Announcing the Launch of OSL FREE Webinars

Announcing the Launch of OSL FREE Webinars – Save Your Seats NOW!

Locked up and feeling sluggish, bored, even a bit miserable? 

Well, you’re not alone! 

We were feeling it too, and that’s when we decided to turn the tables and come out with the well-designed and well-documented webinars to keep you updated with the digital world that would come more into the spotlight after the lockdown. 

Even though staying at home, doing absolutely nothing might feel like a holiday, but remind yourself that this ain’t a vacation! It is the best time for you to learn something new, something according to the digital world, and something that is worth a billion. 

That something is worth exploring and strikingly creative!

“This time is valuable! You shouldn’t lose it. Get online, learn something that can contribute highly to your career and get you your dream job!”


This is how fast time is moving out of your hands!

Though we cannot stop it, we can assure you to learn something that polishes our skills and when we get out of our homes after the lockdown we can crack the interview that leads us to our dream job!

Here’s how you can make the best use of this lockdown time -

“OSL’s Webinars!”

OSL’s Webinars

We’re launching our first webinar tomorrow, i.e., 2nd April! And, no we aren’t making you a fool, as you know today’s 1st April (Quite a day to announce the launch, though, huh!).

But, it is TRUE! The first webinar will be launched tomorrow and we’ve lined up more for the entire April month.

Details about the first webinar! Or to call it ‘WEBINAR 101’

Topic - Facebook Ad for Local Business 

Trainer - Mr. Sidharth Kumar and Mr. Kumar Savino

A brief - 

We use Facebook about 5-10 times a day! During this quarantine I suppose, we all are using it 10 times a day! Well, Facebook is a powerful social media platform to bring big brands and even small businesses, great revenues and amazing organic traffic!

In this webinar, you will be guided about how Facebook ads are a powerful marketing tool for your small business! 

With -

  • Simple measurements.
  • Exceptional ability to target potential customers. 
  • Driving unparalleled engagement.
  • Raising brand credibility.

Facebook ads can be the best digital marketing tool to cut through the noisy digital world and reach your potential customers. 

You will be thoroughly well-versed and well-acquainted with the topic and we will make sure to answer all your queries so you learn everything to the point!

Amazing right?

Well, the countdown to our webinar has already begun, save your seats, go!


How will these webinars be beneficial to you?


Studying and learning digital marketing from home is safest for you and also it is a real bliss! Yes, who doesn’t wish to sit all cozy in their home and simply take down the notes and not only this, being comfy you are getting all the knowledge to reach your career goals. 

Still, wish to know more benefits of taking up the webinars?

Consider this, you’re sitting at your home doing nothing but just hopping from one channel to another on your television. While wasting your productivity and your capabilities doing this, you are also losing your passion to get ahead of everyone!

  • A high paid job!
  • A great position in the company!
  • A business that drives immense revenues!
  • A self-owned business that is not in loss!

Don’t you want this when you get out of the lockdown?

I am assuming you just muttered yes! Well, attending webinars will increase your knowledge, and also train your mind so that when you step out, you have got the knowledge to survive the digital marketing world and also get a job that you’ve always been passionate about!

So here’s the final deal - 

Digital marketing is a moneymaking industry! And, till now it has created thousands of millionaires!

And, unlike other industries, you don’t have to get a decorative degree, that you would hang on the walls, to become a digital marketer!

Yes, you heard it right!

All you need is the right skills and a bit of professional experience. And, you know what’s the thing to break this ice?

Webinars! You can learn it free with us and become an expert!

Take notes or set up reminders in your mobile phones for the lined up Webinars for the coming weeks.


So, be ready for learnings from our experts! 

We ensure to transform your ‘Quarantine and Chill’ to ‘Quarantine and Learn’ as it will be more beneficial for you and your future!

Join the webinars for a better future that awaits you after the lockdown!

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