Facebook Adds More Options for Streamers to Monetize Broadcasts

Facebook Adds More Options for Streamers to Monetize Broadcasts

Facebook launched an official standalone game streaming platform back in April! It was aimed to take on YouTube and Twitch. The application was officially launched on Android, with an iOS counterpart expected in the future. And, now Facebook Gaming has come up with an update that can benefit the creators. 

Investing time in gaming has become a priority for many, and this is the reason why the availability of ‘Facebook Gaming’ was hurried forward from July 2020 to April!

We all see gaming as a source of entertainment and also to connect with people faster and more efficiently. A platform that is interactive is more loved by people because well, you know humans are social animals. 

With Facebook gaining more traffic on the gaming sector, they focused on it, and in the desire to make it a place where gaming creators can earn the most, they came up with the latest update -

Expanded the Fan Subscriptions for Gaming Streamers by Adding In-Stream Ad Breaks!

These updates along with the addition of streamers to monetize their broadcasts is extremely beneficial for the streamers. 

Fan Subscriptions for Gaming Streamers by Adding In-Stream Ad Breaks

Fan Subscriptions -

Facebook has now opened access to Fan Subscriptions to more level up creators. They will instigate the expansion to fan subscriptions to level up those creators who achieve 250 returning weekly viewers!

Why 250?

According to Facebook, they’ve found out that 250 returning weekly viewers are a strong indicator of a loyal community! So, they have set this as a benchmark to open up the subscription benefits. Creators who touch this benchmark are more likely to be successful on Fan Subscriptions. 

They’re first off starting with the regions - Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, UK, US, and plans to expand more. 

How can you know whether you have hit this metric or not?

If you are curious to know about it, all you have to do is go to Creator Studio under insights and then Loyalty. 

Live Ads

Facebook has been testing Live Ads with gaming creators, and now it is available to all partnered gaming creators. All the people watching a live stream form the partnered gaming creators may see -

  • A pre-roll ad that runs before the live stream. 
  • An image ad that will appear below the live stream. 
  • A mid-roll ad that plays in the main video player which is during the live stream while the broadcast keeps playing a small window.

They are also starting to beta test the ways for partnered creators to monetize their previous live streams in the form of pre-roll, image, and mid-roll ads!

Also, a new ad format ‘Live Breaks’ which is designed to give gaming creators more control over the ad experience for their viewers!

Live breaks are the longer ad breaks that will allow the creators to stretch and take a quick break while keeping the audience engaged!

Amazing right?

These breaks will be manually triggered and are of 90 or 180-second intervals. 

Bottomline -

This is the best way to help the creators to grow their communities and monetize their content in the process! The influence will be bigger than we can imagine. 

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