Fresh Campaign Tips For NY2021!

Fresh Campaign Tips For NY2021!

New year is a season of giving, sharing, and loving, and not to forget it is an important time for digital marketers. How? You have to come up with the best New Year marketing campaign to give your audience something and receive a lot of engagement. 

Yes, it is a season of giving the best for your business/brand! Many brands come up with the best campaigns, like the Budweiser - Wise man don’t drink and drive 

don’t drink and drive

The Starbucks - #GiveGood had the motive of offering gift cards to customers as an opportunity to take a break or take time off to be with their loved ones over a coffee cup. This was to drive high engagement and also to get more love from their customers they launched new cups with a lot of white space so that customers can use it to colour and customize the cups for them (similar to the white cup and red cup challenge for them).

So, if you think what are the ways that you can brace up for the next Christmas or the next festival, then here are some of the best campaign ideas for you -

01. Giveaway is the new love language:

The moment you open up the social media platforms, you will come across one or the other giveaways. And, though you will think at the back of your mind, ‘I may not win among all of the crowd’, but you are sure going to take a chance. 

Social media platforms are the most effective ways to boost your Christmas campaign or any festival marketing campaign sales. Still not convinced? 

Facebook - 2.7 Billion Active Users

Instagram - 1 Billion Active Users

YouTube - 265 Million Active Users

So, I bet you don’t want to miss out on these platforms. Start with a simple giveaway; it can be anything - a product, a service, or a shoutout. Make sure the giveaway is relevant to your brand and is also useful for the customers. This will increase the engagement; people will love to take part and most importantly love to win the prize. 

Don’t forget to explain the rules clearly in the post. 

02. Hop onto the e-mail marketing:

Without email marketing in your campaign agenda, everything will fall apart. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and highly engaging ways to generate leads. Plus, it gives a more personalized feel to the clients/customers.

For every $1 invested in email marketing, one can generate over $44 in return!

During the festival season, you have to begin with the email newsletter a week or two weeks prior to the festival. This way you create the excitement amid the prospects. Just like Zomato did for the Diwali season. They came up with the most exciting taglines, and newsletter with headlines like ‘Agar aaj tumne order nahi kiya to..hum tumhare YouTube par itne ads chalayenge ki confuse ho jaoge vo YouTube hai ya Zomato.’

Amazing, right? With just one coupon code that gets a discount, they created the Diwali vibes prior to the festival. 

So, whether you are into a giveaway for your customers or you are providing a festival discount, or you are organizing a festival game, it is important that you start everything with email marketing. Plus, if you are launching a new product or a service, update your prospects about it through email marketing. 

Email marketing allows you to raise awareness of your brand, introduce offers, create engagement for a festive campaign. 

Buzz starts from the email application! And, if you do it correctly, it might help you double your sales. Also, automated emails generate 320% more revenue than non-automated ones. So, go for them. 

Why are automated emails beneficial?

  • Help you target the right people at the right time!
  • You can send personalized emails to a target audience with similar interests. 
  • The research has shown more click rates in automated emails. 

03. Campaign with discounts and coupon codes:

Want an increase in engagement rate? Want your social media followers list go rocket-high? Want quality leads? Want to have that brand loyalty? The most important goals have been asked here, and the most amazing way to attain all of these is to give discounts and coupon codes in festival season. 

When commenced correctly, your existing customers will fall for the discounts, and also new customers will be wanting the coupon codes. And, not only this, with coupon codes and discounts, you will invite more people to your brand, they will trust you and even try the products or services for once. 

04. User-generated content campaign:

Just like Starbucks did with the white cup contest and the red cup contest, you can too try to do it. User-generated content is one of the best things that you can do to increase engagement. Inspire your already built community to create and share content about your brand. It can be anything that you put up. For instance, Starbucks held the white cups challenge. The participant had to take a photo of their doodling on the white cup and submit the design through social media using the hashtag #WhiteCupContest. This way they received a whopping entry of about 4000 cups! They sure build a great relationship with their customers. 


Inspire your community and bring out the best from them!

You can know more about the user-generated content here

Tips - You can create campaigns around product launches, and festivals, or make it an ongoing activity and let the content come in. Starbucks always comes up with this doodling activity, and people eagerly wait for it. 

Also, you can use Instagram reels to generate user-generated content. Like Hide & Seek did for their biscuits on Valentine day over TikTok. 

Hide & Seek

05. Season’s PPC words for more engagement:

Using the right keywords that fit into the festival is necessary. Right keywords at the right time, will get you results you have been hoping for. And, to double your sales during the festival season through your PPC campaign, you need to add the keywords that fit best. For instance, for Christmas you can use the keywords that are popular like ‘Christmas Decorations’, ‘Christmas sale’, or for Diwali, you can use ‘Diwali Special Offer’, ‘Diwali Offers’, ‘Diwali Decorations’. 

Successful PPC campaigns are the result of good keywords! 

These were some of the ways you can earn a lot of sales! Make sure the Christmas campaign, the new year campaign or any other festival campaign, makes noise, is noticeable, and is engageable to get most in return. If you are eager to learn graphic designing, then we at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing training institute give a full-fledged course to make you a professional. We dig deep into the 36 different modules of digital marketing that also includes graphic designing. Join us and know the basics, tips, and tricks to all the modules, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and website design and development!

Hey, don’t forget to look at our online short courses range! Learn skills and get ahead of the race. 

They are just for INR 25,000/- and thoroughly curated for you!

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