How to get freelance digital projects in digital marketing

How to take off your Freelancer Digital Marketing career with ground Zero experience

There comes a point in our lives when the 9 to 5 life comes to bite. And adding more to the agony is the constant social media post of the travellers with the “I-am-living-the-dream” happy posts.

If you too want to be your own boss, travel the world by working only a few hours and taste the freedom, freelancing can help. It is an evolving concept. However, there is only one major problem that people don’t know exactly how to do that.

Freelancing is basically started of your entrepreneurship and it is overlapping the notion of “jobs” now for quite a long time.  And the reason is, it helps you gain experience and knowledge with the added perks of earning money. There are a host of examples out in the world of people who started off as freelancers and are now a successful entrepreneur. Some of the most popular names are Brian Wong, Sahil Lavingia, Alex Mangini and others.

However, it is not that easy too. There are a lot of things you must know before starting out as a freelancer. In fact, it is harder when you don’t have any skill or experience at all. But we make that simple for you. Our incredible line up of digital marketing training also gets you a chance to learn how to be a freelancer. In that 2 hour module you get to learn money making techniques, genuine platforms that help you in fishing genuine leads, setting the price point, time management and more.

Being an expert in the field, we decided to suggest you the best ways to kick start your online marketing career. Here are some freelance keepers. Consider this article as your guide to freelance digital marketing for dummies.

1. Freelancing gets you money

You might have heard a lot about the disadvantages of freelancing, but let us tell you all isn’t true and that’s why it still exists in the equilibrium. These stories vary from going out of work for months to not being paid for your work as decided. It is scary and a lot of people choose to forget about freelancing all along.

But by our personal experience, we can tell you that’s not the case. As a digital marketing training institute, we have helped our students get freelancing projects and we can factually prove it is not the case, some of them have already come a halfway in touching the million dollar mark. And if they can you can too.   

For evading the negativity, you must read success stories of other successful freelancers and how did they found success with freelancing. Also, the challenges you face in during your freelancer journey will help you evolve as an entrepreneur. There is a great share of experience in any successful testimony. Content holds the reins and helps any organization create their online presence. Especially SEO, you cannot expect to grow exponentially if your content is not SEO friendly.

You might think what it has to do with your career as a freelancer, but consider that 78% of the companies right now are on a lookout for a good content writer that understand the technical attributes.

Since it is easy to penetrate the market as a freelancer content writer you must give it a shot. You can also try other ways in, but this one is the most efficient.

Also, you must know where to find these opportunities. To get you started here is the list of top best freelancing websites for marketing freelancers:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • PeoplePerHour
  • LinkedIn
  • 99Designs
  • Toptal

4. Sign up for digital marketing courses

Now since freelancing is a start-out rather than the goal, continuous evolution is necessary. As you will enter the market you will get to realize the digital marketing career scope. Becoming a successful digital marketer takes a lot of learning and bringing your knowledge into praco, hop! You are doing the right thing by choosing it.

2. Learn to get your way into the market

Now that you know freelancing is not something which will incinerate the money that is coming in, we can take the next step. So let’s get our axes sharpened for the coming challenges.

Digital marketing is one of the most evolving marketing trends and each day there is something new. But, we are here to untangle it all for you.

For a proper digital marketing career growth, you need to at least have a little knowledge about the field. Ranging from free internships to online courses to enroll yourself to a full-fledged digital marketing course can help you get through. Learn technicalities and advanced tactics and always stay abreast with the trends, because nothing impresses your hirer more than your knowledge of the latest.

Also, did we tell you at Orionators School of Learning you get a chance to have a 2 months free internship at the top business groups of India? Do consider the exposure you can leverage at us.

3. Start with freelance writing

Since you are now about to join in the pack it is important that you learn this mantra sooner than later, “Content is the king.”

tices. Constantly you must thrive to stay above the curve and be the first to curate something outstanding in your digital marketing strategies, to derive tangible results.  

But where would this constant learning come from? What door should you knock to get access to all the knowledge base? To get you started you can start by reading our blogs which will help you duly in learning the trends and tricks of it.

You can also consider joining our online learning session or take an offline course. We also invite you to join us in a webinar. At Orionators, you will find flexibilities of batches where you have an option to join us on weekends too. We also give you INR 50,000+ worth free tools to get you started.

Having a certified digital marketing course will add stars in your resume, but that’s not all. You even get 14+ Google, Facebook, an Instagram certification that will surely help you a lot in convincing your clientele of your talent of internet marketing. So, what are you waiting for? Get your knowledge roots deep at Orionators School of Learning.

5. Build a portfolio

Your portfolio is your salesperson, make it presentable and convincing. Your clients are on a lookout for a stellar portfolio. As a newbie, your portfolio will be empty but as your progress, be sure to include your work and progress in to fill the colours.

You can start selling your services on your portfolio, add on client testimonials, display your work online and much more. Portfolio, is thus are the best ways to grab attention and portray you as a genuine prospect.


Entrepreneurship is challenging and before you jump right onto it, it can become so much better if you have had the taste of the obstacles, failure and eventually the success. This journey is important and freelancing introduces you to these challenges in a subtly better way.

Also, it gives you finally time that you have been craving to work on yourself, your growth and clear your mind. So if you want to be someone who doesn’t belong to the crowd and want to make it big into digital marketing, give us a call for career counselling right away.

So time is ticking, kick start your career with us. You can always start by signing up for our training Certified Programme in Digital Marketing, what say?

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