Explore and Experience the Smart Copywriting Tips

Explore and Experience the Smart Copywriting Tips

Are you always daydreaming about the smartest way out to earn a 6 digit salary? We have a way that is proven and the easiest way to pursue your dream! It is Copywriting! 

And, seeing the current scenarios with all the offline brands shifting online, copywriting is the best career to get into in 2020. Why?

  • Brands and businesses are hiring for copywriting positions like never before. 
  • It is the easiest way to earn a 6+ digit salary, all you need to do is polish your skills and keep a few points in mind. 
  • It is a dream-come-true job that allows remote working. So, copywriters can be and few of them are really digital nomads!
  • You can learn to copyright on your own. Just a few tips that you have to keep on your fingers!
  •  It is a fun job, if you get recognized you have got a long way to go!

Freelance copywriters earn over $250 per hour!

Well, who needs another reason to jump right into learning copywriting. So, wake up your passionate writer and learn the tips that I will highlight in this blog. 

Before we begin, let’s know about what is copywriting?

Copywriting is connected to the act of promoting or selling a product or a service! So, basically it is a form of digital marketing. It can be in multiple forms. It is re-arranging words and using persuasive words to make things sell better. 

Let’s begin the class of copywriting tips!

01. Simplify and Refine your Content:

Extra fries won’t hurt, but if you write extra unnecessary words in copywriting then it would hurt you and your brand! No, it doesn’t mean that you should ditch the technical jargon or write something like a 6 grader, you have to remove the complexity. 

You have to make your message clear and concise, so when your target audience reads it they are glued to read more, and also understand the offer and benefits faster. 

Simply and Direct is the Right Way to Pursue Writing Copy!

Your Audience will come across an ad and would spend almost 5 seconds approx! Moreover, there is about 4000-5000 digital advertisement seen by a person on an average! And, so if you want your audience to ‘Stop and Stare’ at the ad copy then simplify your content ASAP. Remove unnecessary used words, and write in a simpler, understandable language according to the target audience. 

Refine your content -

People read headlines and judge the entire content!

Also Remember, the Headline Counts for 80% of the copywriting!

The trick is to write the copy first getting inspired by the already existing ones and then pull out the strongest phrases that you’ve used and then use it as a headline! 

  • Opt for straightforward, simple headlines! 
  • The headline should show urgency, should be useful, and also ultra-specific. 
  • Keep it short. 
  • Convey the benefits. 

02. Use Powerful Persuasive Language:

Have you ever read a blog’s starting and then found yourself reading the entire blog without stopping? It is because of the tone of the blog, it is because of the use of the right compelling and convincing words. The words are called ‘Power words’. 

These ridiculously powerful power words amp up the marketing! Words like - ‘insane’, ‘crazy ideas’, ‘step-by-step’, etc. have the power to evoke emotions and engage people to read the content. These words are triggering and spark emotions!

Words have the power to inspire, engage, and drive conversions!

The more power words you use, the time of people staying on your site increases!

03. Length matters:

A long copy will drift the audience away from you, a short copy will keep people adhere to your ad more! Make sure the content you right is on the point and doesn’t include powerless words. The word count varies for different platforms. Keep your copy simple and sharp, follow these steps -

  • Use a word instead of a phrase. 
  • Shorten your paragraph into a sentence. 
  • Use a phrase instead of a sentence. 
  • Don’t use paragraphs.

04. Don’t deviate from your goal:


It should offer them something not just your creative outlook! Of course, being witty, creative, and original is super-important, but don’t let all of this distract from your goal. Which is, copywriting will lead to conversions. 

Connect with the audience and their wishes in the shortest possible way. When you write your product copy, focus on how it’s going to represent your brand or brand service or product. Tell how it is beneficial for them, tell them how if they take this up it would enhance their life!

Once you grab the attention of the reader with your headline and introduced the benefits of product/service, then you are going to receive massive leads. 

Also, don’t forget to create a sense of urgency and make your target customers go gaga over the offer and make them search what it is all about!

05. Make the audience feel like they’re already getting something:

Another tip for the copywriting is that if you don’t have a motive behind a copy then it will all go in vain! Make sure you are super-clear about your aim! And, make sure you offer something to the audience. For instance, get instant 30% discount use coupon-code ‘FHHSS’. Or ‘Offer doesn’t last forever, last day to avail the SPECIAL offer’. 

Whatever you promise, ensure that you prove it right! People will trust your brand and believe that you will deliver what you have promised. This copywriting tip gives your prospects what they want, fill their curiosity, and also benefits you as you will have the leads and even conversions. 

06. Ask questions:

One of the most effective tip to rock the copywriting is that you can ask questions whose answer is ‘Yes’. It is a classic persuasion technique! So, when you write a copy make sure you read it yourself out loud and if the answer is ‘yes’, then implement it. 

Ask questions

You will hook the audience if they nod to your question! For instance, ‘Is your skin oily?’, ‘Is your career going down?’, ‘Hello, did you lose something special?’. 

07. Appeal to emotions:

Fear, FOMO, surprise, happiness, and all the emotions make people connect to the copy more than anything else. But how to evoke emotion through a question?

Appeal to emotions

Here’s the trick - Ask yourself the questions like - what is the requirement of your target audience? What have they requested all this while to your social media pages or in the testimonial? Or what they are always looking for? Or what is trending right now and they would like an answer from you on this?

This will let you explore the possibility of content! For instance, Dress so good, your friend will be jealous!’

If you are ready to begin your journey as a professional digital marketer, then copywriting is one of the most important skills you will ever learn! Get a good grip over it and you can work while you travel, as it is the most amazing freelancer job and agency job. 

If you wish to improve your copywriting skills follow the above-mentioned skills and also delve deeper into knowing the aim, doing just the right research, and also pay attention to improving your vocabulary with more ‘power words’.

Also, if you are eager to learn any of these techniques or the entire marketing, then learn digital marketing courses at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing school. We dig deep into the different modules. Join us and know the basics, tips, and tricks to all the modules including social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and website design and development!

Also, don’t miss out on our previous blog which was all about the different types of content in the digital marketing world that you are unaware of!

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