Hello Siri, “What is Voice Search SEO?”

Hello Siri, “What is Voice Search SEO?” | Know What Every Marketer Needs To Know this 2020!

I am not always rude, I ask Siri to find me the biryani shops near me with a ‘Please’! 

Hey there - I am Shivani aka sassyscribbler! And, I am here with a blog entirely dedicated to ‘Voice Search SEO’. You would be wondering what it is? How does it impact the digital marketing world? And, most importantly how it is beneficial?

Well, without further ado, we’ll directly jump onto what is voice search and why every marketer should know about this. 

What is Voice Search SEO?

“Hey...” whether you call Alexa, Google Home or Siri, this simple call can wake up smart assistance from your device and give you instant access to any information you wish to see or search about. 

It is estimated 50% of searches will be done through voice by 2020!

And, why not, searching with your voice is 3.7x faster than typing! And, everyone loves faster results.

Coming back to what is voice search optimization or voice search SEO -

“Voice SEO is the optimization of keywords and keyword phrases for searches using voice assistants.”

As a marketer, it is highly beneficial for you because the searches done by people all around the world are not just keywords, they are conversational. 

To sum it all, voice search impacts three things - 

  • How people search?
  • Where people search?
  • How people get search results?

It has affected the pattern of how people search on Google or any platform or even in some Google applications. 

For instance, you are searching for a recipe of Nutella crepes, how would you search it on Google? Most probably, you’ll type recipe nutella pancakes, right?

But, with the voice search, you would go for a more conventional way, like - “Hello Siri, how to make nutella pancakes at home?”

how people search

This is not the only thing that is affected by, people use voice search at certain places too!

Yes, it has affected ‘where people search’. 

As voice search is so easy and smooth, it is being used often by people at more places/locations than before. 

FACT - The “____near me now” search has grown by 150% over the last few years!

Research shows that people are more likely to use voices search in public places like a restaurant, cafe, gym, etc, compared to last year. And, it is entirely conversational, like if you search for shops - you would absolutely search ‘Toy shops in Udaipur’, on a Google search. But if you go for voice search, you would search - “Okay Google, where is a toy shop that is open right now near me?”. 

Quite conversational, right?

Next, the voice search affects how people get search results!

With the SERP features like knowledge graph and featured snippets, the number of organic clicks has dropped by 37%. As when a person searches, one doesn’t need to visit a site to get the answer, it is right there on the screen!

how people get search results

Google has changed from ‘Search Engine’ to ‘Answer Engine’!

And, this is also used in the voices search results. 

For instance, if you search for how many calories are there in a doughnut? The Google Assistant will read out the featured snippet!

Google Assistant

So this is a direction to the content and the SEO, “The content needs to give people direct answers instead of an indirect answer, moreover, it must satiate their question’s requirement”. 

How Voice Search Affect SEO?

Though it might be the best way for people to search on just a click away with their voice, it would be difficult for the digital marketers and the search engine optimizers to change according to it. And, this is how voice search affects the SEO -

  1. The searches will be ‘Interrogative Statements’! Yes, people would be using ‘what, why, where and how’ in their search. So, businesses need to focus on optimizing their websites according to the voice search.
  2. Most of the voice search will be done on mobiles! So, yes, marketers have to focus on creating mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly and most-importantly a faster website. Moreover, the website content should be optimized for mobile devices, as well as speakers. 
  3. Ensure that the website opens up or loads quickly! This is just like traditional SEO and Google voice search loves websites that respond faster and work well on mobile. Make sure, that the images are optimized, files are compressed, and the website cache is being utilized to improve page speed.

In all, voice search changes the SEO as well as the content! The content should use more long-tail keywords and is also optimized into bullets or phrases. 

How Voice Search is Important for the Digital Marketer?

Since the voice search rolled out, it has been dominating the search landscape! And, why not, it is the most convenient way too many people who don’t know how to search and can search with many conveniences by just speaking into their devices.

With the introduction of voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, the table has turned! Yes, all the digital marketers out there have to back-up their plan and come up with great SEO tactics to be on the top of the search engine. 

And, why, you ask?

Read the statistics -

Statistics that Shows the Growth of Voice Search

The usage of virtual assistants and smart speakers such as - Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home, has seen immense growth! To be precise, the stats of their usage have gone out with a skyrocketing speed. 

  • 50% of all searches are voice search.
  • Everyday household items are the most common voice-based purchases. 
  • 75% of smart speaker owners search for local businesses on a weekly basis. 

Yes, this is the reason, why digital marketers have to integrate the right SEO tactics. There are many reasons why it is mandatory for brands or small businesses to adapt to voice search SEO strategy. 

For first it is a hugely popular and emergent technology that is not stopping ever! It will grow bigger and bigger. And, as it changes the way SEO is done, it can help you to improve the customer experience, and also drive immense traffic to your site. This is how it would be helpful if you change the SEO tactics in accordance with voice search -

  1. It can improve the customer experience. If you are ranked on the top of the search engine and the voice assistant actually speaks out your content or put it on the top of the results, people will trust your website and it will actually improve the brand’s credibility. 
  2. It will drive traffic to your website. As with voice search SEO, you will embed lots of long-tail keywords in your content, and link it up. The voice assistance will prioritize your result and show it on the top. 
  3. Google voice search places a larger emphasis on local SEO, and this can ultimately help drive traffic to your website and boost sales. 

This was all about what is voice search, and what is voice search SEO! Voice search can be the best way for digital marketers to in front or be on the top search when a customer search for a service or a product online. I’ll come up with the strategies that will help you with the voice search SEO. 

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Stay tuned! I’ll be writing about the Voice Search SEO strategies tomorrow!

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