Have A Peek Into How Brands Are Successfully Leveraging AI in Marketing!

Have A Peek Into How Brands Are Successfully Leveraging AI in Marketing!

Artificial intelligence had us going gaga over the whole fast and effective way to digital marketing! We read how it enhances the customer experience, and how it actually affects the digital marketing world

So we have read it all, but is it being implemented anywhere by any brand?

Yes, it is! It is being extensively used by big brands for a smoother process and to give the customers a 24*7 happy customer experience. Artificial intelligence is a heart-stealer in this rapidly evolving technology and digital marketing world. The world’s successful brands have been using Artificial Intelligence for several years and this is reaping them amazing profits, brand trust, brand reputation, brand growth, and most importantly they are more visible over the internet. 

Let’s know about the brands using it already -

01. Amazon:

It is an American multinational conglomerate technology company! Focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence, it has gained the highest number of happy customers. 

Yes, did you notice the ‘Artificial Intelligence’, it is the first company to give personalized shopping recommendations, and it has improved and enhanced the experience 3x times! 

  • It provides suggestions to the customer based not only on past purchases but also on other factors like what they have bought, their searching and browsing behavior, and even what they have seen before on the application. 
  • Amazon also uses artificial intelligence to drive dynamic pricing. It reduces prices to evoke more sales and also increases the price when the demand for a particular asset is more or high. The smart algorithm operates freely and enables sales, and revenue automatically. 
  • Amazon Go app is yet another instance this brand has given us of Artificial Intelligence. It is present in physical stores in Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco and allows checkout-free. It tells the customer charges according to the products they have taken with just AI-powered sensors and cameras. 

02. Spotify:

Like other music applications, Spotify uses artificial intelligence for deep learning! It provides recommendations on similar music to the user so they enjoy the assistance and music amazingly. 

How does it work?

The application monitors and gains a perspective on the listening preferences of the user, and uses it in the learning algorithm to make the song recommendations list. Deep learning is extensively used by Spotify to even provide DIscover Weekly Playlists that show music related to your preferences. Also, it shows suggested songs based on the history of the user, or the songs that are most listened by the user frequently. So, in all predictive analysis is used by Spotify to give the best customer experience. 

03. Starbucks:

Yes! Even the most loved coffee brand uses artificial intelligence! It is all because they wanted to connect more deeply with the customers. Personalization has always been a key factor of Starbucks, it sets them apart from the other competitors, now it is using its loyalty card and mobile application to collect and analyze customer data. It includes purchase history, which is, where they took it, and at what time of day did they make the purchase?

Starbucks uses a predictive analysis process!

It is used in order to deliver customized, specially tailored marketing messages to customers! It includes recommendations when they are approaching local stores and also gives offers. They are using the data to plan and strategize where to open their new stores and which product should they offer. 

04. Alibaba:

Okay, who forgets this Chinese retail company when it comes to fashion or high-tech products at minimal prices. It is also the first one to have a ‘FashionAI’ store! 

Yes, artificial intelligence mingled with fashion, is like a dream come true. 

The store aims to streamline the fashion retail experience for customers and make it supersensible for them to shop easy and breezy! The intelligent garment tags detect when the item is touched! Smart mirrors display information about the clothing and also suggest coordinating items. 

They also have planned for integrating with a virtual wardrobe application! With this, the customer will be able to see the outfits they tried on the physical store. 

Okay, I want it now! 

Amazing right? It would make shopping so easy! 

Moreover, the company’s aim was to satisfy the customers with customer service that works better, faster than the human agents. 

Not only this, but Alibaba also uses similar technology like Amazon to drive recommendations and search results to customers. Showcasing them the most appealing items!

05. Nike:

Yes, the biggest sports brand has also taken advantage of artificial intelligence to be on the top! Nike launched a new system that allowed customers to design their own god-damn sneakers. I am shocked, are you too?

Not only this gives the best experience to the customers who always wanted a personalized Nike, but it also does one thing. It takes in the data, a huge amount of useful data that machine learning algorithms can use to determine the taste of the customers. And, resultantly, they can use it to design their next product. 

Also, don’t forget that the data can be used to send personalized marketing messages. Maybe, the company will come up with more things using the beaut artificial intelligence to deliver happiness.

Artificial intelligence makes every brand alive; alive to the requirements of the customers!

It makes it super-easy to give the beloved customers a full-fledged beneficial customer experience. Not only product recommendation, but the data has also been used to curate the best emails, the best in-store experience. 

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