Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Becomes the Highest-Paid Instagrammer – Read to Know the Story Behind!

Just when we thought that the record of Kylie Jenner, Dwayne Johnson clinched the title, and became the highest-paid Instagrammer!

According to the reports, he can charge advertisers approximately US$1 Million!

Why? Well, he got the following of 189 Million which breaks the previous record of 184 Million followers of Kylie Jenner.  Your followers play an important role to build your identity, to make you stand apart from the crowd, and once you post, you will receive the kind of engagement you are expecting. Add hashtags, or put an advertisement directly, your fan/followers are going to like it, share it, and even try the products being showcased. 

And, who doesn’t love Rock aka Dwayne!

Dwayne Johnson

Who doesn’t wish to become an Instagrammer that earns a lot of money? We know you want it too? Right? The amazing life of just being creative with the most loved social media platform - Instagram. 

Though Dwayne Johnson has set the standards and we cannot get instant 189 Million, we can still manage to get into the business and start working. 

Here are some tips that you should know if you aspire to become an Instagram influencer. 

01. Select the Niche:

We are not any celebrity like Dwayne Johnson, but we can become the influencer. It is super important that we select the genre or the niche that we will put forward and make posts related to it. 

Yes, surely you can be experimental, but think of one thing that you think, you can go on for in the long run. Or the one that you are passionate about. 

Select the Niche

If you really want to get paid on Instagram, you’re going to be living and breathing your personal brand. Make sure you truly love it. Choosing a niche will pave the way to what you can do with it, and how you can put forth the potential. 

Brands will be comparing your audience to their target market, so it is highly important that you research a lot, see what is the most trending, analyze the success in each, and establish the entire Instagram account. 

According to a study, 55% of brands say they prefer micro-influencers so that they can have a good connection with their audience. 

So, if you are more specific to what you are better at, you are going to achieve more success. 

For instance, Kusha Kapila, the iDiva queen, makes funny, witty content, and so she has been advertising brands in just the way she does her vines, or meme content. 

The brands who are looking out to target the young crowd approaches her!

02. Build Trust and Grow Audience:

Once you are all set with the ‘Niche department’, you have to build trust and grow the audience. 

81% of Instagram influencers have about 15,000 to 100,000 followers! 

Don’t worry you will get to it too. And, no don’t go by the shady ways to buy followers, go for more organic followers so that you are authentic, you are a brand in yourself. There are many techniques that you can use to grow the audience, and also build trust. 

  • Commit to post regularly. Understand this - you are a newbie and it is crucial for you to post your ‘niche-content’ regularly and even 2-3 posts and stories daily. Once people find it nice and see that the page is active, they are going to stay there!
  • You can run advertisements and create awareness about you or your brand. Make sure the advertisement is captivating and engrossing enough that people click on it and follow you. 
  • Give value to the audience. Solve their problems, connect and communicate with them through Instagram polls, questions, and even contest. Once you build a connection, it becomes easier to pitch-in more people to follow you. 

03. Time to Influence:

Once you have gained enough followers to even market or advertise the products of local brands, go for it. It will give you the experience of how things work and how you can influence people to make sales for the person. 

Also, you can partner with brands! Brands are eager to seek out the effectiveness of influencer marketing. Find them and pitch them directly. 

Time to Influence

Contact the brands that you love and tell them how you can help them, or what are the offers. Create a portfolio so that it seems professional. Provide compelling details and how you brought success to any of the previous brands you have done or if not then you can present the knowledge you have about their brand and how you can present them in front of their target audience. 

04. Be clear and concise:

Your audience demands the truth! And, you should give it.  You would have come across some of the influencers that mention whether the advertisement is a paid partnership or not. Do you know the reason behind it?

Be clear and concise

Audiences appreciate the transparency and they want an honest opinion about the review video or the advertising you are doing for the brand. To stay true to your followers and to be on the right side, you must specify whether it is an ad or not! You can do it by adding a hashtag or putting up in the captions or use the paid partnership tag. 

05. Enter the Affiliate World:

You can pursue the affiliate marketing way too. Spread awareness about the affiliate product and make sale. Earn a lot of money when your followers actually buy the product you’ve showcased. You don’t have to worry about fulfilling the order, or to deliver it, all you have to worry about is posting the content uniquely. 

It will also grow your audience. 

Is 6 figure earnings in a month is a tough task for you? Well, you should learn the Dwayne Johnson style. Grow followers, get paid for the post!

digital marketer

This was all about what Twitter is experimenting with the algorithm to provide the best of both worlds, and while also maximizing revenue. 

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