It's never too late to learn digital marketing

Why it is Never too Late to Start a Digital Marketing Career

Technology sits at the core of everything and anything we do today, from communicating generally with our friends to buying our groceries for the week; almost each and every aspect of our life leverages a great benefit from the technology.

But, what about businesses, are they too embracing the notion of technology? You already know the answer to that question, don’t you? Technology is seeping into every major industry and there is no going back. In fact, since the market has turned so dynamic, companies started substituting their traditional marketing methods to reach out to more unexploited market grounds.

Not stopping there, they are using the “tech-savviness” of the generation ‘Z’ to release the growing pressure of competition in the market. Opening scope for employment on the go, today there are thousands of jobs in digital marketing today. According to a study there about 45% of total jobs worldwide available for just digital advertising.

Learning digital marketing thus can pave your way to a high-yielding career mapping. If you are a working professional and wish for a serious career swing, you know there is a need for a right career mapping. Walking with the trends can thus help get in the eyes of your seniors and provide you great leverage for understanding the online market well.

To elaborate, here are some pointers which will help you understand why it is not too late to learn digital marketing and how it will help you define your career better.

Makes you Standout

Social media, ecommerce, using GoogleMaps, browsing, chatting and what not, how much are you left out from the internet. Thus sensing the same businesses are losing their faith in the old-way-marketing methods. They are also moving a large sum of their marketing budget on digital platforms and believe us it’s a lot of money.

Thus, even if the goal is to earn a large sum of money you don’t have to wait to complete graduation, get a degree go to an internship and then finally try and find a job. Thus digital marketing is a great way to start your career.  

Your Mini-Pack

MBA is one of the most promising-looking choices people find post their graduation. But today we see, MBA is far from providing you your dream job. Rarely people are able to land a job that is of their choice.  

But the good news is marketing segment is evolving and digital marketing is inevitable, consider if you take the right steps now, what fruits will you bear post you learn digital marketing. Thus, it will be a shortcut and would serve as your mini-MBA.


Being your own boss is something we all crave. And in this era of startups why hold back. Charge in your niche market with full potential, learn to run successful digital marketing campaigns and build your own position in the market.

For starters, if you know digital marketing you can start with a small team and do not have to compromise the way you want your business story to unfold. Also, to learn digital marketing in a live environment, you will know what tools are essential and the best practices you must follow on social media for good conversion. Also, you can aim at becoming a freelancer and build your own way into the market. To learn how to become a successful freelancer, and earn money online take a good read of our published another article on “How to take off your freelancer digital marketing career with ground zero experience”.

Growth Rate is Higher

There is no doubt digital markets are erupting. Statistically, there are about 1,50,000 jobs in the market regarding digital marketing. With the pace that it is going surely, it will help you in understanding the value it would add more to your resume. Take a wider leap towards your dream managerial position. So, even if you are working you should constantly look forward to future prospects.

Affordable and pays more Money

Digital marketing can be your ticket to the global markets. If you have a regular degree and you wish to explore more outside the national boundaries surely education is an option but a risky one. But with skills and jobs that might not be a case? Nobody says not to people who can help their business grow.

Also, it is way more affordable than a post-graduate degree, and if you remember where we started, it pays a way more than a regular MBA course.


There is not enough when it comes to putting skills in your resume. Certifications in digital marketing thus will be a cherry on the cake to your college education and work experience. Knowing the ins and outs of the world’s biggest marketing trend is not something to be ignored by the keen-eyed employer.

Also, while looking into switching a job you can imagine the hype it would create and raise it could bring on the cheque. For certification, you can join the digital marketing revolution at Orionators School of Learning where post course completion you are exposed to lucrative exams by Google, Facebook, Hubspot, etc. to get certifications on SEO, Content Marketing, Google, Analytics, AdWords and PPC.  

You earn more Money in Digital

Not only just businesses find it profitable, personal you get better pay too. In fact, you can find a job of at least INR 3.5 Lac per annum in the next four months. And when at the core of most of the courses we pick during college education money sits, taking a digital marketing course makes it easier and assured.

Also, the salaries are good. According to a study by, the average salary of a digital marketing manager is INR 412,492 per year. Which is pretty good for the starters, and as you climb up you can expect more perks with the added experience.  

And not to forget, if you choose to join Orionators, we have got something special in store for you- A way to make a million. Join us over a cup of coffee or simply call us to know more on our online and offline digital marketing course and you are one a step away from 1 million.

Boost Family Business

Since not always it has to a job, but you might have also been thinking about taking your family business to another level, think about what digital marketing would do. Learning is a good and responsible way to get started with, rather than spending money on a company. With a lil’ more experience and lots of technical experience, of course, you will know what are the proven practices and how are they going to affect your business.

Also, digital platform since is the cheapest way to advertise and promote your business you will have a lot of money saved to be reinvested in business with an indefinite return on investments. So what are you waiting for?

Wrapping Up

So this was it guys, hope you enjoyed the read. To share your views on the article or to suggest any add-on’s please feel free to comment and share. Also, you can take our 32 module course to get started on learning the biggest marketing trend ever. And you can also take our free demo classes online and offline. We also come to live every week on Facebook and Instagram, so do follow for unique content and early updates on our latest blogs, news, updates, trends and much more.

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