COVID-19 Hustle

Digital Marketing World Witnessed Online Behavioral Shifts Amidst the COVID-19 Hustle

“They say, to exist is to change!”

When things change around, people tend to change accordingly! And, this is what is being experienced by the digital world right now.

We’re here to bring your close attention to the changes caused by the whirlwind named Covid-19. It has changed a lot, not only it has affected the way people live but it has also affected the way people will live after the lockdown comes to an end. 

Seeing today’s scenario - 

  • Everyone’s working from home.
  • Everyone’s washing there hand singing happy birthday in low sound to complete the 20 seconds time. 
  • Moreover, people are adhering to social media platforms for information, entertainment and to actually get creative with their social presence. 

No doubt, we’ve never seen people get more creative and out there on social media platforms for 24*7! 

The other day, while I was sitting with my mom, she came up with a question, “How can I make a purchase online?”

Yes? Amazing right? Even our parents and the elder crowd that didn’t believe in the idea of the digital world have started to stir questions like this. 

So, how has the Corona-virus stirred online behavioral shifts in the digital world!

People are now turning towards online communities and online platforms to look for support and reassurance amidst the pandemic. They’re learning the importance of social interaction and also how to use the internet in the best and the legit way!

To sum it all, these are some of the behavioral changes  -

  • Filled the gap between the digital world with people. 
  • Small businesses coming up with requests to bring their business online. 
  • People considering reading news online, and also buying necessities like grocery online. 
  • The masses are also drifting towards learning online. 

So, at the end of the lockdown, we may find a new, revamped digital realm!

The interesting thing is that it would lead to significant interactive shifts and more community engagement and communication. Joining hands in these are the social media platforms that are updating to support this change!

  • Like Instagram launching the new co-watching feature which motivates people to interact more over calls and share their ideas and posts while being in the call. 
  • The next is Facebook with its pushing everyone for group usage and over a billion users are active members of groups already. 
  • Jio supporting the cause with its services. It has provided different services under #CoronaHaregaIndiaJeetega. For instance, it has provided a wholesome pack for people working from home so that they can have smooth working. And, also it has started the “learn from home” culture with a dedicated space for the school/institution to sign up with the  Microsoft Teams. 

How would it be beneficial?

Seeing the rainbow after the storm! These are the benefits that this whirlwind will bring to the surface.

01. Businesses:

A wave of digital marketing will strike high after the lockdown comes to an end! And, it has already transformed how the ones ignoring the digital world have come closer to it in the past weeks. People are looking forward to bring their businesses online and why not? It is super-beneficial for the business as well as for the people who are looking forth to not moving out of their house. 

During this pandemic, there is a significant rise in people choosing the grocery and other essential services online and also people are swiftly moving towards getting knowledge or regular news online. So, when the lockdown comes to an end, and things get back on track, there will be a drastic change in how people 

  • Buy goods.
  • Collect knowledge.
  • Payment method. 

Yes! Everything will turn digital. 

02. Brands would look for services:

Small businesses and even some of the best MNCs have been ignorant of the digital marketing world, but since the lockdown has brought down the sales and most importantly the communication with their audience, many brick-and-mortar businesses will change their perspective. 

So, it is expected the businesses will go on a searching spree for the agencies that provide the best digital marketing services to savor ample traffic and ample sales!



03. Work from home won’t be a taboo anymore:

With corona having sparked off a huge global impact in mass remote working, the office culture is going to be reinvented! Yes! This means work from home won’t be a taboo anymore, people would respect it and allow it for more productive and happier office culture. 

So no more ranting from your boss, “You may no longer work from home, come back to the office.”

work from home

To this the S V Nathan, Partner, and Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte India also said to the TOI, “Unintentionally we are becoming more trustworthy towards the employees. We set the metrics for people and trust them to meet their targets. Also, in all this, there seems to be a basic challenging of the notion that facetime will increase productivity!”

Moreover, India deleting the misconceptions of work from home from their minds will result in more organizations allowing their employees to work freely from their home but also promising that they deliver the work on time. This will in result decrease the pollution and vehicle commotion on streets in big metro cities!

And, I am not lying, the facts are true! The lockdown has shown a significant reduction in traffic (obviously!) and pollution in Wuhan and Milan. 

For the employees  - “Greater flexibility is on your way! You will have the freedom to stay back home as MNCs now understand a happy environment leads to more productivity.”

04. Learning digital marketing courses online:

Yes! Even we did come up with the webinar to host for our students! Face-to-face studies or online courses have taken up the place of offline digital marketing courses. Students love it more, and the teaching professionals too.

offline digital marketing courses

And, who won’t love it? Studying online gives you more flexibility. Moreover, you can work and fit your other day to day activities according to it. You can interact more with your instructor, question them without fear and gain knowledge at the right place, right pace and right way. 

05. Less depression, more joy:

Have you seen this template?


Yes? Then you are probably all the time on Instagram to maintain a safe distance from quarantine blues. 

Yes! It is true! Shifting towards Instagram and Facebook to update about everything you do, everything you feel has been the best way during these quarantine days to get rid of the home pressure, depression or anxiety!

People have chosen to go live to share their views, some have chosen to give challenges to their friends and also shared posts and creatives to be entertained all the time. This will be a major benefit for those who are looking forth to make a social media presence of their business!

Yes, people would be more likely to pay attention to your creatives and also judge the credibility of the brand according to their social media presence. 

The world has suffered and is still suffering! But there is another world after the quarantine, revamped and reloaded, waiting for all of us! 

And, it is going to be digital!

This was all about the online behavioral changes. But this was not it, there will be more when this quarantine ends. 

Be safe, be home! Everyone is doing their part to stay positive during this pandemic! In many ways, everyone is expecting and hoping for the things to get back on track. Trends, challenges, and social media awareness are the future. The digital world is the future that we all await. 

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