Get yourself introduced to SMS marketing

Get yourself introduced to SMS marketing

Have you ever received a message that gives you FOMO, that you might lose on something that is exciting or is never going to happen again? 

For instance, the following -

Get yourself introduced to SMS marketing!


The message in the above screenshot gets the customer acquainted with the sale and also tells them that it is a ‘Flash sale that will end on Sunday’. So, I guess no one would not want to avail the offer. This is a wonderful example of SMS marketing. 

With the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, SMS marketing still is underutilised by many businesses. SMS short for Short Messaging Service, aka text messaging, has been used for the longest before the Whatsapp, or other texting platform existed. They have been here since like forever and are still a great way to interact with friends and family. And now, it is also an excellent way for business communications and customer engagement. 

Some statistics that will make you realise the importance of SMS marketing -

  • 90% of all SMS is read within 3 minutes!
  • 75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS
  • According to Marketing charts, 50% of those surveyed who received an SMS from retailers, made a purchase as a result!

These numbers are enough to prove that actually SMS marketing is something to focus on!

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is all about sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes using text messages. Some common examples for the use of SMS marketing are time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts to the audience who have selected to get notified by your business/brand. 

Why is SMS marketing efficient?

Though I have mentioned in the statistics below, SMS marketing has several other reasons why it is effective. Here are some -

  • The omnipresence of smartphones:
    From 17 year old to 70 years old, everyone has smartphones in their hands. According to research, 81% of adults own a smartphone, and what better way to send marketing waves to them. SMS marketing is the best way to reach these customers directly. You can include a link in the text and drive engagement to your brand online.
  • Email and SMS marketing loop closed:
    Everything is similar when it comes to email marketing and SMS marketing; both have the same way to approach; with just a difference in the word limit. And, they work best in tandem. Instant notification - SMS marketing and Long-informative content - Email marketing.
  • High engagement rates:
    To be honest, even me as an audience will look at the message more than a long email. 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of delivering. Hence, the engagement rates are higher, and it results in higher success rates.
  • Easy way to market abroad:
    So, if you have a customer base out in countries where the data is expensive, and even wi-fi is less common, then nothing strikes better than this old world charm - SMS marketing. It is the best way to communicate information about your brand there.

Now, let’s know where you can use SMS marketing? Or I may say, for what motive SMS marketing is the best way to communicate with your audience. 

Let’s look at them -

  1. When it is time for short-term promotions for retain or e-commerce business:
    Do you have a coupon or a promotional code that you wish to get viral? Or you want the audience to use and make a purchase? Well, coupons and promotions are an excellent way to drive engagement and traffic to your store or online store, and what best way other than SMS marketing? You can send short messages to your list of prospects and promote the limited-time sale or a seasonal sale or a promotional message. You won’t miss out on anyone as all the SMSs will be delivered on the right selected time. 
  2. When you have to notify about an order or an event:
    When you are organizing an event - you know you have got to do a lot! Besides arrangements, you have to inform your audience about the changes in the events, cancellations, or general information or even create a FOMO by constantly sending SMSs like ‘3 days left or 2 days left’. And this is where SMS marketing plays a vital role.
    Not only this, if you are an e-commerce site, you will have to update your audience about the orders - cancellations, date of shipping, thanks for purchasing, order delivered, order running late, etc., and this can be the best to be sent by SMS. 
  3. When you have a campaign that gives something to the user:
    So, you are all prepared with an entire digital marketing plan to make your campaign successful, but if you have not included SMS marketing in your plan, you might lose out on some of the prospects.
    Send them SMS regarding how they can be a part of the campaign and win exciting offers. This will actually make an impact you never thought.

This was all about SMS marketing. I will continue to tell you more about SMS marketing in my next blog. 

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