Why should a business choose Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing? Why Does my Business Need it?

The first thing that went viral right after the inception of the Internet was Email, long before Social Media came to life. And since then, Email Marketing has only grown fine as wine. But what is Email Marketing? Talking at the most basic level, Email Marketing is a form of marketing that uses Email to promote business. It is a very efficient tool that helps you cultivate strong relationships with your audience and maintain their loyalty by keeping them informed and updated with everything about your brand. 

It is a direct attempt to handle your customers personally and presenting them with offers or special incentives, just to earn their trust forever. After Social Media took the front seat, people started thinking that Email Marketing is an outdated marketing method. But, almost 85% of business people in the US still consider email marketing as one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics.  The concept of Email Marketing includes:

  1. Sending mails to your customers to enhance your relationship with them. Do not spam their inbox; instead, encourage customer loyalties to get more business. 
  2. Mailing the new customer, who you think can be your potential clients in a convincing and effective way.
  3. Advertising your brand and special incentives for your customer, to build a broader clientele.

Why should a business choose Email Marketing more than any other Traditional Marketing?

Although we have explained enough why Email Marketing is still an incredibly useful marketing tool, the following are the three major reasons that supplement the growth of the business. 


1. Cost:

Email marketing is one cheap process, to reach out to your customers. Nowadays, there are many email automation applications and autoresponder applications that further ease the inconvenience. You can simply drop an attractive mail to 100’s or 1000’s of your customers and interact with them personally with utmost ease, costing you tiddlywinks as compared to other advertisement channels. 

2. Success:

Since Email marketing is cost-efficient, there is no denying to the fact that it gives high ROI (Return on Investment), higher as compared to other marketing strategies. But the only thing that matters is that your campaign must be really mindful and apt. 

3. Measurability and flexibility:

With the easily available analytics, it has become really easy to track the responses of your emails. That helps you figure out what parts of your email are working and what are not. Upon finding any crux, one can react instantly to modify your campaign strategy if needed. 

How will my Business be Benefitted with this?


We will take help from David Chaffe’s experience with the marketing insights, to explain how you can create a successful email marketing campaign to benefit your business from it. He expanded the word “CRITICAL” to explain the concept:

Creative: This insists on the fact that the design and headline and content of your email, must be creative. You must be very specific while choosing a color, layout, and images in your email, making sure no content seems offensive or mundane to them. Ask your customers whether they would like to receive the email in text format or in HTML format.

Relevant: If you wish to hike your customer response, make your emails as personal as possible. Targeting is the key to achieve this victory of getting your email opened up by your potential customer. Go through the analytics and target specifically.

Incentive: People only love to open an email, if they feel like they are going to get some benefit or reward out of it. Offer them “free” goodies, services, merchandise or discounts, and see them not only opening the email but even ending up giving you signup.

Timing: Be very careful about the timing on which your email will be landing in your customers’ inbox. Never schedule it in a way that it lands in their inbox in the night. In fact, make sure it gains their notice in the working hours of the day, or any other relevant time. Some companies even select a particular day of the week or the month to send emails; because this consistency helps your clients recognize your pattern you don’t end up in the spam folder as well.

Integration: Relying only to email marketing might also not help as much as relying on Integrated Marketing Communication. When you plan a campaign, say on social email and your website; make sure at the same time you push emails to your relevant customers regarding the same context containing the same text and creative. This marketing mix gets you a bigger haul about your campaign and earns you more responses.

Copy: Copywriting is as crucial as creating graphics. You must never forget to take care of all the aspects of language, like subject line, headline, CTA text, and your mail signature. If you have an impulsive customer, you have to create that impulse that prompts them to react to your mail. 

Attributes: The attributes of the mail are email header, subject line, format, and a powerful/effective campaign. Keep performing A/B tests to get the best possible type of email that can fetch the attention of your potential clients. Always highlight the attributes that you think hold the high chances of success.


Landing page: Why do you think emails are sent for, yes to get a conversion! So, your email will get your client land on your landing page of the website. So, don’t just hyperlink them, in fact, make the transition smooth and keep your signup forms short as possible. 

Okay! Weigh the logic yourself and decide if Email Marketing id needed for your Business or not?

We are listing you the advantages of email marketing followed by the disadvantage (barely any). Take a look and decide for yourself:


  1. High return on investment if improvised properly. Email Marketing is reported as the second best marketing paradigm after search marketing.
  2. You can grow the list of subscribers real fast with the help of email marketing. 
  3. Almost 80% of people check their emails daily, thus making email an easy to reach out tool.
  4. If you wish to reach out to your customers personally, in a better targeting way, them email is the correct option for you.
  5. You can even send confirmation of transaction or emails of the abandoned cart to people like no other marketing format can. Also, you can get the feedback of your product/service from your client in personal, before they come out in public and jeopardize your image. 



There is one and only one issue with email marketing, which is their high chance of getting rejected or getting dumped into the spam folder. Therefore, it is advisable to keep optin emails that do not affect the delivery rate. They work on customer consent thus maintaining even more relevant recipients.


So, email marketing is the vital component of marketing used by all the major companies, to establish a strong customer-firm relationship. Learn to implement it in a strategic way with OSL.

Orionators School Of Learning is Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing school that can help you know the A B C of digital marketing. Join us to know the magic tricks that can help you rank atop by guiding you to drive your diligently created data in the right way.

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