8 Things to do to double your blog viewers in less than a Year

8 Things to do to Double your Blog Viewers in Less than a Year

There is no denying to the fact that blogging is one solid way to attract and retain an organic audience, which only keeps growing over time. But just getting started with it, it might take a lot of time to gain traction, but remember this is the best way to build your loyal readers.

We would not deny if you say it is very tempting to give up on blogging, upon experiencing very slow traffic growth. But, giving up is a big NO NO! You must be pondering as to how to get more and more viewers that read your blog regularly? Because here, we are going, to sum up, the most exclusive ways through which you can get increased traffic on your blog. Before we begin, we expect you have:

  1. A blog
  2. Social media accounts with the same blog name
  3. A website with the same hosting

Ready, set, GO,…

1. Serve Great Content

The first and most crucial thing to care-of is obviously the content. Every effort you do to promote your content will go in vain if the content does not likeable or unique. 

Make sure your content provides answers to your audience. It must relate to their recent anxiety and they get to know the information they really care to get. To know what their topic of concern is, you must research a lot on various online platforms like Quora or Blog Post Ideas and many more. You can check what your competitors are serving and if you can bring more information on the table regarding the same topic, then you must do it without delay. 

*Quick tip*: suppose your topic is “blog”. Type a question as a prefix to the topic name in the search bar to get an idea of the relevant topics that get searched.


8 Things to do to double your blog viewers in less than a Year


8 Things to do to double your blog viewers in less than a Year

If you take any of these as your blog topics, then your content will directly answer the people what they are asking for, thus making useful content. Another important tip to keep in mind is that if your blog is in the format of a list, it automatically becomes more readable and liked. So, answer these queries in a very scheduled format to satisfy the readers’ curiosity.

2. Network Game Strong

Although this is not very crucial, you can make use of your friends, connections and various social groups to begin with. When you share your write-ups with these people at the beginning stage of your blog, they tend to give you advice on what you lack or what you are good at. 

This enables you to target more specifically and work on improving as much as possible.

3. Collaborate with Growing Blogging Buddies8 Things to do to double your blog viewers in less than a Year

Reach out to the like-minded colleagues of yours and learn from their blogging patterns. Treat your blog like a business and try to aim to connect with bloggers at different stages of growth. Build relationships with them over various social media accounts (*inside tip: Join Twitter chats if possible*). Try to comment on your blogger-buddies tweets and do that continuously, so that they might follow you back. Do not feel afraid in reaching out to bloggers’ queries, if you have answers to their queries.

Submit guest blogs on various renounced platforms and try to earn recognition there. You may even join bloggers community on Facebook or other social media platforms, to get influential people following you if they find your content worth it. 

You can even make guest appearances in your blogging buddies’ blogs and contribute to making their content entertaining. 

4. Take Help from Social Media8 Things to do to double your blog viewers in less than a Year

Social media groups, especially Facebook groups, play a vital role in helping out in promoting your blogs. Facebook groups can probably throw you out on doing an extensive promotion without their permission. You can either take permission to promote your blog, or you can continue to chat with or answer the followers of your niche. 

Sharing your own blogs on social media is also good, but if you only keep sharing your blogs, people tend to lose interest. It is like giving a shout-out to yourself when nobody is interested in listening. 


Join social sharing groups.

These social sharing groups on Facebook can post a link on platforms like Pinterest to get a large number of likes and shares. Make sure you are ready to conduct these responses well. You must take care of the required reciprocation to the interested traffic, without troubling the Admins. 

5. Produce Quality Images Over Quantity

Always choose pictures that justify the message you want to convey through your blog. Even on Instagram and Facebook, never share images that are low in quality, because that has a direct effect on engagement. 

Platforms like Pinterest work on image contains more than any other form, so prepare pots and info-graphics so good that they get pinned and you get followers. Following are some of the best sizes of pictures for each platform:

  • At Pinterest, 600*900 is most likely to get pinned. 
  • At Instagram, 1080*1080 works well.
  • For Facebook, 1200*630 is a win.
  • Choose horizontal pictures in case of Twitter as well as for your blog.

6. Proactive SEO8 Things to do to double your blog viewers in less than a Year

The main game changer in the world of content is SEO. Learning SEO helps you plan the content and helps you make it reach the places it was expected to reach. Once you know your keywords, it becomes very easy to target. All you have to do is, fill your keywords smartly in: 

  1. Your headline
  2. Your content (especially first 100 words)
  3. Alt tags of images
  4. Links to your blog
  5. Metadata

Also, make sure the long tail keywords are spread throughout the content in a very relatable manner. So, take out time to research and get the keywords that work for your niche. Get backlinks from your blogger buddies, if possible.

This is also possible if you reach out to recognized bloggers and get their permission to post your content in their blog as filler in their schedule. It’s a WIN-WIN situation.

7. Have a Fantastic Optin Form

Even if you have succeeded in creating content that answers readers’ questions effectively well, but there are still high chances that they will read it and then never come back to you. So, now you have to convince your readers to subscribe to your content before they bid you goodbye forever. 

But how can this be done?

Popup Optin form is the answer.

A creatively designed optin form grabs the attention of readers and is difficult to ignore. So, tell people to drop their mail address before they get to read your content. Don’t force, but give them an option to subscribe.

Visitors may or may not be convinced to subscribe to your blog, so better provide them with something in return. For example,

8 Things to do to double your blog viewers in less than a Year

8. Test and tweak, test and tweak…

Keep testing your optin forms, CTA, subheadings, images, headlines, etc. Try A/B testing and adopt every trending measure to make your blog more likeable. Just don’t test all of these changes altogether, take time and then decide. 

With this guide by your side and your amazing content, we are sure your blog will end up getting views and readers in millions. 

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