How learning digital marketing can help you increase your career opportunities?

Ultimate Guide to help you know Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing

We have created this blog basis the most searched query that is, “Career opportunities in Digital Marketing in India 2020”. With the advent of the JIO revolution, do you even expect people to go off the internet? Not really. This is one of the biggest reasons why almost every business needs to establish themselves online.

Why Digital Marketing?

Let us assume, there is a person who uses internet aggressively for knowledge gain or for fun activities. And suddenly he gets the idea of learning a course. He can’t figure out what is the future value of that certification that he is aiming to achieve? Which is the best institute near him that can help him complete the course? What would he do? He would rather search online about all his queries, just like you did to land here. There he will also get unbiased reviews and even suggestions from the alumni about the places where he can complete the course he wishes to.

Now, if you offer that course, but did not pay heed to build an online presence, that person will not be able to know about your service and your business might have to suffer the repercussions. I hope you now have an idea about the importance of digital marketing. 

Moving on to the second most asked question, ‘What is the Scope of Digital Marketing?

If we pay close attention to the present scenario, 85% of the population uses the internet for more than 3 hours in a day, which means the majority of most of the businesses’ target audience is feeding on their phones. Thus, everybody must mark their presence online.

But for so many businesses to occupy a position on the World Wide Web and for them to rank in the search results of their target audience, experts are needed! With the growth in the business world, there will always be more demand for such digital marketing experts.

Take a look at the following:


9289 jobs available at LinkedIn, when only searched for ‘digital marketing’. If you type further mentioning the specialization, like the content writer, web designer, UI/UX designer, social media executive, etc then there will be even increased search results.


Similarly, at, 19174 jobs are available in the same search keyword “digital marketing”. Since, demand for digital marketers is more than the supply, which makes it clear why you need to learn digital marketing if you believe you have that potential in you.

To be able to attract traffic online, one must in the first place, know how to leverage their digital marketing skills. And for owning those skills, you may reach out to various institutes that offer digital marketing courses online or can even attend in-class training for digital marketing. Asia’s most rewarding digital marketing School - Orionators school of Learning is now in Udaipur offering an elaborative course for digital marketing aspirants.

These institutes help you be a certified professional who aces at online marketing. You will be preferred by recruiters over any other individual who has not achieved those certifications that you have.

Wait…Certification, what Certifications?

Yes, owning a certificate can definitely help you increase your chances of getting noticed. Following are the certifications that hold considerable importance:

1. Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing Certification by Hubspot
2. Google Adwords certification
3. Google Analytics certification
4. Bing Ads certification

Although this subject does not yield success depending on the certificates alone, you have to prove your skills. Having practical exposure adds weight to your profile. OSL also offers an assured industry exposure to let you practice your novice skills, post completing the course.

Following are some of the most prominent job roles offered to a digital marketer:

1. Digital marketing manager

They lead the marketing team and make sure the process gets executed in an efficient manner. They are the people drive and execute an integrated digital marketing campaign. As a DMM, one can expect a salary as good as 15-20 lpa.

2. Content marketer/writer

Content writers write content that acts as a magnet to your business, fetching traffic to your page. While a content marketer is managing the flow of that content, Content marketing managers take care of copywriting, stimulating email communications, drip marketing campaigns, ebook publication and even video marketing. They may expect a salary ranging between 10-15 lpa.

3. Social media marketing expert

Running paid advertisements on social media requires expertise as well as the right amount of estimation. With this profile, one can earn as good as 10-12 lpa. This range may even hike depending on the years of experience you hold.

Digital Marketing Expert

4. Search engine marketer

One of the most crucial roles in the world of digital marketing is the role of a Search Engine Marketer. This person is responsible for getting the leads and clicks, by applying various strategies, in the given budget. They perform bid management on various ads they run to get the maximum ROI. Depending on your experience, this job role can help you fetch a handsome salary.

5. Search engine Optimization expert

To help any site or web page perform better in the search results, an SEO is required. They continuously give feedback to the development and the content team for bringing the required improvisations. An SEO gets 10-12 lpa, if experienced.

6. Email marketer

They ideate and create attractive emails to promote brands and campaigns, thus helping in making a one on one communication link with the customers. They ideate graphics, incentives and take care of the email database, get the count of interested customers and most importantly sometimes bring conversions.  

Wrapping Up

There are many other job roles Digital marketing offers, but to know that you will have to dig a little deeper into this world. We hope you now have a clear picture of how learning digital marketing can help you increase your career opportunities. Not just that, you can even use digital marketing for the growth of your own business. It is never too late to begin, learn digital marketing and make your presence where your customers are.

Orionators School Of learning is Asia’s fastest growing digital marketing school that can help you know the A B C of digital marketing. Join us to know the magic tricks that can help you rank atop by guiding you to drive your diligently created data in the right way.


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