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Top 5 Brand Wars that will school you for better Digital Marketing Strategies

The marketing world is fierce in competition and it is continuously bringing out new changes in trends and updates. And one such trend is of the brand to brand wars. We are just awestruck by the degree of creativity these warship hold. The way the brand takes on the weaknesses of their rivals is something to enjoy.  What they have is an absolute talent for marketing and you will be very wrong if you thought the wars were vague. When brand mocks a brand, they do give serious burns to each other. 

Mocking is an ongoing trend, and it has been here for longer than you can imagine. 

Creative advertising might be comparative, entertaining, but when they get aggressive, you are about to witness a brand war. Mocking your competition is not a new thing, in fact, it has a long history. With social media, they are just receiving the right amount of hype they deserve. We mean, they are so creative they deserve an absolute salute for their witty humor. 

Openly taking out your rivals in print, digital and broadcast channels have become so common now that every other brand is doing it. But there are some kinds of marketing that just win our heart with their stunning humor, competitive edge and innovation in marketing. So, here the unbeatable geniuses that made it interesting to watch brand wars, while altering the meaning of marketing completely.  

1. Pepsi Vs Coca Cola 

Sometimes with a light saber to sometimes with #Sixwordhorror, Pepsi has never stopped from openly declaring the war with its biggest competitor. The war has been going on now since years, and it feels like it’s been ages. But it all openly started when in mid-’90s Pepsi launched its campaign Pepsi Stuff

They both have their own funny ways to attend to their century-old rivalry. Pepsi of course, is rather much open in mocking, while coke is no less in its hilarious comebacks. 

Here are some for example: 

Pepsi versus Coca Cola

However, many reports suggest that it is high time now that they should quit it for good. The growing war on sugary cola has lead to an evolved taste and while it is true that both companies have launched their successful healthy alternatives still we say, soda is important. 

2. Burger King and McDonalds:

Burger King vs McDonalds

One of the biggest marketing methods of Burger King has been of mockery and criticism of McD. And they have left no strand of their creative DNA run low while thinking every possible manner to win consumers with their witty advertising methods. 

In fact, they have been so creative in their postings that even while hiring for a ‘manager’, social media bustled with their ‘don’t mention the “M”’ take on McDonalds. 

Not only that, there are several examples when Burger King has brutally campaigned against McDonalds, but our favorite forms the movie ‘It’.   It is when in the end credits, Burger King puts a simple but powerful message for the viewers, in the end, saying, “Never trust a clown”. 


3. BMW Vs Mercedes Benz

The top two luxury car brands are sort-of at rivalry, but one of the most beautiful ads that have panned YouTube and Twitter last month was on the retirement of Mercedes Benz CEO Dieter Zetsche, crossing about a 1.6 million view mark in merely two days. 

The ad features the last day of CEO of Mercedes Benz, in which he is portrayed by a look-alike taking final greeting from the employees, handing over his employee id, being chauffeured to his home in a Mercedes Benz. And, just when retirements could get tedious and sad, the CEO of Mercedes Benz is seen taking out the latest BMW i8 roadster from his garage, unveiling the car in the most futuristic way and taking off on a long-delayed trip.  

Ending the spot with, “Retirement is about exploring your wide open future”, we think it was an amazing ad that left everyone with a smile even Mercedes Benz. Just take a look at what happened later on the twitter:  

BMW Vs Mercedes Benz

4. Samsung Vs Apple

Samsung versus Apple

Nobody can forget “Samsung makes fun of the Apple series”, can we? In a series of an advertisement on YouTube, Samsung thoroughly campaigned on displaying the key features of its then launched S9+ that showed pure futurism in technology and digital evolution. The upgrade to Galaxy campaign can be said was a success as it was globally received really well. It was amazingly genius and not to forget cruel towards Apple, but social media is an open platform and creativity is the key. Also, it was daring to openly address the undercurrent of years of market rivalry. But in last all we could say as “Well played Samsung, well played!”

So, let’s watch the video. 

5. Netflix and Hotstar

This might not have come to your notice but this doesn’t mean it has done any less damage to inspire some serious social media maintenance post tweet war. Netflix while tweeting a super sweet message for its users stating “it is in relationship with them” couldn’t have imagined it would turn into lethal twitter warfare.  

Just have a look at the whole tweet segment and we are sure, you would not be able to stop yourself from smiling with its hilarity. 

Netflix and Hotstar

Wrapping Up

In so many ways you can give a humorous twist to your rivalry but these 5 just nailed it. There were so other marketing geniuses but again we totally fell head over heels for these few 5. 

You too can suggest some of your favorite brand warfare in the comment section below; as this spicy gossip is something we are direly waiting to happen. So, what are you waiting for, start your hunt and keep us posted? Meanwhile, we too have something’s to do, like preparing for the coming Saturday free demo and find more ways to give you some more interesting marketing chills.  For more information like this stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram

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