Digital Marketing Course is what you need to enhance your career in 2020

Digital Marketing Course is What you Need to Enhance your Career in 2020

Well we won’t be kidding if we say that Digital Marketing will be a 100 Billion Dollar industry in the year 2020. And what time can be better than now, to invest in this ever growing industry? Don’t panic, we gave you a FOMO to make you realize that it is always better late than never to start giving your business the much needed exposure. 

Don’t we still remember “Vajradanti Vajradanti Vicco Vajradanti, Vicco powder vicco paste…..” yeah we do, because we used to hear/see the commercial a lot when we were kids. But can we recall any such ad music that we remember today? Barely any! This is because people have reduced using traditional methods of marketing like television and radio ads to market their products/ services. The time is changed! Marketing now is more about reaching out to the audience through their mobile screens.

You must be thinking what career has to do with digital marketing, but hold on; we are here to help you connect the dots. Stay tuned until the end and we are surely going to answer all your doubts regarding a Career in Digital Marketing. Marketing is more about providing relevant suggestions to the viewers when they search for something on Google. You have been a target too, don’t believe us? Just go and try typing “the best jeans for girls” on Google once. You will see all the companies offering you the best jeans they have through ads on your Instagram and Facebook feeds. You want to be acquainted with this an awesome marketing strategy? Buck up, here we go….

Following are the parts of the entire course of Digital Marketing that are indispensable and one must have an in-depth technical knowledge of these subjects to be able to be versed digital marketer:

1. Website Development:

With this module, you will get to learn about the technical knowledge regarding websites designing and development. You will learn why your business needs a website to make an online presence. You will get acquainted with various development platforms and will get insights regarding UI/UX development for your website. You do not need to learn heavy coding in this segment; instead you will get to know how you can still set up your own website without much prior knowledge of software development. 

You must cover the tactics of user interface, backend development, plug-ins and most importantly about A/B testing.

2. Lead generation techniques:

Here you will learn about how you can convert your website crawlers into your clients. You will understand what are leads and how can they give you conversions. You will unveil the lead funnel that decides the flow of success of your campaign, to give you high Return on Investment. 

If you wish to learn, you may also learn to make strategies in a way that help them stand out and get the attention of your prospects. 

3. Email marketing:

This “OLD IS GOLD” marketing segment is something that works the best when you have to address your clients personally and build a bond of trust with them. You will get a clue of the current marketing scenario and understand the calculating the user responsiveness of each of your creative and campaigns. You will learn the secret recipes to make sure that your email does not land in client’s spam box.

Only after getting well versed with the best practices and how to design the strategy, you will learn how email automation workflow works

4. Social media marketing:

We know this gen feeds on Social media, which makes social media marketing another powerful tool which can be leveraged to reach your target audience faster. Through a good digital marketing course you get to learn the psychology of the audience and the social media paradigms that will help you optimize conversions. You will learn how to make ads on various platforms and more so, how to do proper bidding. You will know the use of hashtags and creating engaging content and so much more that will help you win the marketing game!

5. Google Analytics and Google AdWords:

These are the two most important tools that will aid you at every step of decision making while devising a fail-proof strategy. You must know the bid and budget management in Google Analytics and how various types of search ads and display ads work. You will know the importance of remarketing and how various AdWords algorithms work in a very lucid way. 

In the course of Google Analytics, you will befriend the audiences and their behavior while they are online. You will be able to know how to track cookies and understand the platform in detail.

6. Content Marketing:

Having no content is like having no food on the table! Yes, so content marketing is going to help you with making and strategizing quality content that can address to customers’ anxiety and make them feel like they are understood. Also, if you have worked hard in creating something really useful for your audience, then you would not like it if it does not reach them. This makes it important to learn how and where to promote your content and what content works better than the other.

7. Blogging:

Professional blogging is a big business that every person wishes to own. So, with this part of the course will help you realize your niche for blogging and know all the blogging trends to be able to stand affirm in the market.

8. Influencer Marketing: 

With this, you will understand how is it to be an influencer? You will realize the marketing possibilities and the god influencers that are doing amazingly well in their niche. If you are trying to find an influencer who can be a good influence for your businesses’ market value, then here you will also learn to find a perfect influencer. 

9. Affiliate Marketing:

The new king in the world of online marketing, Affiliate marketing is a thing to not miss. You will know about the types of marketing campaigns and how one can do affiliate marketing. This course exposes the tried and trusted affiliate networks for you to begin with and the advanced techniques that will help you all that while. 

10. Google AdSense:

Another big thing without the knowledge of which, you are lacking on a whole lot of things. You will be able to provide an ad network and you will learn how? With this course you will be able to understand how it all works along with the bonus tips to ace monetizing the most of it.

These are the basic constituents of a thorough Digital Marketing course, but there are so many more advanced marketing topics like Black Hat Techniques, Competitor Analysis, Growth Hacking, Money making techniques through Digital Marketing, mobile marketing, etc. Orionators School of Learning offers an adequate amalgam of 32+ modules that cover all the present day knowledge about Digital Marketing. 

After you complete the course, you must have a certificate that acknowledges your skill and lands you a decent job in the field you are good at.  Certificates do play a crucial role in helping the recruiters identify your strengths and accomplishments. OSL offers 14+ Certificates on completing the Certified Programme In Digital Marketing. These certificates will be provided by Pioneers of the Digital World like Facebook, Hubspot, Bing and also from the most rewarding Digital Marketing Institute in Udaipur, namely OSL.

Even if you do not aim to opt for a job in digital marketing and instead you wish to grow your business online, this course is still a boon. With the detailed knowledge of how you can fetch your target audience online, you will definitely be able to hike your sales. You will have a clearer picture of how much to invest and where to invest with the help of analytics report. Thus, digital marketing skills help your business proliferate. 

Now that you know the need of the hour, we expect you to take the right decision and take a demo class at Orionators School of Learning. OSL is Asia’s fastest growing digital marketing school that can help you know the A B C of digital marketing. Join us to know the magic tricks that can help you make money online with every blink of an eye by guiding you to drive your diligently created data in the right way.

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