2019 key digital marketing stats you need to know

Digital Marketing Stats 2019 you need to know now!

The most awaited Reuters Digital News Report was out last week, and like always it has not disappointed us at all. The report featured some of the most prominent statistics that have great potential to change the way we all have been practicing digital marketing. The survey is conducted each year and encompasses around 40 countries including UK, US, France. 

Statistics, as we know, give way to trends and trends give way to lead generation and ultimately bring profits in your sheets. It is important as a digital marketing trainee or enthusiast to know about these stats.   So, let’s get started on learning the key findings of the reports: 

Smart devices /Smartphones Vs Computer 

Smartphone vs Computers

According to the reports, “the convenience and versatility of the smartphone tend to win out”. And, we couldn’t agree more. Smartphone have lead to a 360° market reversal. Stats revealed, smartphones have chomped down the computer usage as the main device to 28% from 73% in just the last 5 years (from 2013 to 2019).  

Take the UK for example, just back in 2013 smartphones were lagging behind which then had hold of about 15% share of the total market. But today it has rolled the market, having a 49% staggering hold. That is a massive hike. Also, 16% chose tablets over computers.

The report further conveys, about one-fifth of the UK's digital news consumption comes from mobile notifications, surging up from 3% to 20% from 2014 to 2019. 

All these stats indicate nothing but how everything needs a ‘smartphone’ filter now. If you have a business website which is not optimized for smartphones, we think it is time you start making preparations to go responsive.

Instagram to take over Facebook?

Facebook vs Instagram

Another shock that came from the reports was, in many countries, people tend to spend less time on Facebook and more time on Instagram, about 15% less than it was.

According to data collected in the year 2018, WhatsApp and Instagram have replaced Facebook. However, there is no denying that Facebook is the leading social network for news. Notably, people under the age of 35 spend most of their time on Instagram than that on Facebook or any other social network. Instagram stands the share of about 46%, gaining up on any other platform by 32%.

Investing in Instagram can help your business boost its reach while providing you with greater business benefits. 

Needle moved! People now Pay for News

Although very little, there has been a small increase in the number of people wanting to pay for online news, inclusive of donations. The report suggested, on closely speculating the Nordic regions it is found that there has been a little increase in the trend.  

Negligible but important, the change in numbers give a slight opening to people who are looking on to penetrating the Nordic markets. However, the report denied any changes in the figure in other regions. For example, in the US it was steady for the same 16% and 9% in the UK). 

Furthermore, what drags our attention is the craze for online videos. In a nutshell, the report indicated to subscription fatigue that is taking over the market. With 37% of people under 45 wanting to choose an online video, followed by 15% choosing music, when given a choice to take one online subscription.   

55% of Kids are Regularly creating Video Content

There is no age that has been left untouched from the internet now. In findings of Beano Studio’s, about 86% of kids under the age of 10 are actively using new age technology to develop content. Designing, video creation, children are contributing highly on creating content and sharing them on social platforms. 

About 55% of the child population created video content regularly while 36% of them are into computer coding.  

Snapchat is Responsible for Profit 

About 65% of publishers agreed posting content on Snapchat has been profitable. In a survey held by DigiDay on 124 publishers, it was revealed that Snapchat stood second to just Google AMP in the list of social networks to drive more profits for them. 

Also, the report stated about 67% of people affirmed the usability of Google AMP in getting better results. While Facebook stood about 46% in the same test. 

Some other Important Stats 

So, these were some of the most major updates you needed for accelerating your digital marketing in the year 2019. Some of the others that deserve significant mentions were: 

17% of big companies only had the knowledge and skills needed to support their marketing operations, which is indeed shocking. However, if you are looking for a career change, you know where to go. 

All the stat majorly, imply digital marketing will be here for the long run and anyhow businesses will have to adapt to the change. While they have a lot to look at right now, all you need to take is one decision to change your life completely and that is taking a digital marketing course to translate this opportunity to hike your career or boost your business.  If you are serious on to joining the world’s biggest trend ever, choose Asia’s finest digital marketing institute Orionators School of Learning to sharpen your axe and live your dreams.

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