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Complete Guide to Why Lead Generation is Important for your Business in 2019

Lead generation is not something that can be overlooked in today’s scenario. Any business needs to have an enormous traffic response, to be able to get more sales and higher conversion rates. If you get good lead generation traffic, you automatically act as a magnet to the new searchers on the internet. Imagine a situation where your potential clients are looking for some solutions online that your business can provide. Google, in that case, helps you stand out in their searches and thus the chances of you getting a conversion increases immensely. 

Thus, to get this lead, you have to take care of various strategies, so that Google gets you the best and the most potent customers to you. This helps a lot in fetching your business the intended profit. So, we are going to answer every possible question that might hit your mind talking about “Lead generation”:

1. What is Lead? What is Lead Generation?

Talking about lead, it is a person who shows or indicates interest in your product or service. So, these are the people you should target. Are you asking why?

Let us see this with an example, suppose you have previously been surfing on the internet about ‘purchasing a car at easy EMI’. Next day, if you get an email from a company who is ready to offer low-cost EMI facility on a car purchase, then you will definitely open up the mail to compare the deal. This happened because that company targeted you as their leader and if you purchase their deal, and then you give them the conversion.

Such interactions are better than companies randomly mailing anyone out of the blues with no knowledge of whether you even care about the subject. Identifying the leads makes the process less irrelevant and far less annoying for the customers.

lead generation

Moving on to lead generation, it is the process of converting strangers into your probable customers. Some example of successful lead generators is blog posts, coupons, surveys, etc. You must find unique ways to attract people to your business and offer them with satisfactory product/service so that they love to hear from you again and again. 

2. How to Generate Leads? 

lead generationNow that we know, how important lead generation is to increase your conversion rate, let’s explore how this process works.

Firstly, when a visitor visits your business through various channels, he clicks on your Call To Action (CTA) button. This happens when they feel convinced enough with the offer/scheme you have presented. Clicking on the CTA takes your visitor to the landing page of your website, where you capture the visitor’s information in exchange for an offer. 

What offer? You must be thinking. 

Offer is some content or anything that the user is interested in availing. For eg, free PDF, free e-book, 15% discount, free templates, free one-month trial and many more. The offer must be catchy enough, so much so that the visitor, exchanges his email/number in exchange for the offer. Now, you will again have to be a little meticulous about the form that you collect your visitor’s information in. There are also some lead generation tools available on the internet that help you create lead forms that can work wonders for your website. 

Once you are ready with the offer and your effective landing page, it is time to work on realizing, as to what channels to choose for the promotion. We can suggest the following:

  1. Content: This is the most prominent and safest way to guide your readers to your landing page. Who does not love to get free information? A delighted visitor might even end up making a purchase if they find your information genuine and trustworthy.
  2. Email: This is a personalized way of approaching your potential customers. You generally create an attractive emailer, listing the information of benefits a user will have, upon subscribing to your service. Feeling convinced, email can drive a lot of traffic to your landing page. 
  3. Advertisements: Your offer in the ad must match to that on the landing page, most importantly, so that a visitor finds you reliable. If they feel convinced with the offer, they will definitely make a conversion.
  4. Social media: a major part of the target audience feeds on social media, which is why it is wise to promote your offers on your social media platforms as well. You can even directly fix a CTA button on your post and directly get leads.
  5. Referral marketing: Also known as ‘Word-of-mouth’ marketing, is very effective. Once an influential page or person promotes your brand/product, you are most likely to get a heavy influx of leads and many conversions.

Note: Never purchase leads, because the leads you purchase are the people who had once opted-in for something else. So repeated mailing can spam their inbox, and they might mark you as spam. This is something you should be very cautious about.  

3. What are the Industry benchmarks for Lead Generation?

So, now you are getting leads and conversions, yay! But, how are you comparing your conversion rates and leads to that of your competitors? Are you really keeping it up to the mark?

Most of the companies report that the lowest Cost Per Lead ranges between $11 to $25 and the highest ranges between $51 -$100. Although this figure complete depends on how and when you run your campaign. You can see our case study on an ad that we ran for one of our prominent clients. Here.

4. What are the Lead Generation Strategies that work?

To generate leads online, there are a set of tactics on campaigns that you will have to implement in order to grab your visitor’s attention. Following are some of the hit strategies on the most popular platforms:

lead generation
  • Facebook Lead Generation:

Companies drop their links in posts and information on their bio to attract strangers to their website. Facebook advertisement helps you capture leads with their effective algorithm that targets the right audience. They even provide a feature of adding a CTA button at the top of your page, so that it can lead your customers smoothly to your website.

  • Twitter Lead Generation:

Twitter provides you with Twitter Lead Generation Cards that help you generate leads directly within a tweet itself without having to leave the site. There they pull in the visitor’s name and email id automatically as soon as they enter “submit”. 

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation:

Similarly at LinkedIn, when a visitor sees your ad, finds it useful, they click to CTA. LinkedIn then takes care of those users profile data and email address and maintains it into lead Gen forms. This way you get the leads that can make conversions in the near future. 

  • PPC Lead Generation:

lead generation

These ads come up on Google’s Search Engine Result Page. So if you have targeted effectively with your keywords and your ad content is attractive as well as optimized, then you stand a high chance of getting a surplus lead flow from Google. The bidding and budget also play a crucial role in how many leads your score at the end of a campaign.

With these insights, you must now be definitely aware of what is the haul about lead generation and why is it so important. Until and unless you attract your tribe of customers, how is your business supposed to achieve heavy benefits? 

To learn in-depth about the technical details of the process of lead generation, you may join the Orionators School of Learning. Orionators School Of Learning is Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing school that can help you know the A B C of digital marketing. Join us to know the magic tricks that can help you rank atop by guiding you to drive your diligently created data in the right way.

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