10 best tips to get real estate leads in India

Convincing Tricks that can Compel your Leads to Convert

Having the leads bounce back from your landing page without giving a conversion, is worse than having the audience that is giving no action to your advertisement. Cold leads are very difficult to convert into buyers. Although we can’t stop this rejection from some of our target prospects, we can definitely minimize the number of cold leads. Definitely!

We can’t spam the target audience’s inboxes and feed, but a little consistency does no harm because, at the end of the day, all we intend is to hike our conversion rates. But finding new techniques to convince the target audience becomes difficult sometimes. But we are here to give you a few magic tricks that will help you put in the right technology basis the psychology of your potential customers.

There are certain consumer anxieties which when addressed, triggers the customers to click to CTA and accept the offer. So following are the tips with the help of which one can turn leads into customers:

1. Talk to Customers About their Benefits

Your customers want to know where this purchase will lead them to, what benefits will they have of making this decision of buying now, etc. Your campaign must address the consumer’s anxiety and convince them with lines like “simple ways” or “beneficial ways”, etc.

You must not only realize their problems but also provide a solution and convince them that this solution is a better way out. This will make the leads feel like they will be getting something with this conversion and thus they think of reaching the endpoint.

Amazing tricks to convince your leads into making a conversion

2. Offer them Something New

Along with focusing on offering relevant offers, there should be something new that you have to offer. People only long to invest in something that will render them with good user experience. This does not mean that you will alter your services or create new products every now and then to please your customers. We know that is next to impossible. In fact, give them new reasons, to opt for your service/product. 

Keep changing your marketing descriptions, taglines, basically rebrand in different ways. (PRO TIP: add socio-environmental triggers).

But do not just create wrong information, because doing that will make your audience feel betrayed and they will lose trust in your brand. 

3. Analyze their Needs and Address them

Website visitors do not reach your website accidentally. They drop by your site, after finding your CTA or ad offer attractive or useful. They definitely were looking for something specific that got them to your site.  

So you must use analytics to analyze as to what pages or what products on your website are receiving the maximum engagement. Once you know that, you will have an idea about what they were looking for and then you can use this in your next marketing strategy to address customer’s needs. 

4. Make the Process of Conversion as Convenient as Possible

Amazing tricks to convince your leads into making a conversion

You may have cracked the rocket-science equation, of what your customers are seeking for, but how they get to avail those services from you also matters a lot. You have to make the conversion process as easy as possible. Focus on creating an Easy-to-follow framework, so that the client does not have to undergo a lengthy process to get you conversions. 

One smart way in which this can be achieved is by bringing them right to the product and the service that they chose in the advertisement, instead of taking them to the home page and leaving them to wander over your web pages all alone. Taking them directly to product/service they want, will definitely save their time without letting their excitement fade away. 

So focus on creating a simple workflow using effective on-boarding services and attractive UX. This way their experience is not interrupted and they will definitely give you conversions. 

5. Share Success Stories via Social Media

Amazing tricks to convince your leads into making a conversion

When you see your ideal customers, make them feel they are special to you. This helps you earn customer’s loyalty with ‘word-of-mouth” reference-free. You can also add stories of your business that attract users to explore your business once. For example, you must have heard of the story of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Having a brand story makes your brand even more reliable and grips a good number of customers because it simply helps them connect to you.

Also, to make your customers believe that you are the best, do not brag about it yourself. Let your customer testimonials, reviews, etc do that for you. People love to know how much others have got benefitted using your service. Share those reviews, case studies, live feeds, ratings, mentions, etc on social media, so that users never doubt your credibility.

6. Make them Feel like “the customer is the king”

The biggest reason behind cold leads is the fact that sometimes, users may not feel involved with the brand. If they realize that the business focus is solely revenue generation and not customer experience, they might bounce off without giving a conversion. 

So make them feel significant, give them treatment as personal as possible. Curate products for them, gift some rewards to them and loyalty points as well. All this comes from studying the Customer Analytics report.  

So as a marketer, with the hype in competition, it is very crucial to find a perfect balance between quality of service and user experience. After all, that is going to earn you conversions. 

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