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Create Ads that Get You Money | Let’s Begin

The road to success of Ads is always under construction! Why? Well, it takes a lot of ad content creation to create an ad content that speaks volume about - the offer, the brand USP, the pain-points that it solves, and also that makes money for you and your brand. And, all of it in just a few words. 

Tough task?

Nah! We will practice the art of writing good ad copies, strategically, step by step. 

But for first, I will like you to explore ‘What makes you unique’. 

USP or unique selling point is the one that makes your business better than the competition. What makes your brand unique? What is the one thing that strengthens your connection with your customers? 

It is essential to find out a unique feature, as this is what people will come in contact with. And, this is what they will remember. For instance, when you are looking for an anti-dandruff shampoo, you get head & shoulder at the back of your mind first! Why? 

Because they have set it up, their entire communication is based on ‘Get Rid of Dandruff with Head & Shoulder’. 

Figure out and focus on what people will love about your company’s product or services. 

Your Advertisement Must Adhere to this Code - Buy XYZ Product for XYZ Benefit!

What no one does that your brand do! For instance, I am starting a bakery business, and we make gluten-free cakes. This is our USP. 

Gluten-free cakes delivered at your doorstep!

Keep in mind the USP and proceed further to create content accordingly. 

And, yes, sometimes what you do is similar to some other company too, so it is absolutely alright unless you create content that overpowers theirs. 


01. Powerful Headline -

David Ogilvy said “On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of 1 dollar.”

Yes, headlines are the first thing that grabs the attention of the user. So, spend a lot of time deriving the best headline.

Don’t jeopardize the headline by bombarding it with keywords. To stand out, find a perfect balance between your goal, keywords, and it should mirror the visitor’s end goal. 

Let me ask you something - Why would you click on an ad? 

  • Does it promise to solve your problem?
  • It is offering something that no one ever did?
  • Is it engaging?

All of the above! For example, I searched for ‘sell car’, and the following ads show up -

 I searched for ‘sell car’

The most engaging one is Sell your Car in a Single Visit. It means it assures there will be less hustle and a promising sale too. This grabs attention in one go and also assures me that there will be a hustle-free procedure. The headline does the job, and then I would indeed read what it does in the description. 

02. Work on Irresistible Offers:

No matter what, no matter from whom, customers love offers. And, so, it is your brand’s duty to give them something that is beneficial for them. This is one of the ways by which you can create an effective ad. All you have to do is add an offer. 

Work on Irresistible Offers

Free trial, free shipping or an exclusive festive offer, providing your customers with a good deal will help you create an ad that makes sales. So, brainstorm and come up with an irresistible offer that makes sure you have advertised right. 

03. Go for Emotional Triggers:

Emotional triggers are important as people connect more to a content that is driven by emotions rather than the selfish motive of just making a sale. While casually browsing through the feed they come across an ad that attaches emotions, let say, fear, anger or happiness, or even emotional, they are sure to click through. 

Go for Emotional Triggers

For instance, an ad of gym training showcases only this ‘Private Gym that Meets your Needs’. And the other ad showcases this content - ‘Look shaped & feel fit!’. On which ad you are going to engage more? 

The sure answer is the later one. It is attaching my emotions of having an unfit body and my willingness to have a fit and toned body. 

Include such emotional triggers and you are surely going to attract a lot of visitors. 

04. Let the Content Show Benefits:

The graphic or the content should be entirely on the benefits of the product/service. It should highly focus on how it will help customers and how it solves their issues. After all, people are more interested in knowing what service or product you have got for their problems rather than fancy graphic-centric ads. 

All you have to do is think about the following -

  • Make a list of all of your services or products. 
  • Now, besides every product pen down what it does. 
  • Next, pen down what results does each of the working features of the product does. 

05. FOMO is the New Normal!:

Yes, ads that introduce a fear of missing out are the most clicked ones. For instance, if you get a notification of Dominos saying that you will get FLAT 40% on pizzas only for today, what will your next step be?

I will order a large pizza immediately! This is what FOMO does, it acts as a catalyst to get your visitors to your website. FOMO is a sure-shot way to make your ad, a successful one and drive conversions from it. 

Tip - The easiest way to implement this to use countdowns. For instance, last 2 days left to avail this offer or Avail FREE SHIPPING, offer for only 2 hours.

Make it memorable.

Make it engaging. 

Make it clickable.

Your ads, your rules! Just make sure it solves the pain point of the customer and also offers them benefits. 

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