Facebook’s New Application Leaves Everyone Awestruck

Facebook’s New Application Leaves Everyone Awestruck

Before we begin, I want to ask you something - Does this ↓ excites you?

Facebook live

Yes? Live videos are something that anyone would love, people love to see what is happening at the exact moment, the real-time viewing excites everyone! So, here it is the LIVE thing is getting bigger and getting a new platform. This is no longer restricted to just random people coming online and chatting, it has an entirely different platform that is restricted to events such as live broadcasts of sports! 


Facebook’s experimental NPE team has released its 8th application! The new application is called ‘VENUE’ which is the new live event companion tool! It is designed to seek engagement potential by real-time viewing. 

Facebook’s Venue brings all live-streaming fans and expert commentators together!

It is like a festival in an application!

Facebook’s Venue

Source - Facebook 

Whether it comes to get acquainted with the trending memes or to see the live videos or just to get along with digital marketing, Facebook is the biggest social media network. It is the biggest! Yes, with about 2.27 Billion active users, and nearly 1.5 Billion active users, Facebook is the hottest place to market products or services. Digital marketing is easy with these stats! With the Facebook shops making the headlines, it has come up with a more sensational application that works on live event engagement. 

Live broadcasts are still working low and offer less opportunity for the content! But with Venue, people can have a larger than life experience! For the passionate fans who are constantly searching for better ways to engage with fellow fans and experts about their favorite events, the Venue is the spot!

Second Screen Experience? The venue gives it!
Sports fans let me hear the noise! 

The first sports partner is NASCAR. And, NASCAR is the first sports to return to live-action during this COVID-19 pandemic! So, if you have lost all the track of sports and races, then experience it with the same spirit on Venue

How does it work?

For each live-streamed event, Facebook will provide personalities like journalists, athletes, and other personalities that provide the best commentary. The venue will serve as a hub where users can access the commentary by select personalities! There will be polls and chat section where people can engage in conversation about the event. Moreover, you can see the upcoming events in the application. 

How the Venue is Different?

Have you noticed, while we see the live broadcast we split our attention between the race and the conversation? Right? And, the Venue is designed to dismiss this! You can both of them in one place. 

Also, Venue allows commentators to create ‘moments’ for fans to connect! So, when they feel like something is worth memorable, then they share it in the MOMENTS. Whenever the moments are posted, or a new event is going to be broadcasted live, the fans are notified of it. 

This is what venue does differently -

  • It provides alerts around specific moments! 
  • Watch events live!
  • Check-in what is trending, and what is about to come. 
  • It gives a second-screen experience. 

With the online behavioral changes, people have shifted to their phones more than their screens, and it is the best application for those who love to have live broadcasts always available for them. 

Do you know?

This is not the first time Facebook tried this! It tried to indulge in real-time sports engagement back in 2016 with an option called Sports Stadium. But it didn’t work out. Venues can do this! As, it is the best time to do so, amid this pandemic. 

While everyone is waiting for their sports to return live, NASCAR for Venues will gain more views and engagement. With the right commentators, and the right notifications and right UI, the venue will become a great companion for the event lovers. It can later be extended to concerts, festivals, news events, and many more. 

Bottomline -

This attempt by Facebook is the need of the hour! Also, the venue is going to be available for both iOS and Android users. The venue will bring everyone close to live-events with just one tap. You can watch, engage, connect, and have insight into the events with the top commentators. 

It is a step to bring passionate fans and expert commentators together to experience live events in a new interactive way. This will further expand to more events than just sports!

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