Facebook Tests New Features that Keeps Us Astounded!

Facebook Tests New Features that Keeps Us Astounded!

Facebook is taking a big leap in e-commerce, it has been experimenting with things, updating, and adding new features to help everyone with their business. So, how Facebook has kept us astounded?

The years of working, and the urge to find the best possible way to make a smarter way to try hands in the eCommerce industry, amid this COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook finally launched ‘Shops’ on both Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Shops that Makes Launching Business Online Simple and Free!

acebook Shops that Makes Launching Business Online Simple

Facebook Shops will make it easy for businesses to set their online store for customers to access both on Facebook and Instagram.  How does it help?

  • The shop can be created easily and free of cost. 
  • Businesses can choose the products they want to feature from their catalog. 
  • They can customize the look and feel of the shop as they want it to be. The business owner can change the cover image, accent colors, and entirely change the feel of the shop. 
  • This feature is open to all! No matter the size of the business or the budget they have, everyone can bring their business online and connect to their potential customers easily. 
  • It helps the business owners to connect to the customers anytime, anywhere. 

Coming to the update that takes us to the previous blogs! Yes, Facebook is stepping higher in the Artificial intelligence area to explore the thresholds of the best shopping experience for customers. 

Facebook is testing 3D product images in the marketplace among advanced AI and AR shopping initiatives!

Facebook is testing 3D product images

Facebook has stepped into the artificial intelligence zone! This 3D option enables marketplace sellers to provide a full view of their products or items to the customers. This includes - 

  • Rotating view! It allows anyone with a phone camera to capture a multi-dimensional panoramic view of the items listed in the marketplace. 
  • 3D photo!
  • Interactive and engaging view. 
Facebook has started testing this feature on the Marketplace for iOS sellers to start first!

As we know that we all want to see the item we wish to purchase entirely so that we can be double sure about the purchase. So, giving a real-life touch, this artificial intelligence technology will allow everyone to view the product closely. 

3D visuals help the buyers to experience the real-world shopping experience while sitting at home. Also on Marketplace, Facebook uses a new machine-learning-based system! This helps the sellers to better tag and represent their items, while also allowing the buyers to be well-informed, and well-satisfied with the product they are ordering. 

How AI is transforming the way people shop!

Facebook AI researchers and engineers are building the technology to perfection! They want to provide a holistic, intelligent system that can break the shackles of traditional shopping!

From learning how people perceive products to understanding the different items that should be in a closet and also how a particular product relates to an accessory, everything is done through artificial intelligence. 

To our surprise they are going to include technology that can easily turn a 2D video into a 360-degree view. 

Amazing right?

This all about the update in ‘Artificial intelligence meets the digital marketing world’ this week!

With Facebook taking a shot in the artificial intelligence to improvise the shopping experience for its large audience, there is still a long road ahead to provide a full-fledged AI-integrated experience. 

Imagine this - you wish to buy an item, but you don’t know what it would go? Artificial intelligence allows you to match your red jacket with an accessory that goes perfectly well with it? Amazing right? I wouldn’t even step out of the house to shop anything anymore!

This is what Facebook is thriving to provide us!

Truly intelligent artificial intelligence will forever change how digital marketing has changed and will change further making shopping experience a real boon!

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