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Here’s How Nykaa Man Exhibited How Content Marketing Matters!

Nykaa man the real age content marketer has always shown how to create interactive campaigns and leverage the unique content to drive more traffic! Nykaa has always been around with its best user-generated content. And, now it has driven an awareness program for the category introduction!

Content marketing on social media platforms is a way to drive immense traffic, build brand credibility, and raise brand awareness. And, this is what Nykaa Man did perfectly with their category awareness program. 

The campaign was aimed at establishing men’s community on social media to initiate conversations around men’s grooming!

Also, the campaign had the aim to aware people to buy products from the site. We are going to delve deeper into the campaign and know how they leveraged content marketing with social media marketing to create awareness not only around the brand but also around the men’s grooming category. 

With one in three people, or 2.5 Billion active users on social networks or even more, it offers prime opportunity to find, connect, and engage with the audience!

And, this is why social media platforms are the best place to showcase the content creative marketing. It allows the brand to build brand awareness and credibility, influence prospects, and ultimately drive sales. 

Social media is the best place to meet target buyers. 

Brand Introduction:

Nykaa Man is an online beauty retailer! It offers over 1000 brands and 1,00,000 products owning a lion’s share of the online beauty market at 33%. The intent of social media branding was to create an online men community and subtly introduce them to the vast category. It is a brand of its kind and makes grooming fun and relatable. It shines most amid the men’s grooming products website/application. 

Objective of the awareness program:

Nykaa Man is a brand that keeps every men’s grooming essential under one roof, it aimed to be a community that focuses on men, which is its target audience. It wanted to get ahead of the traditional product-centric page, it wanted to be the elite one. 

The main objective was to curate a new age page for the ‘guy of today’ who could open up and begin a conversation about personal hygiene, health, grooming, and styling. And, also encourage them to purchase the products. 


The major challenge for Nykaa Man was that men aren’t usually into the idea of the grooming page. They prefer more memes, tech content, or informative pages, unlike females. The first step, that is communication was hard to achieve as a lack of awareness about basic grooming products and assuming that they know all about it persisted. 


  • The strategy was to make a content twist! Ditching the old-school ideas of normal branding through pitch-lines, they took a more awareness-based perspective in their content. And, they did it by showcasing usability, and benefits of buying the products.
  • The content was curated in a twisted and more spiced way to get more engagement. They included memes, stop-motions, and amazing content copies to get likes, shares, and most importantly drive the entire attention towards sales of the products through influencer marketing. 
  • Moreover, the content was prepared by taking into account the trends. 
  • The videos were shot by influencers like Viraj Gehlani, Ankush Bahughana, BeerBiceps. 
  • The conversations were based on real-life issues like acne, patchy beard, dandruff, body odor, and other issues that everyone experiences. The range was from nutrition tips with a smoothie solution to styling, health, fitness, and most importantly grooming. 
  • Nykaa Man even mingled the right amount of sexually educative content with products. This eliminated the taboos. 
  • Regular influencer marketing with videos like health or meme, or even small talks. This drove immense traffic over the website. 
  • They also established DM space as an accessible Google Search Bar for every Nykaa Man follower. 

Nykaa Man follower

This post was a creative way to showcase how you can eliminate issues you face like acne with the Nykaa Man product. A creative way to represent the issues as well as the solution in the same creative.

engagement posts

They even got their hands into engagement posts! This is the smartest way to engage people to comment, like, and even share it with their followers to win the prize. They gave a prize worth INR 5,000. 

Nykaa Man and a Regular Man

Even this creative was a masterpiece where they displayed a ‘Nykaa Man and a Regular Man’ difference. This directly informed people about the category of men’s grooming essentials.


  • Instagram insights of Nykaa Man’s page was able to gather over 40k followers in just 3 months. 
  • The engagement was mainly of the targeted audience, that is men. 91% of the male audience was from the metropolitan cities. 
  • They were also able to attract over 90% of the targeted age group i.e. 18-34 years. 
  • The organic engagement rate was whopping 25-30%.
  • Over 11k comments from the 25k followers were recorded on a single post. 

In all, the page growth and consistency were beyond anything! It gained instant success. And, this is the actual power of words.

With this, we learned how the magic of the right words on social media can drive immense traffic and even make people buy products without a forceful urge. If you are unaware of how to write ad copies, or social media content, or any other type of content, then read our blog

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