Google’s Step to Help the Community Stay Safe, Informed and Connected During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Google’s Step to Help the Community Stay Safe, Informed and Connected During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While we all are panicking and deciding how to stay safe and away from this world emergency, Google has come up with an update on the measures that it’s implementing in order to help users in various ways amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Google’s mission has always been upfront to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful for everyone. And, why not, we all rely on Google to find the right information!

And, during this pandemic and universal emergency, Google is here with all that we need. 

With the mission of making everyone ‘Stay safe, stay informed and stay connected’, here are the latest developments that Google rolled out in their ongoing global response.

For first, there’s Google’s new COVID-19 education website which is developing in partnership with the Trump administration! This was done to -

Help people find useful information about COVID-19.

Google partnered up with the U.S. government for developing a website that is entirely dedicated to education, prevention, and information about local resources nationwide for COVID-19. 

The website will include - 

  • Practices on prevention. 
  • Links to authoritative information from World Health Organizations and Centers for Disease Control. 
  • Helpful tips and tools for individuals, teachers, and businesses. 


They are still onto it and will come up with more features on this website, as a lot of things have changed in the past 24 hours. So, Google wishes to ensure that it had all the up-to-date information on things like recent calls to shelter-in-place. 

DO The Five

Right now, on Google homepage, they’re promoting the ‘Do the Five’ campaign to raise awareness regarding how to be safe and preventive for the Coronavirus. These simple measures can make the spread of disease slow according to WHO. 

Not only this, but Google has also added useful links to national health authority sites and a map of affected areas. And, also through YouTube, they are providing timely and useful information. 

You can see the entire site here

Google is also taking measures on protecting people from misinformation!

“Promoting right and helpful information is part of their agenda!”

Google is removing all the misinformation on YouTube, Google Maps, and other Google applications like Play, and also removing it from the ads. 

Do you know? - Google has taken down several videos that were related to coronavirus and were misleading or with certainly wrong information. 

The practice is still in process and they would remove any video related to COVID-19 that is misleading and shows unproven methods to cure it. Moreover, the fake reviews about the healthcare locations are also being removed.  

Not only this, but ads that are attempting to capitalize on the coronavirus pandemic are also banned and blocked!

Google for enabling productivity for remote users and students

For educators around the globe, Google has created a new distance learning resource, which includes 

  • A collection of training materials.
  • A new YouTube learning hub.
  • A series of blog posts and webinars. 

As everyone has to stay back at home and work, people are turning towards premium features of Meet, Google’s video conferencing application! So, Google has made it available to all G Suite customers at ‘no cost’ until July 1!

Google will continue working a lot to make every information is conveyed to masses in full confidence. They’re focused on the impact the disease is having on our communities!

Be safe, be connected and don’t share any information that is irrelevant!

We at Orionators School of Learning are also practicing social distancing. 

Stay safe!

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