Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing Answered!

Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing Answered!

Email marketing is the most effective marketing channel! On average, for every $1 you spend, you can expect a return on your investment of $51. But, about 290 billion emails are sent out daily, so how can you be a standout?

With the best email marketing strategy that satiates the S.M.A.R.T goal, one can easily get the required results. So, before you try out this amazing marketing channel, I would like to clear all the questions that you have at the back of your mind. 

Starting with the first and most frequently asked - 

01. What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is based on sending emails and creating connections with prospects and existing customers. An effective email marketing strategy converts the prospects into customers, and also the first time buyers into recurring customers. The entire process can be automated! 

So, how exactly does email marketing work?

Email marketing is the process of targeting your audience and existing customers through email. It helps the brand or business to boost conversions and revenue by providing the existing customers and the prospects with valuable information. And, this information can be anything - it can be an offer, it can be something that adds to their knowledge about your company, or it can be a service that is for a limited time or a service that satiates their requirement. The brand’s motive is to present an email with an internal link that when clicked can satiate their brand goal! For instance, when someone makes a purchase or fills the lead form. 

02. When to use Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one such thing that can never be ignored, it satiates the following motives - 

  • Build connection - Whether you want to build a connection with potential customers or you want to engage with the already existing customers, emails with personalized feel are important. 
  • To boost brand awareness: You are new, or you are existing, spreading a word for your brand and letting people know about you is crucial, otherwise, how will you make your presence felt? And, it is then, email marketing plays a role to keep your brand/business or your services and products at the top-of-the-mind of your prospects for the moment when they are ready!
  • Promote the content: Use email to share your blog content or useful knowledge corner with the prospects, so that they know about you and your services more clearly. 
  • Generate leads: Whether you want people to land on your landing page or you want to entice your subscribers to provide their personal information for your digital marketing strategy, emails are the way. You can write emails to take the information from them and further use it to target them more precisely. 
  • Market your products: Are you launching a new product? Or you want to promote your products or services? Email marketing will help. 

 03. What are the types of marketing emails?

There are 12 types of marketing emails that you must know about. They are divided into two major categories - Informational and Transactional mail. 

Under informational marketing emails come -

  1. New content announcement mail -
    You might have already come across such emails. The one where you announce - the next offer or sale, a new blog post, an eBook, join a webinar, a free coupon or discount coupon, or a free trial of service.
    The new content announcement email is the ones that are used to describe and promote a marketing offer or any offer. But, these mails have a strong CTA that links to a targeted web page or a landing page that is offer specific. 
  2. Product update mail:
    Any new product announcement or a roundup of the brand range can be sent over an email to the subscribers.
  3. Newsletter:
    If you have a blog maintained by your company, or you have a magazine, or you have something to offer to your audience, the newsletter can be a thing to pay attention to. Send a roundup of stories or articles that are published weekly or monthly.
  4. Event invite:
    If you are hosting an event, then you have to send an email to your subscribers informing them about the same. Email can be a great option for promoting an upcoming event or an upcoming webinar you are about to host. Make sure you add a call-to-action to direct them to the right webpage.
  5. Dedicated send:
    A dedicated email to your subscribers will help you make a connection with a certain group. For instance, if you are hosting a webinar for only businessmen, then you might want to send a dedicated email just to them for registration.
  6. Co-marketing emails:
    It is when two or more complementary companies partner together for benefits, or for an event or for some other promotion. It is through such emails you leverage the audience of other companies to increase the reach.
  7. Social media send:
    If you have a Google or a LinkedIn account, then you can use social media to send emails. For instance, when you create a Google+ event, you can directly send the invite to your audience in their email boxes. It is without having a subscribers list, you can directly send it to the audience.
  8. Internal updates:
    Choose to send internal updates related to the brand’s or business’s employees.

    Then comes the transactional emails which include -

  9. Confirmation emails:
    When you fill the cart and leave it unattended, you receive emails saying ‘You have left something in your cart’. And, when you make a payment, you receive an automatic confirmation email. These mails are super-important and should never be missed.
  10. Thank You email:
    Whenever a prospect, lead or a customer fills out a form on your webpage or your landing page, an email is sent that says thank you! These emails are for the sake of connection and also to give a sense of security that the brand is authentic.
  11. Welcome email:
    Welcome emails are the perfect option for thanking your subscribers and providing more information about your brand to them.
  12. Lead nurturing email:
    When a person takes an action, you might want to keep them interested in a lead nurturing campaign. These are a multitude of emails that consist of a connected series of emails containing useful and targeted content.

04. What are the metrics that I must focus on?

Email marketing metrics are a way that you learn and set the email marketing strategy the next time you are up with an email marketing campaign. Some of the common email marketing metrics that you must focus on are -

  • Open rate - How many email subscribers open your email?
  • Click-Through Rate - How many subscribers click on the link or offer links that you have attached in your emails?
  • Conversion Rate - It defines the number of subscribers that clicked on the link in the email and completed the desired action like making a purchase. 
  • Email ROI - The overall return or investment that you make on your email marketing campaign. 
  • List Growth Rate - The rate at which the subscriber list is increasing. 

These were a few frequently asked questions about email marketing. And, we will cover a few more in our next blog. Please, stay tuned. 

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