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Headlines, whether it is a blog headline or a news headline, if unique or catchy, we tend to get attracted and proceed to read it and know about it! But what if the headline couldn’t be catchy and the content is written inside the blog is very informative and entertaining? 

A big loss, right?

content is written

So, what can you do about it? You can start practicing - ‘How to write powerful and impactful headlines!’ I have done the research for you and have brought to you the best 7 tips that you can use to improvise your headline writing skills and also make them SEO-friendly because if it doesn’t rank it would not be found by the audience. 

80% of your Visitors will Read your Headline But Only 20% will Go on to Finish the Article!

There’s no sense in dedicating any time to create content or run ads or post a blog if your headlines aren’t compelling. Potential readers won’t click to read more if there’s nothing of their interest, or if they are not attracted! And, this all comes down to one thing, which is, Headline

Let’s focus on things that affect the headline and term them as ‘Bad Headline’!

  • If they don’t match with what is written inside the blog. 
  • If they aren’t catchy and engaging or doesn’t evoke an emotion. 
  • If they don’t highlight the issue or the solution that they have stated in the blog. 
  • If they don’t have a number in it! 
  • If they are long, i.e., the length exceeds 62 characters.

Yes! These are the major issues that make a headline - not good! 

Headlines account for up to 50% of your blog post’s effectiveness!

blog post’s effectiveness!

Let’s begin with the steps that you can use every time when you write a headline. 

01. Specific number and data in the headline:

If you are failing to make an impact, to make a powerful appeal, to make your headline clickable, then maybe this is one of the reasons that make your blog go in vain. It is found that integrating specific numbers and data into your headline makes it more effective and more compelling! 

For instance, if I say, ‘Find how you can make your social media presence sound!’, normal right? What if I say, ‘15 proven techniques to make your social media presence powerful!’, impactful isn’t it?

Headlines with numbers tend to generate 73% more social shares and engagement!

Headlines with numbers

Now that I’ve your attention with this picture above, here is the thing. 

Do you know about the magic reason behind the ‘Odd number’ theory! Do you know about it? No?

Well, it is researched and found out that our eyeballs stop more on odd numbers than on even numbers. Yes, the brain seems to believe more on odd numbers and easily remembers and recalls it more than even numbers. 

digital marketing

02. Give a reason to read:

When you, yourself read a blog, what is the first thought? How it solves your issue or give a solution to what you have searched? So, if you want your readers to read your well-written blog, it is important that in the heading itself they find a reason to read. 

This will ultimately increase likes, shares, and clicks! 

You can go for the following pointers that can make your headline powerful. 

  • You can give tips. Just like I did in the headline of this blog. 
  • You can give a reason. For instance, 3 strong reasons why headlines are super-important. 
  • You can give a lesson! For instance, 11 Writing Lessons I Learned Since School. 
  • You can give a trick and tip twist to the headline. For instance, 5 Secret Tips that No One Told You for Good Content Writing. 
  • You can give an urge to go through an idea. For instance, 5 Ideas that Can Transform your Blogging Style. 
  • You can use facts! For instance, 13 Facts About Good Blogging that You Didn’t Know. 
  • You can even make use of strategy! For instance, 5 Content Marketing Strategies That you Overlooked.

These were some of the tips! 

“I have one for you from what I’ve learned from my experience - 

Using negative words in the headlines also attract, and engages people. For instance, ‘11 Ridiculously Awesome Content Marketing Tips to Win.’”

03. Make an overly ambitious promise:

The best headlines that make a sure shot impact on your reader is the one that has something that takes away all the attention! It grabs and glues your visitor’s attention to you. 

“How to generate $123,000 per year with just blogging!” 

Impressive, right?


It is an absolutely compelling headline that makes a promise to the user and people would click on it in the span of the attention time, which is recorded to upto 8 seconds. But only use it if you are really providing a great tip or a shortcut or even a case study, or research in it, as the reader also tends to portray the image negative if they don’t find anything useful inside the blog. 

You can take the instances from Buzzfeed, and Upworthy, they make huge promises in their headlines, and also their content is promising. 

04. Headlines that showcases teaching:

The most opened or the most clicked blogs were with ‘DIY’ in their headline. People love DIY, they enjoy learning new skills that help them achieve their goals, be it making a cake, or using a certain application, learning is what is loved by people. 

For this reason, I ask you to use words like - ‘A Beginners Guide’, ‘DIY’, ‘Learn in 5 Minutes’, ‘Start Earning in Just 3 Days’, kind of phrases and words in your headline if you are giving away tips and learnings in your blog. 

05. Adhere to the 4 U’s for the headline:

Convincing your customers and prospects is the primary motive of every blogger! They want people to read what they researched and wrote down, and the headline is where it all begins. 

And, so start focussing on the essentials, the four proven Us that you should focus on to make an attention-grabbing headline are -

  • Make the headline UNIQUE. 
  • It should have a sense of URGENCY.
  • Your headline should be USEFUL. 

How to make the headline unique?

For this, you have to just be different with the headline! Because, the topic you are writing maybe it has been discovered by someone else too, and they are writing about the same. 

What you have to do?

Open the Google search page and paste the headline in double quotation marks, see if it shows no result for the headline. It will be unique, or I may say the ‘One of a Kind’. 

digital marketer

Be Ultra-specific -

Your audience is searching for the answers online, and if you can target it, then it is the best. For this, your headline should target what they are searching for. You can find it by seeing the questions that toggle up when you write the keywords. 

And, then write a headline that speaks volumes about the solution to their issue. It will instantly convert them. 

Be precise and wins heart!

Sense of Urgency -

The fear of missing out (FOMO) makes people read your content! So, why not, use it in the headline. Use phrases like ‘ Do it Now’, ‘Don’t Miss it Otherwise You’ll Regret it’. 

Useful -

The headlines should be informative, practical, valuable, beneficial, worthy. 

06. Use Interesting Adjectives:

Using adjectives in the headlines makes a good impact on the audience. They love it! Using words like - Incredible, happy, effortless, essential, absolute. These grab attention quicker. 

07. Focus on Keywords As Well:

Including keywords is the most important thing that you should focus on! It will make you rank on the google search page and will automatically attract the audience. You can use various SEO tools to find out the most used, and the most searched keyword, and use the same in the headline. 

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