Case Study on Successful Viral Marketing Campaign

Case Study on Successful Viral Marketing Campaign | Done Fast, Done Right!

Marketers aim to spread the word about their brand or product to a wide audience, and they often achieve the title ‘viral’ with the sharing work done by the audiences!

And, why not, after the long research and implementing the best Viral Marketing Techniques, a brand comes up with the best marketing campaign. 

Similarly - 

Parle Traced the Journey of the Much Loved Rola-Cola Across the World Before its Return as New Avatar Rol.a.Cola!

And, guess what it was all done to create a buzz!

Smart, right? This was how it attained a massive engagement. It all started with a tweet by a customer, he posted that he wants his favorite Rola Cola to be back. And, this is where Parle played the best viral marketing technique. 

Parle Traced the Journey of the Much Loved Rola-Cola

Parle responded back with a request of 10,000 retweets to bring back the iconic Rol.a.Cola! This was a consumer-driven #BringRolaColaBack campaign. And it went viral and got more than 711k responses on Twitter. 

It is all about your customer as I explained in the previous blog, let them shares your marketing campaign or initiate conversation. And, Parle did it best. 

Brand Introduction 

Founded in 1929, Parle Products Private Limited is an Indian food products company. Confectionary contributes about 15% of Parle’s total business. It has a 35% dominant share of the Indian biscuit market! Making consumer demand a priority and respecting it, they relaunched Rol.a.Cola after 13 years.

The objective of the Viral Marketing Campaign

  • The objective of the campaign was to give consumers a platform to give their opinion or vent out their concerns and opinion. Each user played an essential role in making this viral marketing campaign a success. A nostalgic factor was given by Parle and they ensured not to open up with the relaunch. 
  • The other step of the promotion was to make itself ‘to the point’ for the younger and new generation and also attract them to connect with the brand more and become customers forever. 
  • They wanted to launch the epic and the most loved Rol.a.Cola.
  • To position their brand as a crowd favorite among millennials and Gen Z. 

Execution -

Followed by twitter engagement, they made a great social media presence with the implementation of creative content!

twitter engagement

With about 10k retweets, Parle thanked the audience for such digital movement and then showcased the launch of the candy with #RolaColaisComingBack on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

And, the retweets were not just the ones posted by Parle, they even posted creatives that Rola.Cola is traveling the world showing why it was missing. They narrated a fine-line story campaign, from enjoying pristine beaches in the Maldives to Spain where they showed Rola.Cola performing the flamenco dance and kickstarting its football career. 

 football career

They then came back with a creative video showing how Rol.a.Cola will be bigger and stronger now. Ending it all, they showcased how the candy missed its home, and they did it creatively with the famous song ‘Jag ghoomeya par ghar jesa na koi #RolaColaIsComingBack’. 

Then, they finally launched the Rol.a.Cola with a caption that connected a lot - YOU asked, we listened. India's most loved cola ka gola is back with a bang! Get your pack today! #RolaColaIsBack.



  • The overall viral campaign, including the #BrinBackRolaCola and the #RolaColaIsBack, organically reached 10 million users. 
  • With the gain of 50M+ engagement and over 100K+ in the form of tweets, hashtags, and replies!
  • The creatives were shared on all the social media platforms which got them over 40M users on Facebook, 1M+ engagement, and 100M+ impressions and 35M users on Instagram.

Right timing, the right foundation, and amazing creativity make up viral marketing. Make sure you get your base clear from the previous blog and also make sure to connect with your audience, this way you can get maximum shares and your campaign would go viral in a few days. 

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