Focus on the 5 P’s of Social Media for your Brand!

Focus on the 5 P’s of Social Media for your Brand!

What makes a brand? Audience? Audiences have the entire power to make your brand or to break your brand! 

Right Product on the Right Time at the Right Place and with Right Price - This takes the business ahead in the run. 

Take, for instance, any big brand like Fevicol, Nike, they have earned the respect by leveraging social media and online communities to find their customers and to ultimately influencing them. You go to any store, you are bound to buy the product of Nike rather than any local brand, why? Solely, because this brand has earned customer loyalty.

Instead of targeting people on TV ads more, they have become super active on social media platforms for earning the most audience. Most of the young people engage on mobile phones rather than TV and this is their audience. 

53% of people say they won’t purchase anything from a non-trusted brand. For them trust is important!

social media marketing strategy

Coming back to your brand, ask yourself these questions -

  • Is your social media marketing strategy complete?
  • Do you believe you have the right foundation or the right plan for your social media marketing strategy?
  • Are you on the right platform? Doing the right thing?

Confused or clueless?

Well, you need to focus on the 5 P’s of social media marketing for it! This will bring the necessary essence to your strategy. 

Let’s begin -

01. Plan:

No matter what you do, whether you are starting a new course, or you are planning to start a business, you start with planning! And, this is what you have to do with social media marketing too. Planning and organizing is where you carefully place the bricks to reach success. 

For this follow these steps -

  • What is your objective? Brand awareness, sales, or anything else!
  • Tools and workforce you will require for carrying out campaigns. Think about the ways to maximize return. How many creatives you will need, any extra tools or technology you’ll need for your social media account. 
  • Consider penning down your goals/ benchmarks. 
  • Also, how will you measure the success of your campaigns or creatives or in all your social media presence!

Plan and proceed further. 

02. Produce:

It is time to put the creators on their work! Hire a content creator or yourself create content for your brand. Think about it broadly, what will you need - images, videos, infographics, or any other content type. 

Whether you are planning on creating the content for your brand on your own or you are giving out to a source, don’t forget the following things for creative image/video/any type of content -

  • Maintain the brand tone.
  • Align the content with the objective of the entire social media marketing goal of your brand. 
  • It should be engaging and highly shareable. 

Your Content Will Be Seen By Your Followers, So Make Sure It Is Amazing!

Also, you can maintain a sheet of all the creatives that you will upload in a month with the dates. This will help you plan and organize more. Also, each creative will have a motive - Brand awareness, product-specific, sale-specific, offer-specific, or simple increasing engagement. So, make sure the content does justice to the motive. 

03. Publish: 

Now that you have a creative’s list and campaign content and plan ready, it is time to showcase it. Choose the right platform to get your content live. If you are wanting to increase the web traffic, then you can put up an ad on Facebook or even Instagram with the right CTA. 

If you want to increase the reach on the social media platform, then solely publish the content there. It can be an Instagram Reel or an IGTV. 

Concentrate on the Social Media Platform Where Your Target or Potential Audience is Present!

04. Promotion:

Put aside a budget for the boosting! From paid Facebook ads to influencer marketing to email marketing, or carrying out a campaign on social media, you will require a budget to promote your well-planned social media marketing strategic content. 

You need an extra push to present your content in front of those who would be interested, and resultantly increase the organic reach. 

For instance, once you launch your campaign, you will be boosting it on social media as well as shoot emails to the subscribers too. 


05. Prove:

The last P of the 5 crucial P’s of social media marketing. Now you have to prove that whether or not what you carried out in the above Ps worked out or not. You can do this by -

  • Keeping track of analytics, metrics, hashtags, clicks, downloads, or any other metric that proves people have responded to your campaign. 

After you have all the statistical data in your hand, all you have to do is create a report of how your content performed! And, to be honest, not all will perform the best, and this ‘prove step’ will help you with where do you lack, and how you can make your content more engageable, shareable, and most importantly how can you make it more successful. 

Repeat the 5 P’s every time you need to start a campaign or even build up a normal social media calendar for your brand! You will find the loophole in your strategy and make it flawless. If you are eager to learn digital marketing course in jaipur, then we at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing institute give a full-fledged course to make you a professional. We dig deep into the 36 different modules. Join us and know the basics, tips, and tricks to all the modules, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and website design and development!

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