build a more substantial relationship, as this is the only thing that you need right now. 

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