Content Creators Here’s A Great Tool For You

Content Creators Here’s A Great Tool For You – Instagram Guides!

Instagram recently launched a new feature called Instagram Guides. It is with the motive of launching a new format for sharing curated, scrollable content, and in all, it is a feature that gives users an easier way to share and ingest helpful recommendations and tips in a proper and concise format. 

But what are Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides

It is an initiative by Instagram for supporting well-being! They want Instagram not only a place to swipe through stories and scroll through posts but to be a place where a user can effortlessly find reliable information and inspiration from their favourite content creators. 

The Instagram guide is a way to easily discover recommendations, tricks & tips, and other content from favourite content creators. They can be anything, an organization, public figures, publishers, public figures, etc. 

Which is in fact a great way to sort everything out. 

It is the best way for users to curate content and share it on their Instagram page, with detailed descriptions and commentary. 

Instagram is first focusing Guid+es on wellness content due to the struggles that almost everyone faced due to COVID-19. They enable creators to follow an organized flow of creative posts with commentary, i.e., step-by-step guides, tips, and recommendations. 

This guide is a brand new way to share and consume content on Instagram. 

Initially, this has been enabled for a selected number of health and wellness creators. This is an effort towards people who are struggling due to COVID-19 pandemic. They have enabled creators to connect with expert organizations to share resources during this hard time. It includes -

  • Tips on how to look after one’s well-being. 
  • Maintaining a connection with everyone. 
  • Managing anxiety or grief. 

Further, this guide will be available for all other creators. 

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How to create an Instagram guide?

It is a very easy process to create an Instagram guide. 

  • Go to your profile page and click the plus icon on the top-right of your profile page and select ‘Guide’. 
  • It gives multiple options to choose from. You can select the guide type, which is, places, products, posts. 

How to create an Instagram guide

For instance,

  • Places - Food bloggers can curate a list of the best restaurants to visit in a particular town. It will be a guide with descriptions, location, and other information related to the restaurant. 
  • Products - Fashion influencers can curate a list of black dresses that one should buy. Prepare a guide of where to buy, where you can buy it online and even link prices and quality to expect. 
  • Posts - You can curate a list of Instagram trends that one should follow. Make a guide of it, for instance, best quotes, the best movie to binge-watch, or any Instagram story tactics that you have learned so far. 

How can an Instagram Guide be helpful?

  • For first, you can promote and market almost anything. You can make a guide of top 5 dresses and promote the products that you are sponsored for. Or you can showcase your artwork and how the audiences can do it on their own. 
  • Secondly, a comprehensive guide is rare to be found. So, if you curate the best content then be sure that it is going to be shared across the platform. One can share a guide on their stories or send it to their friends through direct messaging. 
  • You have got an entirely new medium to share content with your followers. And, it also gives you an opportunity to repurpose those creatives that didn’t get the wanted engagement. 

Instagram Guides are like a short blog that anyone can refer to get a proper guide about a certain topic. 

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Also, share what are your thoughts on this new update? Share it with your friends so that they can continue their freelancer journey being well-aware about the ongoing updates in social media marketing. 

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