An Introduction to Keywords and its 9 Types You Need to Know Now!

What are the keywords? Why are they so important? Do we actually need them to rank our website?

If you’re stepping into the SEO world, well, you got to know about the keywords importantly!

Do you know? - “Long-tail keyword searches have a click-through rate of 3% to 5% higher than generic searches.”

Yes, click-through rates of 3% to 5% are observed by using long-tail keyword searches! And, this is why we all need to focus on the main ingredient of SEO - ‘Keywords’. 

Your content, your website needs to look for this special ingredient to rank higher.

Keywords are the first and foremost thing that is required to produce excellent SEO content! It is by choosing the best target keyword and keyword phrases that could target the best. As we all know SEO is done for page-ranking, and this is achieved by using the keywords with good search volume in the content whether, blogs, articles or websites!

Before we head forward, read what is a keyword?

what is a keyword

Keywords are the elements that help in deciding where a particular website ranks in Google index. So, what are the keywords? 

Do you ever search for something on Google? Well, we all do at some point to search something, be it a recipe or be it what is a keyword? Right?

So, what you type in the search engine’s search box is the keyword! For instance, you search for ‘what are the different types of keywords?” this is a keyword in itself. 

“Keyword is a significant word, or a word used to find the information when researching.”

We embed these in the content! It is believed that businesses that have a strong keyword in their title or in their name, will rank 1.5 spots higher than the ones with no keyword in their name. 

Do you know? - 36% of SEO experts think the headline/title tag is the most important SEO element.

Your headline not only lets the search engine know what you are explaining in the write-up and there’s a good chance it will be seen in the social media feeds, or in the backlinks, you’ll receive. 

And, keywords are the magic elements that one should include!

What are the benefits that keywords will help you achieve?

Keywords matter to Google and SEO for a reason! And, here are the two big ones -

01. We can meet the requirements of the audience much better -

Forget about everything for a moment! 

Forget there are any rankings, traffic or anything and imagine you knew about your customer’s feelings, his/her requirements, amazing right?

How beneficial it would be for those marketing strategies you are planning for?

While we are taking a survey for the requirements of any activity in our life, we tend to find what the person actually requires? What is his/her thought-process? Right?

Then, why not the same with the SEO tactics and in all the digital marketing strategy!

This paves the way towards ‘KEYWORDS’. 

The searches made by the user and then us, doing the keyword research not only informs us about what the blogs, articles or website content revolves around. But it can also be used as a tool that can be leveraged in many ways. 

keyword research

For instance, if I know that people are more interested in service than a product through the keywords used by them, then I would be even surrounding the social media campaigns or any other digital marketing strategy around the keyword.

At its core, keyword research is a powerful market research tool that can be leveraged in many different ways, not just informing website content.

In all - “Keywords give us the clues to what people want, what are they more interested in! This allows the business to meet their requirements.

02. Provides a bullseye towards which marketers can aim their content - 

Keywords aren’t the only thing we are aiming for! But they surely help us achieve the success we are looking for. 

There are many keywords that are searched by the audience. The Google Search Console’s search query data tells you that it’s never about just one keyword! These line-ups of keywords let you compile the different keywords into one list according to their search volume and it can then ultimately help to decide the right aim for the content. 

Right Keyword = Right Target at the Audience = Best Tactics to Rank Higher

03. Compelling formatting:

With the right use of keywords in the headlines - H1, H2, H3 or the meta title, it becomes easy to captivate the reader’s attention. Ensure that you use a powerful, attractive keyword that will force the reader to click on the link. It will ultimately increase the organic traffic to your website. 

04. Enriching, engaging content:

The use of keywords will make your content sound digital and technically sound. Use a bunch of engaging and imposing keywords to write impressive SEO content. 

05. Helps the passionate writers:

For the writers, keywords are the best way to target the audience and also to rank their write-ups higher in the search result. You can reach the potential audience well with the right stuffing of different types of keywords. 

9 Types of Keywords that you Must Know!

There are about 40,000 searches being performed on Google while you read that ‘there’ at the starting of the sentence. 

Yes! It is true! 

There are 9 keywords that play the part to bring a website on the first page. Let’s know about each one of them closely -

01. Short-tail, mid-tail and long-tail keywords:

Short - 

Keywords with just one or two words are called short-tail keywords! For instance, when you search for ‘donut’ or ‘course’, these are short-tail, these are less specific search terms. These contribute less to the search traffic but are considered special when it comes to online advertising. 

Mid -

The mid-tail keywords are the balance between short and long keywords! They are connecting dots to be precise. For instance, ‘SEO’ is a short-tail keyword and the ‘SEO statistics for 2020’ is a long-tail keyword then, ‘SEO statistics’ is the mid-tail keyword. These searchers are looking for pieces of information!

Long-tail keywords:

Specific, strong and the best! Long-tail keywords drive most organic traffic. The conversion rate for them is very high. So take your time while you create a headling for your blog or anything because these long-tail keywords will ensure good organic traffic. 

Keyword research

Here is how the long-tail keywords are more good for you than the short-tail!

long-tail keywords are more good for you than the short-tail


02. Long-term keywords and short-term keywords:

Long-term keywords -

These are the ones that sustain longer! For instance, you write content like this one - 15 different types of keywords, it is evergreen content, similarly, keywords related to this content are evergreen keywords. These have the most search volume and these ensure that the website rank higher for the longest time.

Short term or the topical keywords -

On the other hand, topical or fresh or short-time keywords are the ones that are seasonal or the consistently relevant. For instance, ‘Diwali gifts. These keywords can be used to gather a good amount of search conversions!

Do you know? - Some evergreen keywords can also become topical when an event makes it culturally relevant! For instance, searching for a celebrity after his/her death. 

Google loves freshness and so it loves topical keywords and favors them. 

03. Customer defining keywords:

As every business has its set of the target audience and including the keywords defining the customer in their content is the best trick ever. For instance, while writing website content for a digital marketing service, if you don’t include the target audience, like the industries which will need the service like a businessman, or different industries that require digital marketing then you will lose on a lot of traffic. 

SEO doesn’t only include ranking on the first page but also includes defining the customers so that they can connect more. 

04. Geo-targeting keywords:

These are the keywords that are region or location-specific! These drives results that are localized and also are beneficial for the businesses that are working for the local business. With the rise of localized searches, Google is also prioritizing this geo-targeting or location targeting keywords. 

05. Intent targeting keywords:

Matching the intent of the user who is searching! These intent targeting keywords can generate amazing leads. The intent of the user is what he/she is actually looking for and how you can satiate the needs, the searched phrase by the user is the intent targeting keyword.

06. LSI keywords:

Latent semantic indexing keywords are the conceptual terms that search engines use to understand the depth of the content or the major category of the content even if you forget to mention the shortest possible keyword relating to the genre of content. For instance, if you are writing an article for a recipe and forget to mention food anywhere, Google will search and put it in the category of food. These keywords are called LSI keywords and Google features a page in a particular category according to them. 

Keywords are the fuel that drives SEO. Make sure you use the right amount of keywords and do not stuff it! If interested, you can learn digital marketing in Udaipur at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia's fastest-growing digital marketing institute and learn about the different modules including Facebook marketing, closely. 

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